It's a very slow process - two steps forward, one step back - but I'm inching in the right direction. - Rob Reiner

June 26, 2013

The Mid Year Check In (Goals that is)

We are fast approaching mid-year!  Wow, it's flown by.  I really can't believe it. 

So I figured it was time to look at those goals I put out there for the year.  Here is my 2013 list:

1.  Log 1000 running miles.
- Well as of today I've logged a measly 384 miles.  It seems like so many more.  That puts me at roughly 38% of my goal, but no where close to the 50% I should be at right now.  My marathon training has started though, so I should start to see those miles climb.  I think I still have a shot of making this goal by year end.

2. Complete 2nd marathon and set a 15 minute PR.
- Definitely too early to say much about this one.  I'm registered for my 2nd I guess that's the start.  I have a race on the calendar.  I did a great track workout today and hope to do them 2 to 3 times a month to improve my speed.

3. Run a 5K with a pace in the 9s
- This hasn't happened yet, but I think I've only done one 5K this year...maybe none, I seriously can't remember.  I know I'm not ready to make this one happen yet though.  Again, hopefully these track workouts will my speeds down.  I did some quarter miles on the track this am at 8:56 and 8:57.

4. Shave 3 minutes of my half marathon PR (2:20)
- So far this has been the year of "get progressively slower" at each half marathon.  I haven't even touched my PR of 2:23.  I am doing at least 2 more half marathons this year.  My goal race to do this will be in November in Richmond.

5. Get to my goal weight by April and stay there through year-end
- Well this hasn't happened.  But, I am still making progress toward this goal.  I've slowly lost about 12 pounds, but still have another 13 to go to be at my goal weight.  I had a little set back over the last week from being out of town, but trying to get refocused on this goal and would like to see me hit my goal weight by August.

6. Swim 52 miles
- Hmmm.....well I've swam a total of 10 miles so far.  I should be logging a lot right now with it being prime swim season, but the broken wrist put a stop on that.  I have been ok'd to start swimming again though and while I may not be doing many/any triathlons this season, I still plan to start swimming again next week.

7. Bike 1900 miles
- So yea, same story as above.  The wrist has kept me from logging many miles.  This time last  year I was logging 100 mile weeks.  I've still managed to put in 628 miles, pretty much all on the not that bad considering. 

Hmmmm.....well, so far, not so great.  I guess it was a good time to look at these goals again and start refocusing.  The point of having a goal is to actually use it to drive you.  I have to admit, I haven't really done that.  Time to get busy!

How about you?  How are your goals progressing?  Any set backs or surprises?


  1. broke my foot so this is a big setback.

  2. The only goal I set was to get better and so far so good. I'm so much healthier than I was last year. Running better. Feeling less tired. Loving life more. Doesn't matter what else happens, this year has been my best for a long time.

  3. Having lost 12 pounds is awesome! Wow!

  4. I'm not doing badly but my goals had to change quite a bit due to life happening. Only setback was when I hurt my knee in a fall and had to skip the Comrades Marathon.

  5. One of my goals is 1000 miles too. I'm at 420. Got some making up to do. Hope you catch up with marathon training.

  6. Well you have to admit the wrist issue has set you back a bit!! I think you can totally hit some of those goals!!!

    My big one as you konw is IMLP!

  7. Great idea!!! I may borrow this idea and do the same thing!! Isnt it amazing how life changes so fast in 6 months!! Life can change our goals. And it really is ok!! As long as we truly do work to reach our goal, its not a failure if we dont get there!

  8. I need to do a check on this as well! Things like injuries definitely cause road bumps along the happens! Don't beat yourself up about it, just do what you can and keep moving forward!

  9. It is really crazy how one injury can completely effect all of our goals. I think the important thing to remember is that we can only control what is within our control. You really cannot control the fact that you've been dealing with an injury but you can continue working towards your goals and not just give up because the first half hasn't looked picture perfect. Keep on keeping on!