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August 20, 2013

I’ll Be Happy When……

I was talking to a friend about this today and thought I’d share it on my blog.
How many of you are happy with where you are right now?  How much you weigh, how fast you are, etc?

Most of us live our lives saying.  I’d be happy if I could just lose 5 pounds.  I’d be happy if I could just finish in the top 10% of a race.  I’d be happy if I could just shave another 10 seconds per mile of my (swim, bike, run whatever).  I’d be happy if “insert topic here”.

But then, when you get there, are you happy?  Usually, it just begins again, well, I’d be happy if I lost another 5 pounds  or shaved more time off my race, etc.  Right?
It’s never enough. 

I read something about a year ago.  I honestly don’t know where.  But it talked about this subject and how we have to learn to be happy with where we are right now, otherwise we’ll never be happy.  We’ll always be reaching for that “next” thing that’s going to make us happy and never get to enjoy the current moments.  And what if you never attain it?  What if you never lose that 5 pounds, that 10 pounds, or whatever your “thing” is.  Then do you never get to be happy?  You have to be happy with today.
That doesn’t mean that we can’t have goals.  We need goals in our lives.  But, they need to be just that – goals – accomplishments – things to be proud of.  Sure, they can make you happy, but they shouldn’t be the thing that’s required to be happy.

So look yourself in the mirror and realize you are who you are today.  And be happy with whatever you have accomplished so far.  You are you and that’s pretty awesome!
Sorry if this is kind of a sappy post….but it was just on my mind.  When I read this a year or so ago it really hit home to me.  I can’t say I remember it, and live by it all the time…but I really try to keep it in mind.

What are you happy for right now? 

Jack is always happy....we could learn alot from our dogs :)


  1. I'm happy and thankful for you ... And Jack.

  2. I have friends that lament the loss of when their kids were little...I guess I'm different. I have loved each age my boys are at and haven't wanted to go back. I may feel differently this time next year when I have to send the oldest off to University, but I don't think so. It's all part of life, one day at a time :)

  3. It's funny how I was reading this post and I was telling myself, what does happiness have to do with fitness goals? Sure, they make us content, proud, energized, motivated, but happy? Life is too short to put so many hard expectations on ourselves. If we're healthy and fulfilled in our relationships, and at peace with ourselves, then beating records and being skinny is just the whipped cream and the cherry on the cake. You eat too much of it, you get sick. You know what matters, the first comment you got today on this post. This would make me happier than any PR. And it sure made me smile for the rest of the day.

  4. My wife always says that I'm never satisfied, that I'm never happy where I am. But the truth is that I am happy. I love life everyday, when good or bad.

    I just like to keep pushing the limits to see how far I can go. I mean,.. why walk when you can run?

  5. There is what you are and what you can be. I've found when I'm down I get too focused on the issues of what I am (whatever those pessimistic issues are) and when I'm not down I really am focused on what could be (optimist).

    Nice post.

  6. I love this post. I think about this a lot too. And agree that we should have goals, but find happiness where we are, NOW.

    Making me happy today - that I got a workout in this am with friends, that I can do whatever I want tonight, that my boss took a half day today. LOL.

  7. I'm happy just to be able to run again. And to have good health. And Toby makes me happy too.

  8. Thanks for this post! It's definitely nice to have a reminder. I can honestly say I am happy, but it would be nice to be a little faster :)

  9. Great post!
    I am happy at what a great summer I had even though it was the least I have travelled in years. I am very glad at how running and racing have enriched my life and gotten me to take risks I never thought I would. A triathlon? Never never never I would have said yet right now doing them in spite of my "skills" is one of the best things in my life right now. And I am very glad I have two left. I can't believe they go longer around here. They actually go into the fall farther but it gets rather cold and for now early Sept. is going to be it for me. Plus I can relax my training a little as the school year gets underway.
    Oh yeah, and at least you realized the whole capital/capitol thing. That one is a little forgivable. It's the your/you're that sends me over the edge.

  10. what a great great post!

    although I'm always striving onwards and upwards (marathon or two next year perhaps?), I am constantly reminded of how much I love my life, and how lucky I am to have the people and opportunities in it every day

    I am happy for my health
    I am happy for my rights
    I am happy to have a fulfilling career
    I am happy to have the ability to train my body and keep it strong with healthy nutritious foods
    I am happy to have my husband and my furbabies who give me unconditional love every day

  11. I'm really happy with where I am right now with my wonderful family and all the things I am able to do and experience.

  12. So true! I'm definitely a person who is always looking for the next accomplishment/event/milestone. But I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever said "I'll be happy when..." in regards to those events. It makes me cringe when I hear people say it. Such a good point.

  13. I'm happy that I have friends that love me, no matter how much crazy talk I put them through :)

  14. Amen! It's so true. If you're constantly searching for the next thing and never appreciate what you have, you'll never really be happy.

  15. Great post/point/reminder. When I read the question I honestly thought, "yes" .. which makes me happy!

  16. Great post Michael! I'm happy that I finally got a full time job in my field. I'm happy I had the summer off (for the most part) and that I got to spend a lot of time with my nephews. I'm happy that I have such an awesome family who will do anything for each other. I'm thankful for my amazing husband and crazy kitty!

  17. Good post and yes, sometimes people are never happy. I think that I'm happy (as happy as a widow of 2 years can be). I have kids and grandkids that give me such pleasure.

    But...Not that these things will make me happier, but having goals gives me thing to look forward to. They give me reasons to get out of bed on somedays. I am working on loosing about 10 pounds (5 down - 5 more to go), I am working on getting my half marathon time under 2 hours and I just registered for my first Half Ironman.

    A goal is a Dream with a Plan...

  18. great post! and you pup looks just like mine, too cute!