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December 31, 2013

2013 - I got a lot of Fs.......

Well, it's the last day of the year.  2013 was good overall.  I got a lot of "Fs" for finishes, but a lot of "Fs" too for unfinished goals.

But as the year winds down, I wanted to evaluate 2013 goals and set new ones.  Breaking my wrist in May really took a toll on my goals this year.  I decided instead of doing an Achieved/Did Not Achieve so it was all or nothing, I would grade myself on how close I came to my goal.....well that didn't help too much....I still failed....A LOT..

My 2013 Goals were:

1. Log 1000 running miles.  - GRADE "A" - 93%.  I ended up running 925 miles.  I had just over 900 miles on December 1st.  I could have met this goal, but I was fighting an injury right after Thanksgiving.  I decided the time off to heal was more important than just meeting a goal. I'm happy I took the time off and think it was a wise decision.  I also ran 81 more miles than in 2012, which is my highest mileage year ever.  So I consider this one a success overall.

2. Complete 2nd marathon and set a 15 minute PR. - GRADE "B" - 87%.  I did complete my 2nd marathon, and my third (100% for that).  I ended up with an 11 minute PR, but was just shy of my 15 minute goal (73% for that).

3. Run a 5K with a pace in the 9s. - GRADE "A" - Barely got here with a new 5K PR of 9:53, but I did it!  My new goal will be under 30 minute 5K - as this one was 30:43.

4. Shave 3 minutes of my half marathon PR (2:20) - GRADE "F" - Man I didn't even get close.  I didn't shave any time off my PR and in fact, my fastest half of 2013 was 2:26.  This one is disappointing.  Really disappointing because my main focus was running since I did little biking or swimming due to my wrist. I have alot of work to do in 2014.

5. Get to my goal weight by April and stay there through year-end. - GRADE "F".  Didn't reach either part of this goal.  I never got to my goal weight and I certainly didn't stay there.  I did lose some weight, but it's back and I'm starting 2014 at about the same weight.  Blah.

6. Swim 52 miles - GRADE "F" - I swam a total of 15 miles (28% of my goal).  I can blame much of this on my wrist....but even after it was healed I didn't swim much, and honestly haven't been in a pool since again a lot of work for 2014.

7. Bike 1900 miles - GRADE "F" -  I biked a total of 846 miles (42% of my goal).  Again, I can blame much on my wrist...but geez....not all of it. 

So, if I was in school I think I would have a like a 1.6 not such a great 2013.  But I did accomplish things.  So I thought I would reflect on some of the good.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • Set a new 5K PR
  • Set a new Marathon PR twice
  • Completed 2 marathons within 3 weeks of each other
  • Set a new Sprint Distance Triathlon PR
  • Completed my first trail half marathon race (actually 13.6 miles) and had my highest ever finish.
  • Set a new 10K PR twice.
  • Set a new 4 mile PR
  • Completed my first ever 20 mile race (and therefore PR)
  • Completed 23 Races:  Marathons (2), 20 Miler (1), Half Marathons (10), 10Ks (1), 5Ks (5), 4 Miler (1), 3 Hour Trail Race (1), Double Race (10K followed by 5K) (1), Triathlon (1).
  • Completed a 5K in the evening after a Triathlon 
So, I feel like I accomplished a lot.  I may not have accomplished all the goals I set out, but that's why they are goals right?  They aren't easy for us and they take work.  My wrist definitely impacted my ability to achieve many of them, but that's ok.

So, I think I am going to set very similar goals for 2014.  Here they are......

2014 Goals
1. Log 1100 running miles.
2. Run a 5K under 30 minutes.
3. Shave 3 minutes of my half marathon PR (2:20)
4. Get to my goal weight by 40th Birthday April 13 and stay there through year-end.
5. Swim 52 miles
6. Bike 1900 miles
7.  Shave at least 15 minutes of my 70.3 time
8.  Make a 40th Birthday Plan......Do something big??

Were your 2013 goals a success?  Do you have anything BIG or new planned in 2014?  Any ideas of what big thing I could do for my 40th - remember it's less than 4 months away?

Honestly, 2013 has been pretty terrific and I can't complain much at all.  I hope you all had a great 2013 and have an even better 2014!!!!!

December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Monday

It's a few days early, but I know many of you won't be on the computer much in the next few days as family start to arrive and things get super busy as we spend wonderful time with our families and friends.

It's truly been a wonderful year for the Weatherly's!  I seriously can't tell you just how blessed we have felt this year.

I have taken some time off from working out, blogging, and eating well...which is not really a good thing, but maybe sometimes it is.  I'll be glad for things to "get back to normal" here in another week or so.  I've missed a lot of blog reading lately, so I apologize if I've missed yours.

I know many of you have already seen our Christmas card and "Rap" Video....on either Jim's blog or FB, but in case you missed you go.  The rap is an extra special treat......we are two complete idiots, yes it's ok to say that.

Jim & I both wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a WONDERFUL, FIT, ACTIVE and HEALTHY 2014!

December 11, 2013

Where Have I Been? Abducted By Aliens!

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks - which is a long time for me but I've been BUSY!!  And I might have been abducted by aliens.

Chatting in up with an alien in Roswell, NM
So what have I been doing:

  • Well there was Thanksgiving....and a 5K....and lots of eating.
  • Lots of decorating and shopping
  • Then I went to Ruidoso, NM to visit my parents for a pre-Christmas family get together.
  • And redoing our master windows, carpet, paint, will be lovely when it's finally done, but right now my house is a disaster!
I haven't ran a single mile since Thanksgiving Day.  That is the longest I've gone without running in FOREVER.  I was developing a major issue with my shin/calf and needed the time off.  I've been biking some, but honestly not doing very much.  It's time to get back on the wagon.  I think I really did need a break, and it has done me some good.  Unfortunately, I was only about 90 miles from hitting my 2013 mileage goal and the break means I won't hit it.  But that's ok.

Remember Operation 40?  No?  Me has been a complete DISASTER so far :(

With all the traveling, holidays, injury well it just hasn't turned out how I had hoped.  I lost my DietBet, but was happy  to only gain 1 pound over the course of 4 weeks when I was traveling 3 of those, and the other one was really not so bad.

So, it's time to get my butt into gear if I really want to meet my goal.  It is still going to be difficult.  I have nothing but dinners out for the next few weeks...oh the Holidays.  But we have so much going on...a family dinner, a graduation, a Birthday, a Christmas event, and dinner with friends.  Tis the season.  I'm doing my best, but dang it's hard to do when you never get to eat at home.

That's it.....I'll leave you a few pics from our snowy trip to New Mexico.  It was truly wonderful to spend time with my Mom and Dad and sisters.  It's literally been years since we were all together around the holidays.

Me, Jim, Mom, Wendee (sister), Kyle (brother in law), Tracee (sister), Dad - picture taken from almost the top of the mountain

Sierra Blanca
Another group photo