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March 13, 2011

I am a Triathlete and a GREAT Giveaway

So, I went for a swim this morning!!!  Wahoo!!  Only 500 Meters, but that's the most swimming I've done in a month, um truth be told probably two months.  I was surprised by how good it felt to be back in the water.  So within the last 4 days I have gotten in a swim, a bike, and a run!!  I am so excited - I AM A TRIATHLETE.  I was really beginning to wonder.  My back feels really good today after my run yesterday.  Another total plus.  Now I just need to watch myself.  I am finally starting to feel better, and I just need to remember to ease back in to things.  I really just want to get out there and go full force again.....patience Michael.....patience.

After two beautiful Kansas City days on Friday and Saturday, it's cold here again today and the weather is calling for 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight.  It's not alot, but I was totally hoping the cold and snow were over until next winter.  Oh well, it won't last long and after it passes we are supposed to have a week in the 60s.  I have never been more ready for Spring!!

So Tuesday, is super D-Day for me (decision day).  The Walt Disney World Marathon registration opens.  My friend Michelle is signing up and she wants me too also.  It would a first marathon for both of us.  We wouldn't run it together because she runs alot faster than me, but we would at least be there together.  My husband Jim said he would run it with me, but I don't think he really knows how bad that will be - I mean I will probably run around a 6 hour marathon.  That's a long, long time to run.  Michelle and I were having a conversation one day, and we both said if we ever ran a marathon we would want to do Disney because it would kind of distract you from the whole running thing and bam, here we are.  I really want to do it - but that's a big commitment - I've never ran anything longer than the 13.1.  What do you guys think?  Should I sign up?

Now on to the GREAT Giveaway.  Rose at Eat, Drink, and be Meiri hit surpassed 100 followers and to celebrate she is having this AWESOME give away!!  I really didn't want to tell anyone else about it, because I totally want to win, but it's a requirement to win.....conundrum!  Anyway, even if you don't want to enter you should check out her blog.  She's got a fun sense of humor and it's a really great blog - and she posted some fabulous Halloween photos of yours truly and some other fellow bloggers in a recent post.  So go....what are you waiting for....check it out!

All the cool stuff Rose is giving away!


  1. High five for your swim, bike and run!

    Sweet giveaway....

    I say yes to Disney Marathon. A friend of mine ran it this January and she loved it so much she is going to do the Goofy Challenge next year. (13.1 on Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday).

  2. While the Disney Marthon sounds great the idea of 26.2 miles scares the crap out of me. :)

    I'm so glad your back feels good today!

  3. Oh! Great job this week!!! In high school 500m was a long swim. :) I still think of it that way.

    Sounds like you are headed for the disney would be a great place to spend 6 hours running and even better, recovering! =D

    You are very blessed to have a hubby who will run with you!

  4. I think the Disney Marathon would be a ton of fun. Go for it. Being there with your husband and a friend, no questionl

  5. I think you should sign up!! Really! I've always wanted to run Disney too!! In fact I think I'm jealous!

    That giveaway had my name all over it! I wanna win!

  6. Great workouts this week!

    Sign up!!! :) Mickey and Minnie want to see you!

  7. Don't belittle the "only 500m." It all counts!

  8. Hi Michael, I saw you found my blog today and so I checked yours out. Definitely go for the Disney Marathon. Big yet attainable goals are the key! Besides, everyone I know (including my sister RacingItOff) has really raved about the Disney events.

  9. YES! Absolutely do it! It's a long way to run, but what a FUN race to run! You'd totally be distracted by all the magic and sparkles and costumes around you; I think it'd be a really great first marathon. And who knows -- with all the fun you're having, you might totally surprise yourself time-wise. :) Or, do they have a half option you could do?

  10. Woo hoo! You should DEFINITELY go for it! Just think of all the delicious Disney treats you could wolf down afterwards

  11. YES - sign up. It's all relative! I'm sure in the beginning you thought the same about 13.1. YOU can do it and I think you will enjoy Disney. I ran it twice and loved it. Some say the parts out of the park are boring, but I loved it.

  12. You ARE a triathlete!

    And you should totally sign up for Disney. From everything I've heard about it, you will have a GREAT time.