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March 05, 2011

Diva Dash 5K Recap

I was sent the link to a 5K race - The Diva Dash - about a month ago.  It was an inaugural all women's 5K.  You got a women's technical tee and cupcakes at the finish line - what could be better than that?  I immediately sent the link to several friends - hey everyone doesn't this sound like fun - who's in.  Within a few minutes I got several responses back - it'll be too cold, we are out of town......etc, etc.  No immediate takers, but I decided to keep it on the radar.

Then I injured my back and decided I wouldn't do it.  Then my back was feeling better, and all week I was waffling about doing the race.  I was planning a 3 or 4 mile run for Saturday anyway, but the weather was supposed to be cold....what should I do - I sent out a few last ditch efforts to get someone to do it with me - but no takers.  I just decided, I'm going to do it.  So last night after work I headed to packet pickup to sign up for the race.  I knew I would be doing it solo, but that was ok, I'm a big girl!

Packet pickup was in an unfinished office in an office complex with NO LIGHTS.  The only lights were from the hallway - no temporary lighting - just the "nightlight" from the hall.  It was weird.  And packet pickup - well they handed you an envelope with your chip, bib, and some race flyers - that was it - no goodies - no bag - just an envelope.  And the t-shirt - well since I waited to the last minute they were out - but the good news is they were ordering more and I should have it in 7 to 10 days.  I was seriously thinking about backing out at that point - if I wasn't going to get the t-shirt what was the point :)  So I headed home and hoped the forecast for tomorrow would be wrong.

Nope!  I woke about 5am and turned on the weather channel.  It was a balmy 25 degrees with 23 mph winds.  Wow, this was going to be awesome.  I had to borrow some running tights from my husband Jim - they were too small for him....I'm thinking to myself please, please let them fit me.  I do not want to be embarrassed when they are too small for me.  They fit - yeah!  So I ate my breakfast, bundled up and headed to the race.  See that picture of me below I'm sooooo excited to go!  (Note to self::  Woman with back injury should NOT be jumping - even for a fun blog photo.  My back was feeling a little twingy when I got in the car - uh oh).

So Excited!

It was a very small event - about 600 women were registered.  It was freezing cold. The race start was at a local shopping center.  One of the restaurants - Ingredient - was open and nice enough to let runners hang out inside where it was warm until the race started.  This was great.  Of course there were a few ladies in costume - I do love the costumes. 

She looks cold
The race seemed hilly to me, but I think that's just because I have been running on a treadmill for like 4 months and I hadn't ran in like a month.  My time was slow.....even slow for me.  But that was ok, I wasn't really pushing it.  My final Garmin Mileage was 3.19 and time of 38:32 - a super speedy pace of 12:04 per mile - and my official time will probably even be a bit slower.  So, not a stellar race for me, but in light of the weather and my back - I'll take it!  At least I got out there and did it.  Oh, and I was also signed up to do Jeff's (at Detroit Runner) Virtual 5K this weekend.  So technically, I was running 2 races at once - now that's pretty amazing!  So if I look at my time and split it between 2 races well then I'm down to a 6:02 mile - wow I didn't realize how fast I was!!

Final Garmin Time
 Finish line food - ok....yogurt, bananas and - a few cupcakes.  They were just small mini cupcakes, which was fine, but I got one of the last ones.  They ran out!  How do you run out?  You know you have an all women's event with 600+ women - you know that is going to be everyone's favorite item - you should have extras - LAME!  They did have cute race medals for the age group winners and some pretty nice raffle giveaways at the end.  I was too cold to stay and see if I won any of the raffle items.

Race Medals
As for my back.  It did ok.  I didn't have much pain while running, but when I stopped it was pretty sore - more sore than I hoped it would be.  I did some good stretching and headed home.  At home I took a relaxing bath, stretched some more, iced it down and took an anti inflammatory.  It feels ok now and I have a massage in a few hours so hopefully that will work out any lasting kinks.

That's about it - overall the race was OK, but not too bad for an inaugural event I suppose.  I'm still glad I did it.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend running, swimming, biking or whatever it is you are doing!


  1. okay, i just skimmed over this because i'm trying to get lunch together for my kiddos, but--YAY! YOU DID IT!! glad you decided to run the race, and can't wait to come back and read the whole review of it thoroughly!!

  2. Great job babe! You are my favorite 5k'er in this house! Good job on not screwin' up your back too! Love ya!

  3. Good job for getting out there and doing it! If I was closer I would of done it with you. :)

    Running out of cupcakes though????? Wow...not good you could have some hungry mean ladies on your hands...

  4. Running out of cupcakes is not okay! Good for you for doing it.

  5. They ran out of cupcakes? I would have demanded a refund. :o) Don't get in the way of me and my sweet tooth.

    I totally agree that if you ran 2 5k's today that you should split your time. 6:02 minute mile is super. Man, I don't think I got that fast on rollerskates.

    Make sure you stretch good. Do you do yoga or anything like that for your back?

    Job well done.

  6. man, it was cold this morning for a run!! congratulations on getting it done! i would've been very unhappy if i didn't get a cupcake...

  7. Those awards are pretty snazzy. Way to get out and just do it!

  8. First of all, woohoo for even getting out there and doing it! You did awesome too, especially considering all the problems you've been having with your back!

  9. Congrats. Glad to hear that you're back didn't seize up. That would have been horrible. Good job!

  10. What cute race medals. Congrats Michael on a great effort. Glad to hear your back behaved.

  11. Oh boy, that weather sounds un-awesome. Great job on the race!

  12. Wow, two races at one time. You are speedy!