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April 23, 2013

To Run With the Cows or Not to Run with the Cows that is the Question?

If you've been following my blog for awhile then you know I'm kind of a sucker for "gimmicks" at races.  Have a cute mascot or medal and I'm sold. 

So.......when I was at the Rock the Parkway expo and I saw the Running with the Cows medal in person I sooooo wanted to run the race.  I had considered it last year and also had been considering for this year, but it is the weekend after the Indy Half Marathon.  I did back to back weekend halfs last year and survived, so I would probably be fine.  I also have another half on June 1 which would be just 2 weeks later.  I just don't know.....So I've made a pros and cons list. 

This is this year's logo.  The medal is very similar cow with running shoes I love it!

1.  Super Cute Medal and Shirt
2.  Half marathons are always fun
3.  It's local.
4.  Small race but growing.  People seem to really love it.


1.  It's 7 days after the Indy Half.
2.  I'm waiting late to sign up so registration is at its highest cost.
3.  I don't know anyone who's doing it.

What do you think?  Should I do it or not?  What would you do??? 


  1. How can you resist the lure of a cow medal??

  2. I would see how you feel after Indy, and if you are just after the medal- (which is really cool!), do it! I always pay late registration- better than paying for early registration and losing it all because you change your mind or something else comes up.

  3. Here's a gimmick for you ... I'm sponsoring a "Sleep With Jim" fun-run. I basically chase you around the bedroom for a while, and then, well you know... We're married so it's cool ... are you in?

  4. I love funky races. Go for it. I don't like paying more either but I don't mind racing alone. I did a race on a race track that was fun. This summer I am doing one that involves a chairlift. Register!

  5. I love the cow!

    I think that if you've already waited this long and you're getting the highest price registration anyway, you may as well wait until after your other half and see how you feel.

    Question for Jim - (after reading his comment) - is he offering a medal? Oh wait, I don't want to know. Don't answer that :-0

  6. I think you really want to. So I would go with your heart's choice.

  7. I love that cow!!! If it wasn't 10 hours away from me, I would totally sign up. I would wait and see how you feel after Indy before you sign up. I did a couple have half marathons back to back to back and injuried my hip last year.

  8. Joining the bandwagon and going with wait to see how you feel. If you're up for it, I'd say definitely especially for the medal. Just think of the higher registration as a pay off. It's local so no travel costs.

  9. No doubts at all, run the race but take it easy.
    I am sure you will make the right decision.
    Good luck.

  10. Do it! Do it! Do it! Wait, your plane is coming to pick me up right??

  11. I am all about medals! It used to be cool race shirts, but now I am after the race bling! Do it!!!