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July 25, 2011

Great Weekend!

Well, the weekend was busy as usual, but fun-filled too! 
Friday night we headed to the Kansas City Royals Game with some friends.  It was so hot!!  We were all a sweaty mess, but the Royals won so it was still a good time.  I took pictures but haven’t had time to download them yet.  We got home around 11pm, which meant we weren’t going to get much sleep.  I was up at 5am the next morning for my long run.
So Saturday I completed another 8 mile run in the stifling heat and humidity.  I got to wear my new Camelbak during my run though.  I love this thing!!  I bought the kind that goes around your waist vs. the backpack.  I really love it!  I think the backpack would have driven me crazy, but the waistpack is great!  It was so nice to have water (well Gatorade) anytime I needed it.  Last weekend on my 10 mile run I didn’t get any water until mile 6 and thought I was going to die.  Last weekend I also tried to incorporate a walk/run strategy.  I did 9 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking.  It worked pretty well for about 5 or 6 miles, but then I totally bonked at the end.  Running in this heat and humidity just really takes it out of you.  This weekend I decided to opt for a 4 minute run/1 minute walk.  It worked great.  I was able to keep this up for 7 miles with no problem.  My last mile had some major hills and I was tired, so I ended up walking a lot more that last mile, but overall I thought it worked well and I finished about 30 seconds per mile faster overall than during my 10 mile run – even with walking more.  I think this might be the strategy I use for my marathon training.

This is my new Camelbak....cute even :)

Sunday, I got up for a long bike ride.  It was overcast and gloomy and by the time I made it to the lake it was raining.  I was riding alone.  I almost thought about going home, but decided not to be a wuss.  It was actually a beautiful morning.  It was the first rain in at least 3 weeks.  The sun was peaking through the clouds – it was gorgeous!  It was also about 10 degrees cooler for a change too.  The high yesterday was only in the low 90s vs the 100s and the humidity was a bit lower too.  It rained on me several times during my ride, and both me and my bike were a dirty mess when I got home, but I still had an enjoyable ride and put in 33 miles.

Just before my ride.  Beautiful!  Great pic even with a camera phone
After my ride I met up with some girlfriends for a day at Oceans of Fun (a local water park).  We had a blast.  The rain finally moved out and the sun came out.  It was perfect!  It was nice to just relax by the pool and enjoy some sun and girl talk.
Overall, I have had some great training weeks over the last month.  My last three weeks I put in 10 hours and 12 minutes, 10 hours and 21 minutes and 10 hours and 23 minutes of training per week!  That’s a lot for me.  This week I will scale back a bit.  I have my next Sprint Triathlon on Saturday.  Then the following week will be a bit of a recovery too as I will be on vacation.  I am going to try to run and swim while on vacation, but biking will be limited.  More on the vacation later!
I hope everyone had a great weekend too!  What did you do this weekend?


  1. Congrats on the good training, and good luck this weekend!!!!

    I raced yesterday, but it was brutally hot and humid so my performance wasn't even close to what I wanted. Oh well. Mother Nature is a biotch, isn't she?

  2. wow! those are some impressive numbers!!! nothing exciting last weekend....ive put myself on a running hiatus until this heat subsides. it redunkulous!!!!

  3. woohoo!

    You are tough I def quit my ten miler yesterday and said nuh uh!

  4. I love the Camelbak! I didn't know they made waist bags.

  5. SWEET Camelbak! Good for you on your lonely ride Sunday! Jake and I rode 26 on Saturday morning, early, but you most definitely had the best weather! See you tonight!

  6. I'm so glad you said that walk / run was working for you. I'm going to give it a try this weekend and see if that'll give my IT Band some relief. I COULD NOT believe that it snuck up on me close to 10 miles in! What a pain right! Did you find that you were able to run about the same pace in the end or did it end up being slower?

  7. You've got some nice consistent training going on there! I think you're going to be really pleased with your sprint. Hopefully it will be cooler for it!

  8. My weekend was not as good physically as yours as I only got in four miles, and it wasn't a great four miles either. Oh well.

    However, my wife and I took our girls to see Annie at a nearby playhouse. We loved it! The girls really enjoyed it and I liked it better than I thought I would. Sunday I had to cover a game so I was gone most of the day. Blah. But at least Saturday was awesome.

    Looks like you were kicking butt all last week though. Nice mileage on the bike.

  9. Great job on the training Michael. I can not run in this heat and humidity either. Excited for your race!

  10. Nice Camelbak. I may have to show that to my wife.

    As for what I did this weekend, well, I put off writing a blog post about what I did this weekend. Better get it done .....

  11. I'd love to hear more about the Camelbak! I've never seen a waist one. Way to go training this weekend.

  12. I love weekends like that where there's a good mix of the physical and social. So much fun!

  13. I didn't know you could get a waist pack Camel bak. That is much more appealing.

    I did my first marathon run/walk. I may do that again.

    I was at Lake Placid Ironman this weekend! Woot!

  14. I also did not know they make those for the waste...pretty cool...
    run/walk....never tried it...I fear that I would not get back in running if I walk to often...but I read a lot of people who have great success with this and with great times....

    this weekend I had a 10k race.
    it was not my day but it is ok

  15. I worked this weekend so no workout for me but this morning the humidity broke & I did 7 miles in glorious 75F weather with minimal humidity....thought I'd died & gone to heaven! Tomorrow is supposed to be 18 miles....does it still count if I have to carpool a bunch of sweaty teenagers at mile 12 & go back out after dumping them???? I think I need that is AWESOME! How much does it hold?

  16. Seriously you are doing fantastic!!!

    Love that Camelbak!

  17. Great work in that mucky weather! And I'm glad you like your Camelbak waist pack. I used one of the backpacks for the first time on my weekend long run and loved it. I had been carrying a bottle in my hand during the long run and it was so nice not to have to do that.

  18. I dont "mind" the rain, as long it isnt a cold rain. Nice ride

    Good luck this weekend!!!