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July 25, 2013

So I Guess I'm Gonna Tri on Saturday

Well, after what seems like an epically long ordeal with my wrist, I have finally be "cleared" by the Dr. to resume normal activities.  I had a follow-up CT Scan on Monday and Dr. visit on Wednesday.  She told me my wrist bone is 80% healed.  While still not 100%, she said it's healed enough at this point that normal activities will not impact the healing process.  She sees no reason why it won't heal 100%, nor any reason I can't bike again and do a triathlon on Saturday.

I registered for this race in February because it usually sells out the day it opens.  It was my very first triathlon.  It's an all women's short sprint race.  It's only a 500 meter swim, 10 mile bike and 5K run, so I'm not concerned with the distance at all.  It won't be a great race for me, but I know I can get through it with no problem.  My main concern is that I have ridden my bike outside 3 times since last fall, and one of those times was my wreck.  So, I'm really nervous about just getting out there again.  While it's a great basic event, it's also considered a beginner's event and usually for over 50% of women's it's their first triathlon.  Inexperienced bikers are a little scary.  I shouldn't be nervous at all...I've done a freaking 70.3, but just with this wreck in my head I know I'm just worried about wrecking again.  But I keep telling myself - it's a closed course, it's a short event, it's beginner friendly.  And I know that more than anything I just need to get out there again and remember why I started doing triathlon in the first place - to have fun!  I need a good positive experience on the bike to rebuild my confidence.

So, on Saturday I'll be doing my first triathlon of 2013 (should have been at least my 3rd).  And just for fun, later that night I'll also be doing another 5K.  That should be interesting.

So wish me luck!  I'm gonna need lots of good vibes to get over those nerves!

Me finishing my first triathlon....looking exhausted, but smiling :)


  1. I can definitely see how something like that could get in your head.

    I am positive that you will do awesome. Have fun and good luck!

  2. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Good luck!

  3. You'll do great! You have lots of experience! I thought I was nuts because I am doing a tri and then a 5K the NEXT DAY but there you are both in one day!

  4. Good luck! Stay away from the newbies and ride a straight line and I'm sure you'll be fine.

  5. That's good news! I think the distance is just right for you to get back into things and also get back your confidence. You will do great. Good vibes coming over the Atlantic to you!

  6. WHOO HOO!! GO MIchael!!! Cant wait to hear all about it!

  7. Let's see if this works, Mom. This seems to be the only I can send a comment

  8. Sounds like it is time to get back on the bike. I still haven't run on the trail I fell and hurt my rib on, so I know the feeling.

    Give the newbs a little extra room and realize they may veer left when you say "on your left" and you'll be fine. Have fun!