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July 27, 2011

Bring on the Vaca!!!

Only 2 more, yes 2 more days of work and then I am on vacation for a week!  How am I spending my vacation you ask?

Well, first I'm starting out bright and early Saturday morning with a Triathlon.  And when I say bright and early, I think I really mean dark and early because I'm leaving my house at 4am, which means I'm getting up around 3am.  It's going to be an early, early morning.  I am doing the WIN for KC Women's Sprint Triathlon.  It's technically shorter than a Sprint with a 500 Meter Swim, 10 Mile bike, and 5K run.  It is an all women's event and there are nearly 1,000 women registered.  Pretty amazing!  It was my first triathlon ever (just last summer).  My total finishing time was 1:37:38.  I really hope I can beat my time from last year, and if you had asked me about 3 weeks ago I would have said I could, but with this extreme heat, I'm just not sure.  It was hot last year, but not quite this hot.  The water is going to be pretty miserable too.  The lake I swim at on Monday nights was 90 degrees this week!!  90 degrees!!  It was so hot, I had to swim about 100 meters and then swim back to the shore to get out of the water to "cool" off - and it was 99 degrees outside, but it still felt cooler than the water.  I imagine the lake I will be swimming in Saturday won't be much different.  It's like swimming in a cup of hot soup....or a hot tub.  The race doesn't start until 7:30 am, and I probably won't start until after 8am...I wish it was a little early, but oh well.  It will still be a GREAT day!

Then on Sunday I'm headed to Hot Springs, AR for a few days of relaxation.  It's not the most exciting place on earth, but I'm meeting up with a girlfriend who I have barely seen for the last 2 years.  She lives in AR too, but about 3 hours from Hot Springs in Fayetteville.  She moved to Fayetteville to study for her PhD - yea, she's pretty smart!  And AWESOME!  I'm so excited to see her.  We already have a spa day booked.  I can feel the relaxation setting in already.  She's training for her first half marathon, so lucky me I will have a running partner while I'm gone.  I am also hoping to swim in the hotel pool.  The only sport I will be missing out on is the bike, but I'll be home Thursday, so I hope to get in a bike on Thur or Fri and then again on Sunday.

My life has been so crazy lately with work and training so I truly can't wait for vacation.

Thanks to everyone for all your comments and suggestions on yesterday's post.  I'm considering all of them and trying to make some decisions.

Now, I will leave you with some random pics.

Pic taken before my 50 mile bike ride a few weeks ago

Pic taken after the 50 miler.  So happy to be done, or delirious...I think we might be delirious

Me & Jim at the Royals Game Friday night

Group photo of my Tri 101/102 class - last night of class


  1. The heat can really mess with your times. Just go out there and give it what you've got and you'll be fine. Then enjoy the rest of that vacation!

  2. Good luck at the race Saturday!!! You will do great. You look stunning in all of the pictures, seriously you are gorgeous. Just absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You live in such a great place! There are approximately 4 triathlons in KY it seems a year! Good thing the one you have coming up IS short, that way you can get out of the heat! It's so brutal lately! I decided to swim laps in the Y outdoor pool yesterday and could only manage about 100 meters before I went indoors. It was like swimming in a Roman bath. Ick.

  4. Best of luck on your tri this weekend, looking forward to your race report!

  5. Vacay!!! Awesome! Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to hear about your tri and your vacation!

  6. are so beautiful! Love the pics!!

    Best wishes for your race!! I hope it cools off and that you can enjoy it while you PR. :)

    Also, enjoy that trip to the spa!!!

  7. oh, have a great race on Saturday!! i hope it isn't too brutal for you--thought it was supposed to "cool off" a bit? enjoy your vacation!!

  8. all the best for your race!!! looking forward to read all about it!
    happy vacation !
    I love that picture of your and Jim at the game, you look so pretty!

  9. Good luck with your triathlon and have a great time away.

  10. One... you are so stinkin' gorgeous!!

    Two... have fun on vacation!!

    Three... good luck at your race!! I can't wait to read all about it!!

  11. GL at the race! Have an awesome vacation!

  12. Have a great race and a great vacation!

    The pics are awesome!

  13. Enjoy the race and vacation.

    Honestly I don't know how 90 degrees would feel b/c two weeks ago at the Oly race the water was 84* and that was hot.

    I love your passion and Jim's passion for life. Smiles after 50 mi bike rides and still attending Royals games....that is impressive.

  14. Good luck racing!!!

    If its gonna be a hot one, I fill my bottles the night before about half the way up and freeze them, then fill the other half race morning, you will have a cold drink for hours

  15. The only lake I usually swim in is Tahoe, and that stays at approximately 50 degrees all year long. Could not imagine swimming in a "hot" lake...ugh! Enjoy the triathlon (you will do great!) and have a wonderful vacation!!

  16. Have a great vacation and race! I'm so jealous!

  17. Have a great vacation.

    I didn't realize you had only been doing tris for one year. Did you do running races before that or just jump into tris?

  18. Jim wears a gray T-shirt and you wear pretty white strapless dress. Good thing he's funny and handsome. :-)

  19. Good luck in your race!! I'm excited for you : )

    great photos, you look so happy in all of them!

  20. You and your husband are so motivating! I love that you do this kind of stuff together. My husband isn't a big worker outer but he is slowly getting more active.

    Get Up & Go