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April 17, 2013

Run for Boston - In our Hearts

I had posts to write, but they all seem trivial in light of what happened in Boston on Monday.

I was in LA to visit my sister and we were on a hike on Monday.  When we got back within cell phone range my phone was blowing up with texts about the Boston explosion.

I immediately looked up the news on my phone and couldn't believe it.  I've been there.  I've stood on that street and watched runners come in, watched my husband cross that finish line.  I knew people who were there running that day.  It was surreal.

So when I got home yesterday, I wanted to do something.  So like many others I ran. 

I ran 26.2 minutes.  I ran for:

Martin, Krystle, and one unnamed victim who lost their lives.  I ran for the many others who were injured, for the family and friends of those who were impacted, for the runners, for all those who rushed to help, and for the entire running community! 

I wore this shirt on my run. I bought it at the Boston Marathon expo in 2011. It seemed appropriate.  I look at those winged feet a little differently today and like to think those are angel wings.

Boston you are in our Hearts!

If you want to do more.  Boston has already set up a fund to help those affected by the tragedy.  Click to contribute.



  1. Our running community is special. Even though people may not have been there or not even from Boston, you can feel everyone's sentiment is the same: it FEELS personal to us all.

    Still so stunned.

  2. I'm with Lisa, it does feel personal to all of us. How many hundreds of thousands of family members have waited for someone at the end of a race? I'm still sad.

  3. People all over the world are running for Boston. It is great to see the running community unite in these sad times. Prayers to all.

  4. I agree. I never think twice about having my baby meet me at a finish line. The whole thing is just tragic.

  5. It's hit us all too close to home.

  6. Love the shirt! Keep running! We are doing a run here tonight to raise some funds. Glad to see the community coming together to help.

  7. i love the shirt too and your idea of the angel wings! glad you were able to get out for a run.