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May 16, 2011

AWESOME Week of Training

Last week was my first official week of training for the Hyvee Triathlon on Sept 4.  I still can’t believe I even signed up for this triathlon!  I am doing the Olympic distance and it will be my first tri at this distance.  It’s no Ironman, but in case you aren’t familiar with “distances” for Triathlons the Olympic distance is a 1.5K Swim (1500 Meters), a 40K Bike (just under 25 miles) and a 10K run (6.2 miles).  The distances aren’t too incredible, but this race is very intimidating.  It is a very large and well known race.  And this year they are having the 5150 US Championships as well (51.5K = 5150).  It’s a new race series from the people who started the Ironman and 70.3 triathlons.  The triathlon even airs on the local channels in the KC area.

Check out this video (it’s pretty short).  See those people jumping of the podium into the lake?  Man I hope I don’t have to do that!  I think this video is just of the elite athletes….I think they have a separate course… I hope so.  That’s just looks scary!

Anyway, I finally feel over my illness.  It took me almost 3 weeks to fully recover.  Last week I felt back to normal and was able to complete my planned training week exactly as prescribed on my training plan.

Run = 13.2 miles
Swim = 1150 Meters + Master’s Swim (not sure exactly how much I completed but it was at least 1100 Meters, but not the planned 3500 for the class)
Bike = 141 minutes (I have no idea how many miles because it was indoor on my trainer and my Garmin doesn’t work properly……very frustrating, but I’m guess around 35 miles or so)
BRICK Workout – 1 (45 min bike and 15 min run – included in #s above)

I want to start working in strength training, core work, and some yoga again, but last week I just wanted to focus on getting into the swing of multi sport training again.  Since I was training for my half marathon, I had been pretty focused on running and not the other two sports.  I really felt great last week, and none of the workouts were a struggle, which made me very happy!


So – GARMIN!!  Does anyone else have the Garmin Cadence Sensor that works with the Garmin 305?  I purchased and installed it last November.  It worked correctly for about 2 weeks and hasn’t worked since.  It reads my cadence just fine, and it reads my speed, but it is not accurate.  I can have a cadence of 110 and my speed will be 2.4 mph.  Hence, my mileage is not correct either because it thinks I am going so slow.  For instance, when I finished my 96 minute bike workout Sunday, my total miles showed 3.4 – it should have been closer to about 25 miles.  This is very disheartening.  I have found several other people online who have had this problem, but no solutions.  I even changed the battery last week and tried resetting everything again…..same problem.  If you have had this problem and know how to fix it I would be forever indebted to you.

Anyway, I had an AWESOME week of training!!  And speaking of AWESOME…..have you entered my Giveaway yet?  If not, please check it out here.


  1. Nice training

    I have the cadence sensor, and had the exact same issue, as well as other friends. I have even emailed Garmin, replaced the battery, re installed the sensor on the bike, nothing worked, sorry. I dunno how to fix it, I wish I did, that little thing is a $50 piece of junk

  2. Awesome job on the training! I have to start focusing on some tri training too, I've been sticking with the running cause it's what I'm best at :D I suppose I'll start swimming soon with lifeguarding starting up, but the bike scares me :(

  3. Nice solid week, doesn't it feel great to get back into multisport training? I love taking the winter to focus on just running, because getting back to tri-ing feels so awesome!
    Sorry I can't help with the cadence sensor. :(

  4. Awesome week!!! Glad you found your groove and you are going to ROCK your olympic distance tri in September!!!

  5. I think I might try a Olympic distance tri this year. You're my open water inspiration :) Seriously :)

    96 minutes on the bike is a great workout. I normally just take my Garmin and set it as if I'm running. I'm clueless sometimes.

  6. I just added you to my blogroll. I've been meaning to do that for awhile now. I'm glad you are feeling better!!!

  7. I was totally intimidated by the oly I did last year and infact intimidated by the one I'm doing this year...even though I've also got a HIM to look froward too.

    Great week!

    For all things Garmin I would go to Ray has done reviews of I'm pretty sure every Garmin and he always seems to have all the answers. If you don't see any info on your problem send him an email, he has always helped me out with questions. And if you don't already follow him he has some really great stuff on his blogs including giveaways!

  8. Glad you're feeling better!

    The Garmin thing sounds like a classic setup issue with the alignment. If so, it will be an easy fix with some minor adjustments. The advice to contact Ray (dcrainmaker) is good. He's very helpful and gets these kinds of questions often. He probably has a larger knowledge-base to work from than the Garmin team.

  9. great week! i had trouble with my sensor at first but finally got it working. wish i could tell you how i got it working. i just kept taking it off and on and adjusting the position. hope you get it working, i find it MADDENING to not know my distance on the trainer.

  10. Great workout. You go Tri girl. If you are doing the Hyvee Tri you are coming to Des Moines, IA . I only live 28 miles from Des Moines. We might have to have a plan to meet up.

  11. Unfortunately I know too much about Garmin's these days. I would check the positioning of the magnet on the rear wheeel and the definition of the wheel circumference first. Since you are reading cadence properly, the units are pairing properly. They will tell you to unconfigure the speed/cadence and reconfigure it. Let me know how you make out.

  12. I would find any tri intimidating. Good for you!

  13. And this is why I love your blog - you make me want to "tri"! Seriously, I think doing a sprint tri will be on my before 40 list (next year). Awesome week on training! Glad you are feeling better.

  14. I am a long-time follower, first-time commenter :) Just wanted to say great job on your training week!

    We have a Cat Eye computer on our bike, and every once in awhile it will randomly do a complete re-set and lose all data, so I feel your pain!

  15. wee! good luck on training for a new distance. seriously - tri athletes scare me.. ya'll are amazing LOL. i guess it's mostly cause swimming scares me to death. i would be up for duathlon. but no tri for me.. i'd drawn.

  16. Nice job nailing the training! I'm doing my first Oly around the same time as you, so I look forward to following your training.

    I have the sensor, and haven't had problems with it. Have you tried calling garmin's customer support line?

  17. What a GREAT week!! I'm excited to follow you!