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July 22, 2011

You Can't Handle the Truth!

Well you asked questions.....I have answers!!  Can you handle it?  NO, YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!  I was going to make this a 2 parter because there are alot of questions, but considering how long it took me to respond at all I thought I better just go ahead and just do the whole thing.  Sorry for the long post.  It's truly not very exciting, but here goes.

Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run
Q:  How the heck have we never run into each other living just miles away?
A:  I have no idea!  I think we need to stop leaving it to chance and set up a “play date” J

Coy @  First in Philly
Q:  What kind of bike do you own?  Do you like it?
A:  I have a Specialized Dolce road bike.  It is a women’s specific bike which is great and I really do like it, but I would like a better bike.  It is very much an entry level road bike, but for the money was a great bike compared to other entry level bikes.  However, my recommendation if you are in the market for a bike is to buy as much as you can afford.  I am already ready for an upgrade and I’ve just had mine a year, but I want something lighter and faster and with better components.  Next year I will be in the market for a new one J

Christi @ Pedestrian Runner
Q:  Are you doing the OKC ½ marathon next year?
A:  Probably not, but who knows!

Tahoe Girl @ Got Miles?
Q:  What is your favorite place you have traveled?
A:  Hands down, Maui!!  Jim and I spent our honeymoon there and I think it’s the most spectacular place on earth. It is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to go back again.

Q:  Do you take better care of your every day clothes or workout clothes?
A:  My biking and triathlon specific clothes.  They have the padding in them and can’t be dried so I am very careful about washing them and making sure they don’t make their way to the dryer.

Q:  Flip flops or heels?
A:  Flip Flops!!!  I probably wear heels more often because flip flops aren’t a work option, but I would wear them all the time if they were.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about Jim?
A:  He’s funny and he makes me laugh all the time.

AJH @ Age Groups Rock

Q:  What has helped you the most as you have become a better biker?
A:  I think confidence more than anything.  I started out so scared on the bike.  I was afraid to make turns, or go down hills without braking.  As I have gained more confidence on the bike I have gotten a little faster.  Just putting miles in makes all the difference.

Q:  Where would you live if job/money was not object?
A:  Maui.  I love the beach and the outdoors.  I love perfect weather.  I love Maui it is beautiful.

Julie @ You Just Have to Tri
Q:  Did you go to your high school dances?
A:  Absolutely!  I loved getting all dressed up and dancing the night away!

Freshman Dance
Sophomore Dance
Junior Prom
Senior Prom

Q:  What will you do after you rock your Oly (Olympic distance triathlon)?
A:  Directly after- smile for days!  My next athletic endeavor – the marathon – Disney – Jan 2012.

Deb @ Deb Tris
Q:  What were you doing on New Years Eve 1999 (turning over to 2000)?
A:  I was at a party at my sister’s house.  We decided to have a “formal’ New Year’s that year.  It was fun getting all dressed up and then just hanging out at her house.

Big Daddy Diesel
Q:  At a movie theatre which arm rest is yours?
A:  The one on the left.  Jim always sits to the left of me so it’s easier to share the arm rest if needed.

Q:  Why does grape flavor smell the way it does when actual grapes don’t taste or smell anything like it?
A:  If you wanted something that tasted like real grapes you would just eat grapes.  Grape flavor was made as a nice grape alternative.

Q:  Can you cry under water?
A:  Absolutely, why not?

Q:  Why don’t woodpeckers get headaches when they slam their head on a tree all day?
A:  Technically they don't slam their heads into the trees, just their beaks and beaks can't get "head"aches, so they are set.

Meg @ watchmegorun

Q:  How did you guys meet?
A:  We were going to the same church at the time.

Q:  How long did you date before you got married?
A:  About 4 years

Q:  Did he do anything crazy for a proposal?
A:  No nothing crazy, it was simple but sweet.  I lived in a house that was built in the early 1920s and I just loved my house.  However, we knew after we got married I would have to sell it.  So Jim proposed to me in my house.  He just got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  He said he wanted to do it at my home so I would have a nice memory from the house.

Chris K @ The Manly Runner

Q:  What is your favorite TV show?
A:  I have almost completely stopped watching TV since I started blogging, but my can’t miss show was Glee.  Although, I’m kind of losing interest in it, which is a bummer.  It was a really good show when it started, but is starting to lose some of it’s magic.

Q:  What is your favorite TV that you and Jim watch together?
A:  The Office.  I think it’s the only TV show we both watch together and enjoy.

Q:  Do you ever get tired of people telling you how young you look?
A:  Seriously???  I am a woman you know, so NO I would never get tired of someone saying I look young.  Are you crazy?  Go ahead tell me again J

Q:  Where do you most want to go on vacation?
A:  Well, I absolutely love the beach and seem to always been drawn there, but I would really love to go to Spain and Italy some day.

Nelly @ Nelly on the Run

Q:  How (or why) is your family so hilarious?
A:  Well, Jim is the truly funny one, but I consider myself pretty funny sometimes too I guess.  My Dad is pretty quick-witted and everyone always says I got that from him.  Jim makes me laugh all the time and I really love that about him.  We both enjoy being goofy and taking fun pictures.

Q:  Can you adopt me?
A:  Sorry, we are not in the business of adopting grown men.  I think maybe there is some kind of law about that.

Q:  Do you like the same music as Jim?
A:  HECK no!!  He likes crap Country music and hard core screaming.  He tells me I like music that 13 year old girls like.  Well, that’s probably true.  I do love crap pop music.  Can’t help myself.  I like crap TV too.

Q:  How do you get rid of the chlorine in your hair?
A:  I use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week and try to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner all the time.  I also use a leave-in conditioner.  But I love long naturally curly hair that is naturally dry, so I really have to focus on keeping it conditioned.

Q:  Does wearing a speedo swimsuit or wetsuit make you swim way faster than wearing board shorts?
A:  I hate seeing men in speedos (no offense if you wear one), but yes, I sleeker swimsuit – like say some tri shorts will make you faster in the water.  Board shorts cause drag.  Actually in a class I took we would wear shorts and a t-shirt over our swimsuits for just that reason.  It was like a “weight” workout in the pool because of the drag from the material.

Q:  What is the next triathlon distance you are going to tackle?
A:  I have an Olympic distance race in about 6 weeks.  I am also considering doing a half Ironman (70.3) in 2012…..I’ll keep you guys posted.

Cory Reese @ Fast Cory
Q:  What is your ultimate fitness goal?
A:  I would definitely like to do a 70.3 someday.  I don’t know when, but someday.

Q:  What is your favorite junk food?
A:  Almost anything chocolate.  It’s hard to pick a favorite but I would probably have to go with Chips Ahoy original chocolate chip cookies. 

Terzah @ BQBy40
Q:  How do you make time for such cool blog posts (photos & graphics with the rest of your life being so busy (training & work)?
A:  Well, you can tell by how long it took me to post my responses, that I haven’t had much time to blog, but when I do take the time I want to do a nice post, so I’ll spend a little extra time on it.  I have to admit Jim helped me with the “Inside the Actors Studio” pic though.

The Unexpected Runner
Q:  Tri bike v. road bike?
A:  For me definitely a road bike.  The tri bike scares me a bit.  I’m don’t think I’m fast enough to really justify a tri bike.

Q:  How do you get up so early to train?
A:  I just set my mind to it and do it.  It’s much easier in the summer when I know if I sleep in too late it will just be too hot to get my workout in.  I am up about 4:30 am most mornings through the week, and up at about 5:15-5:30 on the weekends. 

Chris @ Tri 4 Success
(In  honor of Inside the Actors Studio)

Q:  What is your favorite word?
A: Awesome

Q:  What is your least favorite word?
A:  Cancer

Q:  What turns you on?
A:  Confidence, but not cockiness.

Q:  What turns you off?
A:  Overbearing people

Q:  What sound do you love?
A:  The ocean

Q:  What sound do you hate?
A:  The alarm clock

Q:  What is your favorite curse word?
A:  Oh, I have one, but this is a family blog J

Q:  What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
A:  A dog trainer or something to do with dogs.

Q:  What profession would you not like to do?
A:  Anything to do with dead people.

Q:  If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
A:  Welcome home and make yourself comfortable.

Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile
Q:  Does it bother you that Jim does not get why YOU are in fact always RIGHT?
A:  No, not really.  I know he is just a man and men aren’t that smart, so I forgive him.

Q:  Do you really love baseball or do you just tolerate it out of LOVE for Jim?
A:  I like baseball, but I really don’t love it.  It’s fun to go to a game, if they were only like 30 minutes I would probably love it.  I’m usually ready to go about that time.

Q:  When are you guys coming to California, the southern part, to visit me and that guy from San Diego?
A:  I would love to visit.  Maybe next year?  We had planned San Francisco as Jim’s California marathon, but I’m thinking maybe we pass up those hills and com give you guys a visit.

Q:  Where did you go to college?  What did you study?
A:  I got my undergrad at Morehead State University – a Bachelor of Business Administration (General Management).  I got my graduate degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City – a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  I’m all business my friend!

Q:  Who would you like to meet?
A:  Will Ferrell for sure!

Q:  What do you think of Chris’ new profile picture?
A:  I think I’ll plead the 5th on this one!

Jim @ 50After40
Q:  How are you so smokin' hot & married to such an ugly dude?
A:  Hmmm.....first you know you are a cutie :)  Second, I wish I was smokin' hot, but I think maybe I'm just luke warm.

Q:  Even though he's ugly, don't you admire his brilliant mind?
A:  I admire his sense of humor, confidence, and determination......brilliant mind......not so sur about that one.

Q:  What's for dinner on Tuesday?
A:  I will be at Masters Swim, so whatever you want to make.


  1. Maui is my favorite! Was my honeymoon spot too :)

  2. Great answers!

    Interesting about the test wearing the tshirt and shorts over your swimsuit, wearing board shorts might be why I am a little bit slower than most people in the water. But not sure if I'll buy a speedo suit, haha

    I think you'll definitely do the 70.3 sometime!

    That is great that you like Glee, that is my favorite show right now too!

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    I sure hope you guys come to visit!!! would love to meet you!

    SF..that may be on my list next year...but closer to us is Pasadena in May..they have it all 10k, full, half!

  5. Maui was my honeymoon destinamtion also!!! back in 2001.

    tell your Jim I answered his questions over at my blog!

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    Just another man who "isn't that smart".

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