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December 16, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! - Random Stuff Version

At some point in the very near future I am going to revive this blog.  I just haven't had a lot of extra time for blogging or reading blogs for the last few months, but things are finally settling down.  I hope to be able to read/write more frequently in 2015.

I do love the Christmas Season, but I have to admit this year is tough.  It started over Thanksgiving weekend; that first real Holiday without my parents.  The whole weekend was filled with a bit of sadness as I put up the Christmas tree and just did a lot of thinking about my parents.  It's just hard.  I went shopping with a girlfriend this weekend - she was shopping for her Mom and I just couldn't help but keep thinking that I didn't have a Mom or a Dad to shop for.  I know the days surrounding Christmas are going to be really hard.  I just miss them every single day.

I don't mean to start on a sad note, but this blog has always been about honesty and that's kind of where I am right now.  It's just really hard getting through this first year and these first holidays.

In other news, I am trying to remember all the things I am so grateful for.  Yes, it's been a tough year, but in so many other ways I am so blessed.  We have 3 beautiful grand children who will be a blast on Christmas Day!  Jim & I both have great jobs that we love (well most of the time) and I am surrounded by many other wonderful family and friends.  And of course there's Jack too.  You know how much I love that dog!!

Today is Jim's Birthday!  He is never a big "it's my Birthday" kind of guy.  So it's nice that for once we have plans. It's just kind of the way it worked out.  We will be spending the evening on the Kansas City Plaza doing limo tour of the Plaza lights with the kids and grand kids.  We did this last year and it was a blast.  It just happened that tonight was the best night for everyone to get together.  I know we are all looking forward to it.
Quite possibly the most epic race photo ever

Jim and I did a Santa Dash 5K a few weeks ago with some friends.  It was fun.  You have to love seeing 2000 people dressed as Santa.  There is just something awesome about it!  We did a team and our team name was the Christmas Sweat-ers....get it???  Sweat---ers...because we were sweating lol. Everyone actually ran together which was fun, but also a little stressful for me.  It's a pretty hilly course and I'm still just not up to my normal slow it was a bit of a challenge. Everyone else was just running slow and having a blast, while I felt like I was in a full sprint to keep up with everyone the entire time.  Oh well, it was still a blast!

I'm also hosting an Instagram Giveaway on well of course Instagram.  Find me at @slowtrigirl or click the link at the top of my blog.  All you have to do is post one of your favorite cycling pictures and tag it #cyclingstateofmind and #slowtrigirl to win a fun Sports Chalet Bike Bell.

Well that's about all for now!  How is everyone else doing?  Shopping all done???

December 02, 2014

Two Things Tuesday

I know it is supposed to be Three Things Thursday….so I’m breaking the rules.  That’s me a rule breaker.

My niece Ashley & Me
1.       I did a Thanksgiving 5K with my niece and Jim on Thursday.  It was my first time to run a race with my niece so that was fun.  It’s been an annual tradition for Jim and I for the last 3 years…maybe 4.  I can’t remember!  It’s a pretty decent size race with 2500 runners and it’s a beautiful course though somewhat hilly for a 5K.  The first mile is great because it’s basically downhill, but then that means the second mile is basically uphill which gets tough. Just when you finally get a break you make the turnaround and go up another pretty steep hill, but then it’s all downhill to the finish which is awesome!  It’s always a lot of fun though and this year you got cute thermal shirts, a pie, and free race pictures! Score!!  My niece hadn’t been running at all for the last month, but she did great.  She ran the entire 5k with no problem and at a faster pace for her than normal.  It was fun to run with her.  Jim took home first in his Age Group and a sweet handmade medal!  All in all it was a great morning and a good way to burn off at least a few of those Thanksgiving dinner calories. 

2.       I’m doing the Runners World Run Streak – 36 Days of Awesome – Run at least 1 mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  I am on day 6 and so far I have logged around 15 miles.  It’s a great way to keep motivated during the holidays and during the cold winter days!  I’ve already had a few runs with 15 degree temps…brrr…too cold for November…well now I guess it’s Dec!

 So what’s new with you???