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March 27, 2011

Got Goggles? Need Suggestions.....

I desperately need a new pair of goggles.  Any suggestions from my triathlete and swimmer friends would be great!  I wear contacts so I need something that fits well and doesn't let water in.  I usually end up with rings around my eyes for at least 4 or 5 hours after swimming - not very attractive - and I'm not sure if it's good for you either.  Are there any goggles that don't do this?  Seriously, any suggestions would be helpful.

My best fish impression

Weekly Recap:  I had a great week of working out.  I think I am finally back.  My back is almost fully recovered.  I have been taking things slow - easing into my workouts again but last week I logged decent numbers.  I have a way to go to get back to a normal training schedule, and I will officially start training for my first Olympic Distance Tri in a few weeks, but I was happy with my workouts this week.

Swim - 1200 Meters (could definitely be better - but I did make it to the pool one day this week)
Bike - 40 Miles (indoor trainer)
Run - 10 Miles (could still be better but I did get in 3 days of running this week)
Other - Hot Yoga - 2 hours

Next week I plan to up my running to 4 days and get in at least two swims.  I also need to start incorporating abs/core and weights into my training again.


The West Coast Veggie Burger - My new favorite thing at Ingredient.  AWESOME!!  I know it has to have like 10,000 calories.  It is a handmade veggie burger with tomato, spicy sprouts, sliced avocado and garlic aioli.  All on a hearty, grainy, wheat bun.  Sooooo good!


  1. I'm as blind as a bat and really can't wear contacts. Both Tyr and Speedo make prescription googles that are reasonably priced (~$18). Both seem to work for me but I have more of the Tyr. You don't get your exact prescription but it is close enough to see the clock, wall, or buoys.

    Other than that, everyone's face geometry is a little different. Once you experiment and find the right pair it is best to buy a few of the same model. Get both the clear and tinted (for swims into the sun). If is very frustrating to finally find the right kind just to have them "upgrade" it so a new model of the same name doesn't fit right.

  2. Goggles are such a personal thing. Unfortunately it can take trial and error to find the ones that fit your face the best. For me, I really like the speedo hydrospex ones. Previous to that, I had a pair of aquasphere ones that constantly leaked, but I've seen plenty of other people using those very goggles.

    As for leaving rings on your face, it may just be from over tightening them. When the seal isn't right for your face shape, a lot of people compensate by tightening them too much. Find the "perfect" pair for you, and you shouldn't need to tighten them up as much.

  3. I really want to try some of those prescription goggles...I hate when I can't see the buoys! My biggest problem is fogging..

    Good job on the workouts this week!

  4. And I love the fish picture!

  5. I use the TYR Hydrovision. I think they work well on my round face, so I'm not sure how they fit others. I love them, though!

    They leave a mask mark on my face for about 10-15 mins is all.

    Do you tighten your goggles while they are on your face? I know that can cause people to get pretty bruised or marked up. Try tightening them before you put them on.

  6. I don't think it's the goggles, I think it's how you are adjusting them. I can wear any goggles, but in saying that I've had about a million years experience adjusting them. Ask any swim instructor, they'll show you. They are the experts!

    In saying that, I wear "engine" for training and racing, I find them or speedo to be the best.

    But, my mothing needs glasses to see and is too scared to wear her contacts, so she got a perscription pair made at
    Seriously, check them out. I have a pair as well, and for open water stuff, they are the bomb.
    I would love to get commission for this comment, lol, but sadly I don't. I just like their stuff ;)

  7. Erk, I mean my MOTHER. Not mothing. Fail.

  8. The faux burger looks SO good!!

    I am NOT a TRIATHLETE (but)
    In high school we wore TYR and they had some gel rings. I think the key is to find a pair that will almost suction on to your eyes without needing the strap. Adjust that nose piece to make it a snug fit!

    So glad to read your back is doing much better. :)

  9. Yay for a great week for you and your back (almost) back to normal. I'm not usually a fan of the veggie burger but that one looks pretty tasty and if it has 10,000 calories I'm pretty sure I would like it.

    I don't have any suggestions for goggles. I'm not a triathlete so my only goggle requirement was that they were pink :) Good luck.

  10. I'm glad you posted this! I just got my first road bike and will be needing to invest in a pair of goggles!!! :)

  11. Let see, I swim with Speedo goggles, they're my favorite but like you, I get the ol' ring around the eye!

    I'm excited that you're doing the Tri. I did a few last year but they're something that I would like to get better at. The biking part is my weakness! Speaking of which, I have spin class tonight :)

    I got your email! Dove is on the way :) I'll reply to it!

  12. Goggle eyes, unfortunatley is part of the job, sucks, but at least we understand it when we see it

    Goggles are such a personal thing, what works for me, might not work for you, I suggest going to a shop where you can try them on at the store and see what feels comfortable

  13. Here is a review I wrote of the goggles that I have been using and just truly love.

  14. I use TYR goggles but I still get goggle eyes!

  15. I like Tyr Nest Pros. They do not suck your eyeballs out like other goggles and really don't have leakage. At least yet.

  16. I go old school with the goggles - really -

    These are great for the long hours in the pool - not for race day.

  17. I really liked my AquaSphere goggles until I started diving. They leaked every time I dove at the start of a race. I now wear Speedos but they too leak, about once every 5 dives or so. The thing I do not like about the Speedo goggles is that they supply several nosepeices and none of them are comfortable for me. My next pair of goggles will have a fully adjustable nosepeice made of elastic--that rules Speedo out.

  18. Tyr for me, but it's all about face shape...