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December 02, 2012

Dec 5K A Day Rules (and there's still time)

Have you heard about my December 5K a Day Challenge?  I had originally said if I had 10 people sign up, I would make it an official contest.....but I changed my mind.  I had 9 inspiring ladies agree to join me on this crazy challenge, so I decided that was enough to make it totally official. 

It kicks off Monday, December 3rd - so you still have time to sign up, and even if you don't start on Monday there will still be ways to join in.  So here's who's in and a few rules.

Who's in so far?
  1. Run or walk at least a 5K (3.1 miles) each day beginning Monday, December 3rd through Monday, December 31.  It can be on a treadmill or outside it doesn't matter, but it has to be a run or a walk.  No biking a 5K cause that's just not worth any one's time...and no swimming a 5K cause that would just be crazy.  You can run more than 3.1 miles, but you must run at least 3.1 for it to count for this challenge.
  2. I had someone ask if the 3.1 miles had to be at one time.  While I would encourage you to run 3.1 in one run, technically the rules say 3.1 miles per day.  So it's up to you how you reach those 3.1. 
  3. The Challenge will be broken into 4 weeks:  December 3rd-December 9th; December 10th-December 16th; December 17th-December 23rd; and December 24th-December 31 (the final week is 8 days).
  4. Log your miles on the handy dandy Google Doc attached here:  Tracking Spreadsheet.  You can track daily or weekly, but mileage for the previous week must be logged by the following Monday.  For example, Week 1 will be due on 12/10.  Just click the link above and enter your information.  There is no "save" button, just enter your information and then close the window.  It will save.  If it doesn't work, please contact me and I can log your data for you.  Please make sure you are on your own name and do not delete or change someone else's data.
  5. I have already included the your name and blog name for those of you who are already signed up.  You will notice by my sample mileage that each time you put in a distance of 3.1 or greater, the block will turn light green, and if your weekly mileage is above 21.7 the block will turn dark green.
  6. Each Tuesday I'll post results for the previous week and let you know who streaked the previous week!  Anyone who had 7 consecutive days of running at least 3.1 miles per day will be entered into a drawing for that week for a small prize (not sure what it will be yet - sorry).
  7. At the end of the Challenge ONE Winner will be announced.  Everyone who ran at least 3.1 miles for 28 days straight will be entered and a winner will be chosen at random.  If no one completes the challenge, the person with the highest number of total days of running during the challenge period will be named the winner.  If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen at random. 
  8. So what can you win?  The winner will receive bragging rights of course, and a $25 gift card from Amazon!
  9. The Challenge is open to anyone.  You do not have to be a blogger to enter.
  10. BE HONEST.  Remember this is just a fun and friendly competition.  
What happens if I miss a day or want to get started after the deadline?
  • If you miss a day or don't get started on day 1, don't may still have a chance to win.  As you can see in the rules above, anytime you have a 7 day consecutive running streak (according to the weekly challenge periods) you can still be entered for a chance to win a small prize for that week.  And if no one is able to complete the challenge, your number of days may still be the most and you could still win!!
So, it's not too late!  You still have time to sign up for the challenge.  If you aren't already on the list leave me a comment below and I'll get you added to the tracking spreadsheet. 

And don't forget my Chica Bands Giveaway.  You get 2 bonus entries if you are doing the 5K a Day Challenge!! 

Good Luck EVERYONE!  We Can Do This!


  1. Good luck to all the ladies taking part.

  2. Alright. I'm in. My friend Kim has me already streaking thru December, so what's a couple extra miles (every day) among friends? :)

  3. Wow! You are so organized with this!! It will be fun. :)

    Thanks for hosting the challenge. I will be sure to put a link on my blog to it.

  4. This would go hand in hand for all those doing the Runners World streak!

  5. I'm not in for it this year, but I think you should definitely run it as an annual thing!

  6. Hi! I would like to try! I am Bobbi's friend Kim that she is referencing :) My blog is

  7. Yay I am totally in. :) This is such a great idea Michael and I am excited to participate. Let me know if you need anything else from me to join.

    You inspired me to quit being lazy and finally update my blog today.

  8. good luck !!!
    I am not doing this because I still have a half marathon and I know I will not run the day before it for sure

  9. Tempted but know I won't have the time some days. Have fun with it.

  10. Thank you for setting up this challenge Michael! It definitely helped me get my rear off the couch this evening and get on the treadmill :)

  11. This first week, my running will be a little sporadic. A race this weekend messed me up. I will get on track tomorrow.