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June 10, 2013

Mostly Photos Monday

It's hard to believe, but sometimes you can have fun doing something besides racing LOL.  Had a great time just hanging out around my city this weekend.  Lots of random photos below.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday.

Jim and I at Lee's Summit Downtown Days.  We saw a Journey/80s Tribute Band and they were awesome!
My friend Mary Beth and I at Aliens and Androids Exhibit
I am Ironman!
Loved this beautiful and color guy!

One of my fav pics from the

Ship me anywhere but here!
Lastly, a race related photo.  This is a pic from my last race. I think it's one of the only pics I've ever had from a race that I actually like.

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  1. Great photos, love the first one, you guys are so cute together!

  2. From the strap marks in the first pic it looks like you've been having great weather.

  3. My Saturday was all about things not fitness related but very fun. My pics coming soon. Isn't it fun to take a break??

  4. Nice to see the non-exercise related photos. I love seeing everyone's towns and neighborhoods. That is why I love blogging. That is a nice race photo though.:)

  5. Awesome photos!! I love the shadow one. And the lizard.

    Isn't it funny how it is so hard to find a race picture you like? THat one is awesome!!!!

    But really - the race picture thing...While you are racing you are like, OK I feel good! In this race I am going to have a good picture...then you see the pictures and think "I LOOK LIKE THAT?????"

  6. Fun photos! I agree but sometimes my social life suffers due to training.. . ok fine. It suffers ALL the time.