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April 02, 2013

Introducing the Newest Member of the Family!

No, we didn't get a new puppy or adopt a baby.............................please meet my new tri bike!

Pretty Sweet Huh??
She is so young, she doesn't even have a name yet.  For some reason I keep wanting to call her Betty...but that just doesn't sound very fast now does it?  My Spanish name is High School was Belita...which is Spanish for Betty....maybe I'll go with that.  It's just the BMC that keeps making me want to name her something with a B.  What do you think??  Name suggestions??? I'll take them!

 This is the BMC Time Machine TM02.  I just love it!  The colors are so awesome.

Close-up of the colors:  White, Black, Lime Green, Yellow and Blue
When I first started triathlon I had no idea if I would do one triathlon or many, so I didn't want to invest too much money in a bike.  I bought a very introductory level bike, and it has served me well for the last few years.  That first year I ended up doing 3 triathlons and fell in love with the sport.  This year I have already signed up for 4 and will probably do 5 or 6.  I know I'm into triathlon for good, so it was time to upgrade.

I went to Elite Cycle in Overland Park, KS to get a Retul Bike Fit, which basically means they hooked me up to a bunch of electrodes and took video of me riding.  It helps them to 1) find the right type of bike that would fit me without too many adjustments, and 2) fit the bike to you.  I learned during my bike fit that my old fit didn't fit me at all.  I have fairly long legs, but a short torso.  Most people are more balanced and as their leg length grows so does their torso.  So I needed a frame known as a Medium/Short - it has a taller seat, but a shorter reach.  My old bike was balanced, so the reach was really too far for me.  I had always felt this way, but never really knew why.

When I first went in for my bike fit I had no plans in buying a tri bike.  I wanted another road bike.  But with conversations with Jeff at Elite about what I wanted....he strongly encouraged me to consider the tri bike.  And in the end that's the decision I made.

I haven't actually gotten a chance to ride it yet, and I know I will love it over time, but I have to admit that right now I'm a little afraid!  For one it's much taller than my old bike and I can literally barely get my leg over the center bar.  I'm so afraid I'm going to have some falls this summer trying to get used to that.  But I know it's to be expected.  Second, I'm just a little afraid of the aero bar position.  I know you don't have as much stability with a tri bike as you do with a road bike.  I ended up upgrading the wheels though and they are supposed to provide a more stable ride.  We shall see.

All I keep telling myself is this bike is supposed to give me "free speed"!!  I sure do hope so.  I suppose it's natural to super excited and apprehensive about a new bike at the same time.  I've ridden my other bike for over 3 years, and it just feels comfortable.  I know it, I know how it gears, steers and brakes, etc.  This one will be a learning curve for sure!  But I'm excited to get out there on it. 

Has anyone else ever been nervous about getting a new bike?  Am I crazy?


  1. Just the thought of getting on a regular bike freaks me out, so you're not alone! :)

    Congrats on your new addition. She's beautiful!

  2. Wow! These pics really show how nice it is! You even have the carbon bottle holder! Love it. It'll take time but you'll get use to it and then it'll be your new favorite bike!

    Do you want to give the bike a girl's name or a guy's name? Hmmm, you'll have to pick a good one!

  3. I purchased my first tri bike this year and LOVE IT!!! Free speed is right on, along with FRESH legs!

    I went from averaging 15.4 to just last night 17.2! Plus, instead of running a 12min/mile after I hope off the bike, I'm now running 10:30 or sometimes under 10min/mile.

    You are going to LOVE this bike! It takes some getting use to, but totally worth it!

  4. Nice!! It's funny as much as I LOVE my bike I could never seem to name it, nothing seemed fitting. :-) Happy Riding!

  5. The bike's very pretty but I kinda wished you'd gotten a puppy. They make for better photos every single time.

  6. I know exactly what you mean by being afraid of the new bike!! When I started triathlons, I had never even been on a road bike and literally death gripped the handle bars so much I could not reach down for my water bottle. Haha

    In my second year, I added aerobars to my road bike and with some time to adjust (I won't lie and say it was a quick adjustment), I found that it all of a sudden felt odd to be in any position BUT aero. You'll be perfectly fine!! Just enjoy the ride and the free speed (which your wallet would like to take up with you!).

    As far as the name, I call my GPS Gertrude. Sometimes the non-speedy names make you the surprise in the race! Who worries about someone named Betty?! They will once they get passed by her.


  7. she's so pretty! I haven't made the jump towards any road bikes because I fear I won't end up enjoying triathlons. Enjoy! Hopefully you have nicer weather than here ( light dusting of snow still!) so you can take her for a spin!

  8. I can't wait to hear how you like it! I am planning on getting a tri bike this spring but I'm really scared.

  9. I would be very nervous about a tri bike. Right now I'm nervous about clipping in again since it has been awhile and since my ankle problems. But still so glad I got my new road bike last year. Very exciting to hear about your tri bike and will love hearing about how well you do with it!

  10. Awesome!!!

    My first road bike was Boris - like me he was slow and like Russians, I like vodka.. My current bike is Gary the Green Avanti.... Not incredibly 'fast' names I guess, just popped into my head!

  11. It is absolutely beautiful! I am so excited for you. :)

  12. Wow. She is BEAUTIFUL! I have had my bike for around two years and I adore it, but it still doesn't have a name. I just haven't heard the right one yet.

    Congrats on the new family member!

  13. Love the bike and I like the name Belita! But the way I say it sounds like you are starting the Harlem Shake! LOL

  14. I love your new bike!! BMC makes a great bike!! Congrats on the new addition to the family