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March 16, 2011

I Would Like to Thank the Academy

I feel like I have won an Oscar or something.

The overwhelming positive response to my last blog was just amazing and all I did was sign up for a marathon......I can only imagine the responses I will get as I train, and then finish said marathon.

Seriously - thanks to all of you!  You made me feel great about my decision and if I had any self doubt, you have made me feel like I can do this!

It was 68 degrees when I got home from work today.  Man, I love the warm weather.  I went out for a 2 mile run - an actual run, no walking for me.  I know it's only 2 miles, no major accomplishment, but after the problems with my back for the last month it feels like an accomplishment.  I finished in 23:02 - so an 11:31 pace.  Definitely not speedy, but honestly, not bad for me.  Have I mentioned before I am an extremely slow runner??  Possibly the slowest runner on earth.  The plan is for a 5 miler on Saturday - I think that run will be pivotal in deciding if I can do my half marathon on May 1.  I am very hopeful it will go well.

Just for Fun!
Jack - I love this dog!


  1. Oh Man, I can't keep up sometimes. Sorry I missed your last post. That is so awesome. Marathons are super easy. You got this.

    BTW, I have decided to only root for the Morehouse State Eagles this year. (how's that for sucking up for missing your post)

  2. I missed the marathon sign up too!! DANG! I am going back right now to read it!! But either way, CONGRATS!!! It will change your life!! And I;m not sure if it is the actual marathon that will change it or the training, but the combination of making the committment to do it, training, and crossing the finish line (fast slow or in between, it matters not) you will come out of that recovery shoot a changed woman-period. IT.WILL.BE.AMAZING!!! And I am teary eyes just typing this, SAP I know but it is just truly unspeakable. And you are doing it!

  3. AND PS---you can do OKC half!!! come on! All the cool kids are doing it! =) Ok, really, I think you can and I will be there!!

  4. YAY for your run! I will be sending postive vibes your way for the long run this weekend!

    FYI, I am still trying to decide if I am running OKC. My body is not cooperating!

  5. I want a Jack...not a Jack and Coke. Well, maybe....

  6. Yay for a 2 mile run!! I would give anything to be able to run 2 miles right now!! I'm so happy for you that it was pain free!
    You are going to do great with the 5 miler!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog a few times. Been meaning to stop over here and say "Hello!"

    You are fortunate that you found this little endurance blog ring/group that has formed on its own. A lot of us follow each other's blogs and we are always super excited to see anyone else sign up for a big race, like a marathon.

    Your dog is precious!

  8. Do you believe in miracles?! Eagles vs Aztecs Finals. Believe it.

  9. Haha! Good point... But it is a big step to just decide to attempt a marathon! We will cheer you on the whole way. There is no such thing as a slow runner though, so we're gonna have to work on that mindset ;)

  10. One foot in front of the other, don't even worry about time! You can do it! Is it sad that I tune into your blog for pics of Jack??

  11. Small world! I grew up in Warrensburg (and graduated from CMSU!) :)

  12. Thats why, in my opinion, we blog, you tell a co worker and they thing you are nuts, and then whine why they wont do it

    Bloggers follow other bloggers that have the same interest, we "get each other" and now what we go through, we understand that we have to train and balance that with a job, family, and life.

  13. is jack prepared for marathon training?? he really is too cute. congrats on signing up!!