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February 15, 2011

Misadventures in Shopping

I know by the title I've probably lost most, if not all of my male bloggers.  And I have to be honest, this post is mostly about shopping, but it is kind of funny and eventually has a message.  But, if you decide to read this just remember you were forewarned. 

I was in Chicago last week on business and my hotel was conveniently located just 2 blocks away from “The Magnificent Mile” on N. Michigan Ave.  For those of you who have been to Chicago, you know that N. Michigan is the shopping mecca.  I was making the rounds at Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s, and Bebe, etc. (wow those all start with B) - window shopping of course, since all of those stores are a little out of my price range.  And then I spot H&M – a very trendy yet inexpensive store.  I could do some real shopping here.  It is 3 stories of AWESOMENESS.

H&M Chicago

My cute new $5 top
 So I meander through the store picking out a few cute new items for Spring.  Don't worry honey, my per diem paid for most of it :)  As I’m heading to the cash register with my purchases I spot the CLEARANCE rack.  Well, I better take a look before I leave, right?  So I thumb through the previous season items, but nothing too spectacular.  Then, I see this really cute black ruffled top.  It's high waisted, totally in style, my size and it’s only $5.  That’s right, only $5, this is a bargain I can’t pass up.  No need to try it on.  For that price if it doesn’t fit I’ll give it to a friend.  Someone will love it.

Sunday night after I get home I start unpacking my suitcase and find the H&M bag.  I had already forgotten about my last minute purchase.  Well I better try it on and see how it fits.  I try to fit it over my head and can’t.  Hmmm…the liner must be twisted or something.  I try again - nope still can't get it over my head.  Well maybe that’s why it was $5, it must be sized wrong or something.  I fiddle with the buttons to see if that will help and finally discover it’s not a top at all – it’s a FREAKING romper!  Dummy me has been trying to put a pair of shorts on my head.  I’m cracking up laughing at myself.  How did I not notice this before?

Are those shorts? 

Now, maybe if I was much younger, or Lady Gaga or Beyonce I could get away with a sexy, short, black romper.  But I am not…I am a 36 year old woman who is not stick thin.  But I still have to try it on anyway -of course.  I look ridiculous – I am cracking up at myself again.  I walk in the living room to get the hubby’s response.  He just stares at me.  I know he is processing….don’t tell her she looks stupid…..she probably thinks she looks great….don’t say anything dumb.  I let him off the hook pretty easily by laughing again to which he comments “Uh, what is that you have on there honey?”  I tell him the story and we both get a good laugh.  Good thing it only cost me $5.

Lady Gaga in a slightly shorter romper

Anyway, I tell this story because it’s funny, and because I think in a random way it relates to racing and training.  Maybe on a whim you signed up for a 10K, half marathon, or marathon, but you didn’t prepare like you should have (i.e. trying the item on before you bought it) and your end result was disappointment, injury, or maybe you just couldn’t finish the race.  A lot of times we want the medal at the end of the race (or that great bargain) but we aren’t willing to do our homework.  We don’t want to spend endless hours training (or standing in long lines at the dressing room), we just “hope” it will work out in the end, but unfortunately it doesn’t usually turn out that way.  Hope your shopping and training ventures turn out better than mine!

“Focus on the journey and not the destination.  Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”. – Greg Anderson


  1. That is a great story! I can't believe rompers are making their way back into fashion. Thanks Lady Gaga! NOT!

  2. That was too funny! A romper, huh? Ya...I think those days are over for me, too.

  3. Hilarious. I have yet to make it to H&M but my friends rave about it. I MUST GO SOON!

  4. I happen to find your blog after your shopping post...

  5. Ha! That's funny :)

    I would try to make it into a top :)) Good analogy too!

  6. Yeah, as soon as I heard the word shopping I skipped down to here. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

    My 16 year old daughter LOVES H & M. Urban Outfitters is #1, but H & M is not far behind.