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March 14, 2011

March Madness - Week 2 Recap

Before I recap my vegetarian challenge I wanted to talk a little bit about basketball - just for Chris K at The Manly Runner.  Chris shared his disappointment with me last week when I apparently hooked him in with the title, but then didn't even mention basketball.  Sorry Chris, so here goes. 

When filling out your NCAA tournament brackets this week - be sure to pick Morehead State University to go all the way!  Morehead State is my alma matter, and relatively unknown college in Morehead, KY.  But they are on fire - winning 12 of their last 13 games.  They will be going up against Louisville and Rick Pitino (former UK coach).  It will be a Kentucky vs. Kentucky game.  Plus, one of my very good friends from high school is the Athletic Director there.  Sooooooo.........Go EAGLES!!!

Vegetarian Week 2 Recap

I probably didn't do as well this week.  I still didn't eat any meat, but I ate out a couple of times (eggplant parmesan from Olive Garden - yum), and maybe some Starbucks.  Ok, I can't be perfect all the time.  I might have enjoyed a Cadbury Egg on Sunday as those things are AWESOME!!  Anyway, I had a little more sugar and a few non-whole foods this week, but still did fairly well overall. 

I'm still feeling good, but there were a couple of days this week I felt a little weak.  I'm not sure that I'm getting the proper daily nutrition.  I know that you certainly can get the proper nutrition as a vegetarian, I'm just not sure I know exactly how to do that the right way yet.  I am still reading the Thrive book, and I also got another book from a friend at work.  I haven't started reading it yet.  Any help from my fellow vegetarian readers would be great.  If I am eating alot of healthy whole fruits and veggies - should I be counting the amount in some way?  My main protein source has been nuts and beans - as well as dairy.  I'm not too interested at this point in trying soy meat substitutes - plus I'm not sure how I feel about them yet.  Anyway - thoughts, ideas???

My favorite dish this week - Tostadas.  Yum.  Corn tortilla, black beans, corn, red peppers, onions, tomatoes,  romaine lettuce, cheese, avocados, salsa and some red wine vinegar and olive oil; a close second were veggie lasagna roll-ups.


Lasagna Roll-ups

Speaking of being a vegetarian - I know there are alot of schools of thought on this - and some people think you can't excel at sports without the protein supplied by meat.  I received this article from Roxanne that I thought I would share with you - 15 Famous Athletes Who Are Vegetarians.

On a totally separate note - this is the view from my back door this morning.  Seriously???  Haven't we had enough snow for one Winter.  I took a vacation day today to get some errands done - yep it's going to be just awesome getting out in the snow and muck again!!!


  1. Yummy healthy food! I am just about to change up my eating for the better too. Ok enough snow!

  2. Yeah, this snow STINKS!! Your dinners looks de-licious! By the way, we love the Morningstar Farms veggie sausage links. My kids eat them almost daily. We've tried and liked a lot of their other vegetarian "meat replacements".

  3. Small NCAA schools unite! My alma mater is VCU (Virginia Commonwealth). Let's go beat up the big boys!

  4. The only thing I do as a vegetarian is eat a lot! I will occasionally eat meatless products, but for the most part they kind of make me feel sick because the idea is so weird. I do like meatless chicken, though, so I'll sometimes throw those on salads. Otherwise I'll stick to tofu when I'm eating out at restaurants, but nothing else. I am sure I don't eat enough beans and nuts as I "should," but I've never known anyone to have a protein deficiency, so I'm not worried about it. I'm more invested in keeping my energy levels up.

    I really don't count the number of servings of fruits & veggies I eat. I know it's a ton, though. I go to the grocery store ever 2-3 days. Mmmmm eating is fun. :) :)

  5. Bet all my money on Morehead State? I have to sleep on that one. Though I like to root for the underdogs

    I am soooooo done with this snow

  6. You can keep the snow....please!

    As far as underdog's go I'll give a shout out to our UNCO Bears! The made it in for the very first time and not only that by I work with "the" players mom. :)

    Meatless substitutes. I have to say I've tried tofu a few times and just don't know what to do with it for sure,however I do like the West Soy tempeh, especially the 5 grain I think it is. I've alswo tried TVP in chili and thought it was pretty good. I don't tend to think of it as meat, just another healthy food.

    Funny too like you I've been on such a tostada kick! I had them for dinner 3 nights last week. But mine were made with fat free refried beans and a topping of slaw made with lime juice and vinegar. I may have to have them for dinner tonight too...

    ummm sorry...could I have left a longer comment... :blush:

  7. oh dear...i cant believe its still snowing on you guys!

    if my team gets ousted from the bracket (although i HIGHLY doubt it) i will pull for morehead state...but in the meantime GO DUKE!!!!

    still on the fence about making the no meat plunge. im just worried about all the meat i will truly miss...chick fil a being the one i would miss the most!

  8. I feel your pain with more fresh snow!

  9. Morehead State University? I am with BDD on this sorry dear...
    I am blue devils gal
    DUKE all the way for the repeat!

  10. Those tostadas look good! I can see me eating MUCH less meat because I probably eat too much anyways, but I can't really ever see myself going total veg.

  11. YUM, love all that healthy food, but admit to being naughty too. We are only human after all. YOu are doing so well Michael.

  12. Morehead State, eh? Couldn't get into UK? Kidding! Just teasing you. BTW, someday I hope I can make it to your "Really Cool Bloggers" list. It's my new goal in life. Go Aztecs.

  13. Not a vegetarian, but if you still do dairy, lowfat cottage cheese is an EXCELLENT source of protein. Also, I put soy or whey protein powder (bulk from the larger grocery store) in smoothies and in oatmeal cookies. I probably overload on protein, but i'd rather do that than go too light.
    I love olive garden too :)

  14. Ugh...Cadbury Eggs are my downfall around Easter time. They are just sooo good!!

    I'm sorry about the snow. It's been super nice here, but I just know we're going to get dumped on sooner or later!