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August 14, 2013

I Have a Dirty Little Secret

I am a triathlete.  No that's not my secret, that wouldn't be a very good secret now would it?  Let me start again.

Hey Jack, Can you keep a secret?
I am a triathlete, but this summer I've been pretty far from one.  As many of you know, I broke my wrist in early May and was unable to bike or swim until just a few weeks ago.  Luckily, I was still able to run and so running has been my focus this summer.  I've been so glad I was able to do something, as I know often when runners get injured they just don't know what to do with themselves.

When I started doing triathlons a few years ago I considered myself a triathlete with a "runner on the side".  This summer I feel more like a runner with a "triathlete on the side" and it's a really, really small side.  Since I was "released" to start biking and swimming again, I'm honestly only biking and swimming about once a week.

And you know what?  Here's my secret.  It's been kind of magical.  No, I haven't lost my love for triathlon, but it has been refreshing not having to juggle three sports.  I know by the end of last summer after training for my 70.3, I was exhausted.  It was 2 workouts a day, everyday, just to get in 3 to 4 workouts in each discipline each week.  By the time race day came around, I was glad to get it over with.  I decided last year, some of the "fun" had been lost and that's why I didn't sign up for anything longer than Olympic this year (thankfully).

Then I broke my wrist, so everything I had signed up for was out the window anyway.  I was really sad at first and disappointed because my triathlon season - well really just wasn't going to be much of a season at all.  But now, in the evenings when I'm able to actually make dinner and sit down with my husband for a meal, well that's kind of nice.  If I want to go for a leisurely walk or go do something with a friend in the evening, I can do that and not stress.

But then again, after doing my one and only triathlon this year, I remembered how much I loved it and how much I missed it.  The next week I found myself online trying to see if there were any late season triathlons I could do.  There were a couple, but they all coincide with my long runs for my marathon training.  I just don't think I'm at the point where I could run 20 miles on Sat and do a triathlon on Sun. Had I been doing more tri training this summer, probably, but not right now.  But I do think the break has been really good for me.  It has reminded me that I do love triathlon, but that I also need some rest here and there.  I'm already thinking about another 70.3 next summer, and while I'll certainly take my training seriously, I think I'll go about it with a bit of a different attitude.  I'm not exactly sure what it will look like, but it won't be as rigid as it was before.  I know I have to put in the work to get to 70.3, but I'm thinking I can scale it back...just a bit.

So there you have it.  My secret. 

Have you ever secretly loved an unexpected break due to injury, life, whatever?  Even though you are "supposed to" lament it? 

Has a rest break made you re-think your training?

Have any other secrets to share?


  1. It's good that you've enjoyed this break away but it's good that you enjoyed your triathlon and you wanted to do more. You haven't lost the love. You're just taking a little break and freshening up.

  2. I love breaks (not because I'm injured but because of all the extra time in my life.) I love tapering which I know not everyone does. I love recovery weeks. If it was that way all the time I wouldn't but the breaks are nice.

  3. Breaks are a good thing. Enjoy :-)

  4. Yes, Oh yes, I now know that Ironman is probably a title that I could live life without trying to attach to my human resume. I'm here and I'm going to do it but this'll be it, at least for a really long time. I love swim, bike and run but in much smaller doses :)

  5. Breaks are always a good thing, especially when it helps you remember why you loved it in the first place. I'm glad you had the chance to do that!

  6. I started traveling every week for work this year and decided not to do any triathlons or running races due to the added stress. I've become run focused and kind of enjoying it though I do miss those long rides. Maybe next year.

  7. When running (or tri's or anything) stop being fun or feel too pressure induced, it's time to chill. But that's hard to actually do sometimes. Who wants to start over? Nope, not me!

    Sorry about the broken wrist, but glad you were able to recognize the positive that came out of it. You rock!

  8. I feel like the opposite this summer....I feel more like a triathlete than a runner. Probably because all my long runs have sucked. Really enjoying the new bike...weird scary shoes and all!