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November 01, 2011

Random Thoughts and Stuff

Jim asked me the other day “Do you still blog?”…..yes, I do, but not often any more.  I’m lucky to get out one blog a week…..and reading blogs has almost completely gone by the wayside.  I seriously don’t know how people find the time.  Between a full time job, training, and just life it seems like there is not enough time in the day.  I really enjoy both reading and writing blogs, so it’s a shame I don’t have more time to dedicate to it.

Anyway, since I haven’t blogged in awhile I have lots of updates.  I was going to do a Halloween Hustle 5K Race Recap, but just decided to make it part of this update.

  • First – a huge shout out to Coy Martinez of First in Philly who completed the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday and totally rocked it out!!  She has been battling IT band pain for months but fought thru it for a strong finish!!  You ROCK!

  • Halloween Hustle 5K……I dressed up like “Running on Empty” – yes it was my own creative idea.  I thought it was pretty self explanatory and cool and running themed.  I was dressed like a runner…to the extreme, with an empty fuel gauge around my neck.  However, apparently most people did not get it.  I think they had no idea what I was supposed to be.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Last year I was Flo from the Progressive commercials…..people seemed to totally get that one.  Anyway, the race was long 3.4 miles vs. 3.1 so while my overall pace was technically a PR for me; my official race time was one of my slowest on record.  That is frustrating.  And I had been waiting all fall for a 5K race since my times had been improving so much…..but due to an injury I wasn't able to give much (read next bullet below) – I still finished in an 11:11 pace, but I know I’ve got at least a 10:45 if not 10:30ish pace in me…..again maybe next time.
Pre-race Dance

  • Injuries – I am still in physical therapy for my shoulder injury from August.  Surgery is still a good possibility.  I am still hopeful it won’t come to that, but I haven’t been able to swim in two months now.  It sucks.  New/Old injuries – as I’ve mentioned before I injured my back pretty badly about 5 years ago – so now I have periodic back pain and issues.  Unfortunately since I started marathon training it’s been more consistent.  I’ve had back pain for about the last 7 weeks on and off.  For most of it I was able to push through it.  The last two weeks I’ve not been so lucky and the “back” pain has really moved into my hips, especially my left hip.  The pain has been pretty bad.  I took off running for 3 days last week, and then did the Halloween 5K on Saturday…it was pretty painful.  I was supposed to do my long run on Sunday and couldn’t.  It was only a 9 mile run since it was a recovery week, but I still hated to miss a long run.  But there was no way I could get through it.  I tried, but only squeaked out .42 miles before calling it quits.  I did however, bike for an hour and a half instead.  That doesn’t cause me any pain.  I rested on Monday, and tried to run again this morning.  I did manage to make it through 2 miles.  I have an ART (Active Release Therapy) appointment on Thursday.  I’m hoping that will provide some relief.  I have a 17 mile training run on Saturday that I just can’t afford to miss at this point in my marathon training.

  • I won two Blog Giveaways – literally like two or three weeks ago.  I planned to give each its own blog recap…but alas I must give up the dream.  Thanks to Christina at the Athletarian for the Tommie Copper Calf Sleeves – they are totally AWESOME!  Thanks also to Caroline at Canadian Runner in Exile for an assortment of goodies including a book, some running fuel, and a cute headband.  My gift pack was TERRIFIC!
Love these things!

Jack "modeling" with my gear!

  • Today was my first Weight Watchers weigh in.  I lost 3.4 pounds!  I was happy about that, although I still think since it was week 1 it could have been higher, but in the end it was a loss, and I am trying not to go to the extreme on my weight loss to make sure I have enough energy and fuel to train.  Luckily for me last week was a recovery week, and I didn’t end up running much due to injury so I didn’t have any issues with not getting enough fuel.

  • I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award from Big Daddy Diesel…..that post is still to come.  I promise.

  • Let me know if you are following my blog, and I’m not following yours.  I used to be excellent at keeping track of new followers, but since I haven’t done a very good job of even logging on to my blog lately, I haven’t done a great job of that either.  Seriously, I would love to follow you….so let me know!

I think that will do it for one blog.  Sorry for the long list of random stuff!


  1. i like your running on empty costume, very cute! glad you won those calf sleeves, they are amazing. I wear mine constantly. I love love that pre-race dance, you guys are too cute.

  2. I feel so behind if I skip reading blogs for a few days. I am not offended if people don't read or comment because I know I do it all the time.

    I swear, I wanted to be Flo this Halloween! I love that outfit!

  3. Wow Michael! I'm so sorry that your shoulder is still bothering you. And now your back?!! How frustrating! I'll be praying for a complete (and speedy) full recovery from both injuries.

    Congrats on your weight loss success! Yay!

  4. I just got back to blogging and running. I understand how hard it is to fit everything in your day. I love to read other blogs for inspiration. Maybe, I inspire a few people when they read mine! I loved your Halloween Costume.

  5. I personally love your costume! Very creative. And yay for blog giveaway winning! it's funny how sometimes you can get on streak like that.

  6. When I started blogging I would post almost everyday. Now I'm lucky to post 1-2 a week. I try read all the blogs I follow, but life gets busy. We all do our best.

  7. You're right about blogging. I almost want to reach my Boston goal so I can stop worrying about the blog as much as anything else (well, not really...but it is like having another job sometimes).

    I think 3.4 pounds is great. You REALLY don't want to go too fast with it or it will affect your training. You're doing great! And that 5K PR will come, too.

  8. It IS hard to blog! I think that just about every day... but I do go ahead and skip reading blogs if I feel like it. It's no big deal to just hit "Mark as Read" ... and then they're gone! Instant stress reliever! haha

  9. I hear ya!! I haven't had time to blog regularly in about a month. I TRY to read blogs and sometimes respond. I love your costume. Congrats on weight watchers. (I am a leader)

  10. I post just 1-2 times a week, people who do it everyday amaze me, I dunno how they do it

    Congrats on the weight loss

    I totally knew what your costume was, I thought it was brilliant

  11. Great job on your races!

    Love the costume!

    Sorry about your back pain. I hope the ART helps. It has always helped me keep my back pain at bay.

    Congrats on the blog winnings!

    FYI, I am stinking it up as a blogger too. I just don't have much to blog about right now since I am not training for anything!

    Have a great week and I hope you are able to run long!

  12. Blogging is cyclical and its so hard to be 'on' all the time. Do what you can, we understand.
    Love both of those costumes--excellent!

  13. I'm a new follower. I'm much better at reading blogs (since I do it at work when I need a break) than I am at keeping up with my own blog. But I try.

  14. LOVE that costume, it's awesome!!

    And 2 blog giveaway wins?? I hope you played the lottery those weeks too ;)

    Congrats on the weight loss - very cool!!!

  15. I enjoy both your blog and your husband's blog.

    I always wonder about those people who are able to blog every day with pictures and links and intricate details DO YOU HAVE A JOB?

    I am getting back into my reading and may try to blog at least once a week. I love reading about other people's issues and the writing is very therapeutic.

  16. Great update! I absolutely love your cotumes and holy cow you pulled off "Flow" perfectly. Major congrats on the weight loss. That is HUGE!! Especially the week of Halloween. Wow I am very very proud of you.

  17. haha i LOVE your costume and think it is super creative! sounds like you ran such a good race at the frustrates me when courses are off but you pushed hard and still dominated! good work! hope that your shoulder continues to heal and does not need surgery! thinking of you! oh! and congrats on the weight loss!!! thats awesome!

  18. I know what you mean. It is so hard to keep up with blogging and reading blogs right now. I'm hoping this winter will free me up alittle more to do both. Congrats on your weight loss.

  19. Haha..I was going to say what the other Jennifer said. It's easier to read blogs, because I can do it at work on breaks, etc. Much harder to blog. I do not know how some people do it once or even twice a day. I, personally, loved your costume!

  20. I know I've told you before but it bears repeating: your pre-race dance pictures are the coolest thing ever. Ever.

  21. Hey!! Thanks for the SHOUT OUT!! I was sooo happy that you were there to greet me at the end with a big ol' smiley face! It was just what the exhausted dr. ordered :)

    Did people really give you the stink eye over your costume?? How could they not get it?? Haters. Lets egg their houses.

    If I were rich I would buy you a massage therapist, a back doctor and someone to fan you when you got warm. That's what friends are for. ;)

  22. Welcome back! Good luck with the injuries, I hope your 17 goes well!

  23. Dang, you make an awesome Flo! I also really like your costume from this year, but for some reason it reminded me of Flavor Flav (please don't be offended, I'm very ADHD and my mind goes weird places, so large thing around the neck=Flavor Flav). Nice job on the weight loss!

  24. I love the costume, awesome. That is a lot of injuries to be dealing with, ugh I hope you get to healing up, at least you can bike though. Great job with the weight loss.

  25. I like this whole post....Jack is the cutest. Great update and great costumes. lol

  26. Great costume and congrats on the weight loss.

    Sorry to hear about the injuries and hopefully they will clear up soon.

    Is Jim just being Jim for Halloween? Who takes the pictures or do you set it and forget it like Ronco?

  27. my husband and I were at the Halloween Hustle, and we LOVED your running on empty costume ... we got it :)

    But ... I'll have to tell you, Jack is quite cute, but my Kirby is THE cutest dog in the world :)

  28. lol on Flo the Progressive Insurance girl, your costume is dead on!

  29. LOL the progressive costume is awesome! spittin' image!

    well you already know i'm struggling to find time to blog but i am still reading too. it is hard sometimes! real-life comes first.