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May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day & AWESOME Giveaway Winner!!!

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day, but I also hope everyone takes time to remember all of those who have lost their lives fighting for our Country.

Congratulations to Rachelle at Running for Trevor she was the winner of my AWESOME Giveaway!!  I hope you enjoy your prize pack!  E-mail  me your contact information at
In order to capture everyone's correct number of entries, I dumped everyone's comments into Excel, then added any entries as necessary, and then used 

Rachelle was lucky # 87!  Thanks to everyone for entering.  I had so much fun reading all of your AWESOME comments! 


  1. Hope you have a good weekend! Also hope it's not as hot as Hades where you are! What happened to 80 degree temps? We went straight to 90.

  2. Darn....well congrats to the winner. :) Hope your long weekend was great.

  3. YAyyyy!! I am beyond excited that I won. Thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing week!

  4. hope you had a wonderful memorial day weekend!

  5. Congrats Rachelle! Bummer for the rest of us! Thanks for hosting.