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July 11, 2013

The Top Ten Reasons I Run

People ask me all the time - why do you run - why would anyone do that?  These are my top 10 reasons!

#10......I love knowing that, not only did I get up before most people I know, but I did more before 6 am than most people will do all day.  There's a great sense of accomplishment in that!

#9......I get to dance!  You know the pre-race dance and running totally go together.

#8......Most days, at some point on my run, I get to enjoy the sunrise.  That's always amazing!

#7.....Race Day (especially the ones we get to travel to)!  Race day is the reward for the many miles you put in through the week, but it couldn't happen without those runs in between.  Of course I enjoy the medals too!

#6......Because on occasion, this woman, but child at  heart gets to dress up!  Love it!

#5......Because I enjoy pain.  Who doesn't want to wake up every morning to a new pain.  If it hasn't hurt on me at some point, I'm sure today will be the day.

#4......Because I always wanted to suck really bad at something.  All my life I've been pretty awesome and everything I have touched has turned to gold (lol - totally kidding), but I can't seem to figure running out...I try and try, but I'm still slow...that's ok.  I still love it!
#3......Sharing good times with family and friends!  I love sharing this hobby with my husband Jim, but I have also met some wonderful people through running (and triathlon).  

#2......It's good for the mind, body, and soul.  Truly!  I love watching my body and heart getting stronger - that's awesome!  But so many days it truly helps clear the mind and take away the stress.  

And # 1 is................To survive the Zombie Apocalypse!  Come on, you know it's coming eventually...and when it does I'll be able to outrun those slow suckers (unless they are World War Z fast - then I'm in trouble)!

So what about YOU?  Why do YOU Run???


  1. Mostly #2, with a healthy dose of escapism mixed in for good measure. It is great to get outdoors, do something that escapes the day-to-day, and provides distance (no running pun intended!) from niggles and issues :-)


  3. Initially I started running to take my daughter up on the challenge to run a half marathon with her. I thought she was insane but I decided to go for it. After running a couple more I have then become REALLY addicted to races. I figure there could be worse things in life then spending money on races, so I continue to sign up and run them. Meeting people along the way in this journey has really inspired me as well. Then there's all the side benefits of time alone to think about passed on loved ones while out there running. There's definitely the health benefits of just FEELING so good after a run. I love the endorphin rush. It just is hard for me to wonder why people don't run??

  4. Mostly sanity. But then people who don't get it hear how much I run and doubt my sanity regardless. It's pretty much win/lose.

  5. I love this. I think I really got hooked running when I was totally freaking out about running 5 miles (I think it was 5) and then I got to look back and think - OMG! I did it. And that's happened about all the distances I've tackled. I love that feeling of 'I Can Do This'.

    And I totally agree with Char - I run for my sanity, yet then people question my sanity. How does that work?

  6. 9 is totally great and so individual to YOU! I totally agree with 7. Love the race. Love the medals. Love the excitement. 4 would be me and swimming. Not that I'm great at running but I really suck at swimming and somehow still like it. And 2 is totally true. What I am wondering is why did I start triing????

  7. HAHAHAHA! The pics at the end are awesome!

  8. Great list! :) Running is literally in my blood. I think growing up with a running addicted dad has something to do with it. It makes me feel awesome!

  9. Love this!! I run for many of the same reasons you listed. Let's just say, I and everyone around me knows when I haven't run.

    I'm much better when I run :)

  10. Mostly for reason 2 but number 8 and 10 are also reasons for me.

    Running is the only sport that I'm still doing after 4 years. Everything else I gave up sooner or later but with ups and downs since I put on my shoes on March 30 2009, I still put them on today.

  11. LOL #4. It's so nice of you to willingly hold back and not be awesome at everything! ;) You have a great sense of humor.

  12. Stop. You don't suck at it! But I agree with all 10!