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June 24, 2013

The Seemingly Never Ending Wrist Saga Continues and Other Stuff

I posted a few weeks ago that my wrist fracture was healed...I was "now free to move about the country".....but I wasn't so certain.  I wanted to be certain.  I wanted nothing more than to be done with this injury, but I had read too much online and knew this type of fracture is very difficult to heal.

So I went to a Specialist today for a second opinion.  She did a CT scan, and sure enough it's still broken.  The Dr estimated it was about 50% healed.  The good news is I don't have to wear the splint or have a cast.  The fracture is non-displaced (vs displaced) and she is hopeful it will heal, it will just take time.  In the meantime, I was told "to let pain be my guide" on what I can and can't do.  If it hurts, don't do it or it's less likely to heal.

I'm really not sure where that leaves me on biking.  I have biked twice now with the splint.  Both times there was minor pain, but it was tolerable.  So I know I "can" bike, I'm just not sure if I "should" be bike.  If the fracture doesn't end up healing on it's own, my only option will be surgery to excise the piece of bone to avoid future complications.  I didn't actually get to talk to the Dr about my results (all the info came through her assistant) so I have a call in and will hopefully talk to her tomorrow.  I go for a follow-up CT in six weeks.

UPDATE:  I talked to the Dr this morning.  Absolutely NO Biking!  She said that was the worst thing I could do for this fracture because biking puts pressure right on the hamate bone (one that's broken).  I shouldn't do anything that puts pressure on the bone or do any kind of gripping.  I actually go back in 4 weeks now for another CT to see if I can do another triathlon I'm registered for at the end of July.  I won't have biked outside at all, but it's only a 12 mile bike so I can get through it.  I can bike on my trainer, as long as I don't put pressure on my wrist.

I just want to move on.  It's been 8 weeks on Wednesday.

So, I will be missing my 2nd tri of the season on Saturday.  But, the good news is I have something new to focus on.  Jim and I will be doing the Chicago Marathon in October, and I started officially training for that two weeks ago.  This will help keep me focused on a goal, which is good.  I have heard so many awesome things about this race and I can't wait!

In other news Jim & I scored some sweet discounts at Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend.  They were having a major winter clearance.  I picked up a few things, but my fav was a pink Brooks Running Jacket for $30!

And just because he's cute.  Sleepy Jack picture


  1. Oh Jack - too cute! I'm a sucker for cute dog pics.

    It's not altogether wise telling an endurance athlete to let pain be her guide. We teach ourselves to ignore pain. We embrace it like a friend. The more pain - the better as far as we're concerned. So we become very poor judges of what hurts enough to stop.

  2. The difference between can and should, is not always very clear to people like us is it? 8 weeks feels like such a long time doesnt' it? I am going on 8 weeks too. two thumbs down for that!

    Yay for marathon training though!

  3. Oof, glad you got a second opinion!

  4. It's hard to know what to do when you hear different things. Let pain be your guide could be quite different for different people. Keep on healing wrist! Good luck.

  5. Why don't you ride with the brace on? Does that hurt?

  6. Bummer! Maybe aero bars would help? Hope you heal quickly!

  7. Char has a good point - telling an endurance athlete to let pain be your guide is probably not great advice.

    So sorry the saga continues. I'm glad someone put their foot down and gave you solid instructions so that you can heal.

    Glad you can run, though! So excited to follow your training!!

  8. Boo! But I'm glad you got a second opinion, that could've been really bad. I'm glad you can still marathon train. I'm sorry about your tri.