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June 26, 2013

The Mid Year Check In (Goals that is)

We are fast approaching mid-year!  Wow, it's flown by.  I really can't believe it. 

So I figured it was time to look at those goals I put out there for the year.  Here is my 2013 list:

1.  Log 1000 running miles.
- Well as of today I've logged a measly 384 miles.  It seems like so many more.  That puts me at roughly 38% of my goal, but no where close to the 50% I should be at right now.  My marathon training has started though, so I should start to see those miles climb.  I think I still have a shot of making this goal by year end.

2. Complete 2nd marathon and set a 15 minute PR.
- Definitely too early to say much about this one.  I'm registered for my 2nd I guess that's the start.  I have a race on the calendar.  I did a great track workout today and hope to do them 2 to 3 times a month to improve my speed.

3. Run a 5K with a pace in the 9s
- This hasn't happened yet, but I think I've only done one 5K this year...maybe none, I seriously can't remember.  I know I'm not ready to make this one happen yet though.  Again, hopefully these track workouts will my speeds down.  I did some quarter miles on the track this am at 8:56 and 8:57.

4. Shave 3 minutes of my half marathon PR (2:20)
- So far this has been the year of "get progressively slower" at each half marathon.  I haven't even touched my PR of 2:23.  I am doing at least 2 more half marathons this year.  My goal race to do this will be in November in Richmond.

5. Get to my goal weight by April and stay there through year-end
- Well this hasn't happened.  But, I am still making progress toward this goal.  I've slowly lost about 12 pounds, but still have another 13 to go to be at my goal weight.  I had a little set back over the last week from being out of town, but trying to get refocused on this goal and would like to see me hit my goal weight by August.

6. Swim 52 miles
- Hmmm.....well I've swam a total of 10 miles so far.  I should be logging a lot right now with it being prime swim season, but the broken wrist put a stop on that.  I have been ok'd to start swimming again though and while I may not be doing many/any triathlons this season, I still plan to start swimming again next week.

7. Bike 1900 miles
- So yea, same story as above.  The wrist has kept me from logging many miles.  This time last  year I was logging 100 mile weeks.  I've still managed to put in 628 miles, pretty much all on the not that bad considering. 

Hmmmm.....well, so far, not so great.  I guess it was a good time to look at these goals again and start refocusing.  The point of having a goal is to actually use it to drive you.  I have to admit, I haven't really done that.  Time to get busy!

How about you?  How are your goals progressing?  Any set backs or surprises?

June 24, 2013

The Seemingly Never Ending Wrist Saga Continues and Other Stuff

I posted a few weeks ago that my wrist fracture was healed...I was "now free to move about the country".....but I wasn't so certain.  I wanted to be certain.  I wanted nothing more than to be done with this injury, but I had read too much online and knew this type of fracture is very difficult to heal.

So I went to a Specialist today for a second opinion.  She did a CT scan, and sure enough it's still broken.  The Dr estimated it was about 50% healed.  The good news is I don't have to wear the splint or have a cast.  The fracture is non-displaced (vs displaced) and she is hopeful it will heal, it will just take time.  In the meantime, I was told "to let pain be my guide" on what I can and can't do.  If it hurts, don't do it or it's less likely to heal.

I'm really not sure where that leaves me on biking.  I have biked twice now with the splint.  Both times there was minor pain, but it was tolerable.  So I know I "can" bike, I'm just not sure if I "should" be bike.  If the fracture doesn't end up healing on it's own, my only option will be surgery to excise the piece of bone to avoid future complications.  I didn't actually get to talk to the Dr about my results (all the info came through her assistant) so I have a call in and will hopefully talk to her tomorrow.  I go for a follow-up CT in six weeks.

UPDATE:  I talked to the Dr this morning.  Absolutely NO Biking!  She said that was the worst thing I could do for this fracture because biking puts pressure right on the hamate bone (one that's broken).  I shouldn't do anything that puts pressure on the bone or do any kind of gripping.  I actually go back in 4 weeks now for another CT to see if I can do another triathlon I'm registered for at the end of July.  I won't have biked outside at all, but it's only a 12 mile bike so I can get through it.  I can bike on my trainer, as long as I don't put pressure on my wrist.

I just want to move on.  It's been 8 weeks on Wednesday.

So, I will be missing my 2nd tri of the season on Saturday.  But, the good news is I have something new to focus on.  Jim and I will be doing the Chicago Marathon in October, and I started officially training for that two weeks ago.  This will help keep me focused on a goal, which is good.  I have heard so many awesome things about this race and I can't wait!

In other news Jim & I scored some sweet discounts at Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend.  They were having a major winter clearance.  I picked up a few things, but my fav was a pink Brooks Running Jacket for $30!

And just because he's cute.  Sleepy Jack picture

June 17, 2013

Michael's Mini Triathlon.......

Yesterday, I swam, I biked and I ran.

It felt good.  It's been a long time.

It was not pain free...but it was tolerable.  Tolerable enough to get through a Sprint Tri in 2 weeks (I hope). It's a 500 meter swim, 16 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  The bike will be the toughest part.

My hand/wrist hurt, but it was more nerves than anything on the bike.  I rode outside for 30 minutes on my old road bike and my nerves were pretty shot.  Then I came back and did another 30 inside on the trainer.  Then I ran 1.25 miles, and then I jumped in the pool and swam for about 7 minutes.  No major comeback, but I managed to do all 3!

I think I could get through the tri, I'm just still not sure if I should.  I go see a hand specialist/surgeon a week from today for a second opinion on my wrist...even after my super excited post a few days ago I think my wrist might actually still be broken.  I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but I want to be certain, to avoid complications down the road.  In the meantime, I don't "think" I can do much else to hurt it (well besides from falling again of course).  But I will get her opinion on both. 

I'm hopeful :)

June 14, 2013

Spartan Race Giveaway Winner!

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June 11, 2013

I "May" be Tri-ing Again Soon (a wrist update)

I went back to the Dr. today for a follow-up on my broken wrist.  After my stint as a Google MD I have to admit, I was pretty certain I'd end up needing to have surgery to remove the bone fragment (a 50% chance of it not healing was pretty high).

I was and am continuing to have pain in my wrist and hand, so again I was certain that was from the bone not healing....but not so!

I got great news today and I couldn't be happier!  My bone is healed.  The pain I'm continuing to have is from the wrist sprain.  The MRI I had a few weeks ago revealed that along with the broken bone there was still significant swelling in the carpal tunnel area from the fall.

So, my new plan of action is a short dose of steroids (ugh) and occupational therapy.  She says I should be good as new in a few weeks!!! 

I am missing my first scheduled tri of the season on Sat, and I'm still doubtful for my 2nd on June 30....but I'm at least maybe hopeful. 

Bad part is I'm out of town next week, so probably won't actually be able to start therapy for another week and a half.

I know it will still take some time to get back to 100%, but I'm just happy to finally be moving in that direction.  I just need to remember to take it easy...I don't want set backs!  At a minimum I have my third planned tri at the end of July and I would REALLY like to be able to do that one, and think that really shouldn't be a problem.

Woot!  Woot!!!!!!!!!  Happy Dance!!

Hopefully this will be me again soon :)

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June 10, 2013

Mostly Photos Monday

It's hard to believe, but sometimes you can have fun doing something besides racing LOL.  Had a great time just hanging out around my city this weekend.  Lots of random photos below.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday.

Jim and I at Lee's Summit Downtown Days.  We saw a Journey/80s Tribute Band and they were awesome!
My friend Mary Beth and I at Aliens and Androids Exhibit
I am Ironman!
Loved this beautiful and color guy!

One of my fav pics from the

Ship me anywhere but here!
Lastly, a race related photo.  This is a pic from my last race. I think it's one of the only pics I've ever had from a race that I actually like.

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June 06, 2013

Reebok SPARTAN RACE - Free Entry Giveaway

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June 05, 2013

I Need Your Advice!!!

OK, all you veteran marathon runners I need some advice.
I am doing my second marathon in Chicago in October.  It’s just a mere 19 weeks away.  I am putting together an 18 week training plan.
I have looked at a few different plans including:  Hal Higdon Novice 2, Cool Running:  Beginner Marathon Program, and Jeff Galloway.
I did the run/walk technique for Disney and that worked well for me so I plan to use that again for this marathon (so I’ll be doing a modified Galloway program as he recommends 6 months I think).

But here’s my question – 2 of those 3 plans have you run a 26 mile training race 3 weeks prior to the marathon (so that’s 26 miles, 12 miles, 12 miles, Race Day).  I know some people don’t recommend going beyond 20 miles in marathon training, but I need it for the mental aspect.  I was planning to do at least 24.
I looked back at my Disney marathon training and I did 23 miles two weeks prior to Disney (so that was 23 miles, 10 miles, race day).
So here is my question – if I am planning to do 24-26 miles – should I just plan another marathon as a training run?  If I’m going to put the mileage in anyway, it seems logical to just do a race where I have everything set up for me.  Remember for me, a 24 mile training run is going to take 5+ hours….this is very, very awful to do alone – trust me.  And at my pace, there’s no one for me to run with.
I would take the marathon as a serious, training only run, meaning I would take it at a training pace and would probably honestly only run/walk 23-24 miles and then walk out the final miles as recovery.
What do you think?  I only have ONE marathon under my belt.  Would it be possible to do 2 marathons so close together?
I’ve found a great race in Indiana that is flat and timed perfectly.  So what do you think???


June 03, 2013

Hospital Hill Half Marathon....I finished

I've ran the Hospital Hill Race the last 3 years.  In 2011, I did the 10K and in 2012 and this year I did the half marathon.  The race slogan is "I Conquered the Hill"......which I have always thought should be Hills, as this is an extremely hilly course.  It's named Hospital Hill however, for the one major hill in the race called Hospital Hill.

Anyway, this year, I did not conquer the hill(s).......they definitely conquered me.

Me & my friends Meredith and Michelle (my Disney Marathon Buddies)
This was my 6th half marathon in 2013.  Just 3 weeks ago I ran my fastest half of 2013, Saturday I ran my slowest half in 2 years.  This race report will be brief because there's not much to tell.  I finished...that's was just one of those days.

I am never fast, we all know that, but I can consistently run a 2:30-2:35 half. And I haven't ran anything over a 2:39 in 2 years.  On Saturday my half marathon was a 2:48....a freaking 2:48!!!  Last year when I ran this race I did it in 2:28....that's a 20 minute difference!!!

The hills, the hills!!!

I wasn't expecting this to be a fast race.  I actually planned to run it fairly slow and even started with the 2:35 pace group.  The plan was to take it easy and enjoy it.  I hadn't run much over the past week (only 3 miles) and it was a hilly course, so I didn't plan to kill it.

Me & Jim post race
I'm not exactly sure what happened.  It just wasn't my day at all.  The entire race felt like a struggle.  From the time I started I felt tired, sluggish and not great.  At mile 5, I got a really bad side cramp under my left rib cage.  I never get side cramps anymore.  I walked for awhile trying to get it to go away.  It wasn't long after this that the 2:35 pace group pushed ahead of me.  I just told myself to keep them in my sites.  But as I continued I just felt more tired, my heart rate was crazy and I just couldn't get it under control.  By mile 8 I felt like I was walking more than running.  Around mile 9 I developed terrible cramps in my back ribs.  It hurt way to bad to run.  I would run a few feet and then have to stop and walk.  About this time the 2:40 pace group passed me.  Crap I thought, you've got to do all you can to keep up with I started running again, for about 30 feet and had to stop.  It was then I realized, this race was just going to be slow.  There was nothing I was going to be able to do.  My body wasn't having any of it.  Even if I had to walk the next 4 miles, I would get through it, and I would finish.  I walked almost all of miles 10-12.  Then once you get past about mile 12.5 you've gone over the last hill and you have a nice downhill stretch to the finish.  So I ran out that last half mile or so, but it was still a slow run.

I crossed the finish line and there were several of my friends and Jim waiting for me...I'm sure probably wondering what the heck happened to me...but waiting none the less.  So really you can't complain.  These things are for fun, and while I struggled I still had a great time.

So that's that.  Not much to tell.  I finished.

Me crossing the finish line

The only thing I can really say that might have contributed was the fact that I had been taking a decongestant twice a day for over a week leading up to the race because my allergies had been crazy.  So considering you can make meth with decongestants, I'm thinking it might have impacted my heart race and maybe I was a little dehydrated as well.  But maybe it was just one of those races that everyone has at some point...and it was just a bad day.  But, I don't think I'll be taking decongestants again so close to a race.  Lesson learned.  Oh, and Jim and I skipped pre-race dance....hmmmm...I think that might be an issue too.

This is a an excellent race, and I will do again.  I will try to forget my bad experience and hopefully redeem myself next year.  You also got a great track jacket this year for their 40th Anniversary and a pretty cool medal.  It's pretty impressive that a race like this has been around 40 years.

Medal and Jacket (stolen from my husband's blog)