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April 24, 2013

Worth It Wednesday

I was just thinking today...blogs are about sharing right?  We share training tips, product ideas, etc.  So here are a couple of cool "deals" if you aren't aware of these.

I was not asked to share my opinion on these, I just thought I would pass along the info.......that's it....just me to you :)

1.  Road Runner Sports - Are you familiar with their VIP Program?  They are a retail running store, but they also have a huge online presence.  If you sign up for their VIP program you get 10% of all orders, free shipping, and "Warp Speed" shipping - which they say means your order is on it's way within 2 hours if it's in stock.  You pay $1.99 for a one year membership which is totally worth it.  If you find yourself continuing to order frequently you can renew (I think it's $19.99 annually after the initial year).  They also send you periodic discounts for 20% off.  And, if you just do an online search for promo codes, you can usually find an additional 10-15% off (except on Brooks).  They have a great return policy too - you can return shoes for up to 90 days.  Yes, I do sound like a commercial, but Jim and I use them for our running shoes almost exclusively.  Click below to go to their website.

2.  Earndit - Have you seen this new website or maybe it's not new at all?  I just signed up for it this week.  It basically rewards you for exercising.  It links to one of your existing tracking methodologies (like Garmin Connect, Fit Bit, Body Media, etc) and gives you points for exercise.  You do have a maximum daily points value of 60.  It only logs certain activities though:  foot (walking, running, hiking, etc), biking, skateboarding, skating and paddling (not sure about that one).  So my swimming doesn't count :( 

Also, for me personally I only have my Garmin account that I can use.  It will only give you credit for GPS activities.  So anything I do on my bike trainer, or treadmill don't count - even though I have the cadence sensor that go with them...oh well.  I do think you would be more successful in getting points if you had a Fit Bit or something that tracked all your daily steps. 

Once you have enough points you can either have money donated to a charity partner (which is pretty cool) or you can use them to purchase rewards.  I will say most of the companies on their rewards site I have never heard of, but they are all healthy foods or active lifestyle products, so they might be cool to try out, especially at a discount. 

If you do decide you'd be interested use the link below to sign up - it will give you 50 points automatically (and me 100 once you earn 100 activity points), so yes there is something in it for me, but it's kind of a Win-Win for us both!

3.  Active Gear Up - It's kind of like Groupon for Active Products.  They offer pretty significant discounts on running shoes, apparel, nutrition bars, etc.  You can sign up for their email list and they will send you emails about the top products, but there's always more products on the full website.

Do you guys know of any great deals or website??  Please share in the comments below.  Anyone know how to get a discount at Athleta???


  1. I just discovered some decent athletic gear at Kohls, which always has sales and coupons. Anyways, RR's VIP kind of pissed me off because it automatically renews (I think they charged me $25) and I felt a little bullied when I called them to have the charge removed because I was pregnant and on limited activity. I also get a really good discount at a different store through my running group, so maybe I'm a little biased.

  2. I'd love to know how to get a discount at Athleta!

  3. Athleta for me too. I went in their store in DC and walked around drooling and looking for the sale rack, not to be found..

  4. I wish road runner sports had better shipping to Canada. If it did, I would use it.