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December 29, 2012

2012 Racing Recap in Pictures

5Ks - 4
10Ks - 1
Half Marathons - 9
Marathons - 1
Trail Races – 1 (5K)
Other Races – 1 (10 Miler); 1 44 Mile Relay

Olympic – 1
Half Ironman – 1
Other – 1 (400 meter swim, 13 mile bike, 7.75 mile run)

Total Number of Events:  21
Total Dollars Spent:  Don’t want to think about it
Total Number of Races with family – 2 (1st marathon with Jim; Half Marathon with Sister Wendee)
Favorite Race:  Walt Disneyworld Marathon
Firsts:  Marathon, Olympic Distance Triathlon, Half Ironman, 2 races in 1 day 10K am and 5K pm, first relay race
Number of races without medals:  6
Number of Medals Received: 16

Favorite Medals (set):

Walt Disney World Marathon, Walt Disneyland Half Marathon, Coast to Coast medal
Double Sided Medals:

Above:  Marshall Half Marathon; Below:  Flying Pig Half Marathon
Most Functional Medal:

Blues N Brews 10 Miler (bottle opener medal)
Holiday Themed Medals:

Santa Hustle Half Marathon & Halloween Hustle 10K
Hardest Earned Medal:

Ironman Racine 70.3

Biggest Medal:

Little Rock Half Marathon - spinner medal
Other Medals:

Above:  Prairie Fire HM, Rock the Parkway HM, Northface Endurance Challenge HM
Below:  Kansas City Triathlon 5150, Hospital Hill HM, MLB All Star Game 5K


  1. Holy smack! You did a LOT of races! I didn't realize you did half of those flying pig. I can imagine you are pretty proud of that marathon accomplishment- with good reason!

    The RnR races always have such flashy medals. I need to get in on one this year, maybe the RnR portland half.

    What a great year for you! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. What a great collection of medals to reflect an obviously awesome year for you!

    You guys must have the same "problem" we do: 2 runners in the family equals 2 sets of medals, t-shirts, etc. I can't complain about that problem :)

    Happy New Year!!

  3. I'm so jealous! There are only a couple of events in Australia that you get medals at.... Is there a site which lists all the runs etc in the US (or state by state?) I'm visiting next year and would love to do a run or two while I'm there!

  4. Wowzer! You did a lot of long races. Half marathons, ten milers, marathons, half ironmen! 20 races is a lot regardless but throw in the ones you did and Wowzer!

    I am jealous of the Halloween medal. I like the idea of blogging all of them for the year. Maybe I'll copy you.

  5. Wow, you have had a busy, busy year. You've definitely earned all that bling!

  6. That is quite the one-year collection! How's 2013 looking? Gonna' top 2012?

  7. Wow! Those are some nice medals! Mine all look pretty boring in comparison :) Looks like 2012 was a pretty awesome year for you!

  8. Wow!! Congrats on all your races!! I really liked how you did your year end report! That is a really good idea!! Best of luck in 2013! Hopefully we will get to meet up again!!


  9. Look at all that 2012 bling!!! I'm super jealous! You had a awesome year!!

    Hope you have a great 2013!!

  10. Yay! Look at all that hardware! The double sided ones are so neat! :)