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May 04, 2011

89 is the new 100

89 Followers.  I have been stuck at 89 for quite some time close to that magical 100.  As promised I will have an AWESOME giveaway when I reach 100. So go tell your brother, your sister, your father, your mother - whoever to come follow my blog :)

I'm still feeling under the weather.  Apparently running a half marathon in the freezing cold rain and wind is not just what the doctor ordered.  I can't seem to get rid of the congestion and cough...sigh.  I took 3 full days off from workouts this week just trying to recover from the half marathon and my cold.  I am slowly improving, but it is SLOW.

I plan to run 3 miles on Thursday.  Hopefully that will go well.  I have a 5K on Saturday for Corporate Challenge.  Do you guys have Corporate Challenge?  It's a huge event in Kansas City where lots of different companies compete against each other in a multitude of activities like track and field, triathlon, darts, weight lifting, name it.  I hope I am feeling up to it by Saturday.

Lastly I leave you with pics of my sweet Jack dog. 

Jack wasn't happy to find out "Jack Jr" was snuggling with him during his nap

Man I'm thirsty, just have to get this cap off

Just chillin' with my water bottle

What?  No more water.  I'm outta here!


  1. Agh! I'm so sorry are still sick Maichael--booo! The OKC sounded horrible--not helpful with the sickies.

    Does, Jack have any siblings---My hubs so wants a chocolate lab and he is the most handsome one I have ever seen!! Coop and he are on the same page with chewing the cap off!

  2. I just followed you, though I've been reading your blog for a while! I keep track of the blogs I like with my blog roll now, so sometimes I forget to become an official follower.

    Brings you to 90!

  3. I LOVE Jack
    I want a Jack to go with my Maggie

    I am so sorry you are still sick
    I went for 3 miles yesterday and 3.5 today,aouch...heavy legs, tomorrow I will try again.

    I bet you will be fine Saturday!
    lot's of liquid!!
    ACV in water, that helps

  4. awww feel better! Get some rest, make that hubs wait on you hand and foot :)

  5. Jack is rad.

    That OKC half looked gnarly.

    Man, I thought Madi was 16. What's the deal with you guys looking sooooo young for your age? Must be the water in KC.

    No Corporate Challenge in S.D. Hmmmmh, my money is on Sprint winning this year's event in K.C.

  6. I was stuck at like 80-something forever and then I had a surge to get me to 100 and then I got even more so now I'm at like 112. Woot! I've never done a giveaway. Sad :(

  7. hope you are 100% soon!!!! i just love jack, give him a hug for me and rhett!

  8. Ha! I guess I am boring; I have only 15 followers!

  9. Chip loves a water bottle too! :) Hope you feel better soon!

  10. LOVE those pictures of Jack. Hey you are at 91 now!

  11. We have a corporate challenge too

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

  12. Hope you get to feeling better. Maybe you should go to the doctor, you don't need to get pneumonia. Love you

  13. Feel better soon.

    Love jack.

    I think we have the same sofa.

  14. What dog doesn't love a water bottle? You're up to 91 now - keep climbing. (I'm stuck at a whopping 23!)

  15. 89 bottles of Jacks water bottles on the wall....
    HAHA! That's a great number, I want you to get to 100 too, I wanna know what that giveaway is going to be!?

    Did you like the Dove? I bought another bottle but this one is a different scent or something like that. Takes the chlorine smell off of me and I guess that's what matters :)

    Good luck on that 5K! You'll kick some corporate butt.

  16. You're getting to 100. Go follow my friend at Living a little life

    She needs followers - very new bloggers and I bet she will follow you. Tell her you came on my recommendation. You could tell her about Jim's blog too!

    I'm glad you got a chuckle out of my helmet story.

  17. Cute puppy!

    Another new follower here. ;o)

  18. I'm sorry you're still sick! Chest colds are the worst! Believe me, I had 3 this year and the only thing that helped me get better was to completely rest! Take it easy, relax, and feel better soon!

  19. Just came from your hubby's blog! Looking forward to following both of you finally....