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December 23, 2011

2011….A Mostly Great Year!

Although 2011 has brought with it quite a few injuries, I also managed to achieve quite a few accomplishments.  Here's my year in review:

Completed 19 organized events:
*   3 - Half Marathons - Oklahoma City (coldest half marathon EVER), MO' Cowbell (PR), and            Kansas City (another PR)
Me & Madi after OKC....FREEZING!!!!  Sick as a dog here!
Me & Coy after MO' Cowbell....Moooooo!
After the KC Half....Got Milk?

*    1 - 15K - Cerner 15K (first 15K so it was a PR).  During the race I PR'd in the 5K, 10K and 15K points!!  How cool!
Me & Jim after the Cerner 15K

Finish line of my first and fastest 15K

*         2 - 10Ks - Hospital Hill, The Northface Endurance Challenge (PR)

Hospital Hill 10K "Robot" pose
Northface Endurance Challenge - It was super HOT!
*          1 - 4 mile run - Westport 4 Miler
Luck of the Irish!
*          4 - 5Ks - Groundhog Run, Diva Dash, Corporate Challenge, Halloween Hustle
Me & Jim.  Our first underground race.  I was sick as a dog here too.
Before the Diva Dash.  Super excited.
Before the Corporate Challenge 5K.  Look how green everything was.....I miss that!
Pre-race Dance prior to the Halloween Hustle!
*    3 - Sprint Distance Triathlons - Topeka Tinman, WIN for KC Women's Tri (PR from previous year), Jackson County (huge PR from previous year)
Me & my friend Michelle with our race results at Topeka Tinman.  Our first Tri of the season.
Me & Michelle after WIN Tri......after a long rain delay, the day turned out gorgeous.
A group of friends before the Jackson Co Tri.  Future Racine 70.3 training team.
*    2 - Bike Tours - Tour De Lakes, Sunflowers to Roses

*    3 - Virtual Races - Cupcake Half Marathon (Jason @ Cook, Train, Eat, Race), the Jelly         Bean 10K (Run With Jess) , and the I Just Felt Like Running Virtual 5K (Jeff at Detroit Runner)

Trained for my first Olympic Distance Tri (sadly didn’t finish it)
Sad face at packet pick-up for my should have been race

Trained for my first marathon (will complete on Jan 8)

Completed my first ever 50 mile bike ride
The "after" pic....we made it 50 miles!!  It was the hottest day ever - around 100 degrees.

Got to be part of my stepdaughters first race ever (10K) and first half marathon and my stepsons first 5K
Madi & Jim at the Ground Hog 10K
Me & Gage being silly at the Halloween Hustle
All of us the night before OKC Half Marathon.  Who knew it would rain buckets on race day.

Got to meet and run with Coy Martinez of First in Philly

Me & Coy at Mo' Cowbell
Learned how to use Clipless Pedals

It might have taken me a couple of tries to get the hang of it.

Set new 8 PRs over the course of the year (I think)

Ran my fastest mile ever in training

Ran a 10:14 mile....not fast for you, but fast for me!

Became a Blogger

So glad I started blogging and got to know all of you!!

Got to watch my husband cross the finish line of the Boston marathon and back to back marathons
Jim almost to the finish line at Boston.  What an awesome experience.
Jim right after finishing the KC marathon - his first marathon in two days.

Jim, Me, Madi and Nate right after the Des Moines Marathon.  That makes #2
Ran, biked and swam a lot of miles.  I didn’t really start tracking this really well until about about March or so.  Bummer I don’t have exact mileage to share, but I know it was my highest mileage year to date.

I look forward to an EVEN BETTER 2012!!


  1. What an AWESOME year you had SUPERSTAR!!! You are one of my biggest inspirations and I am soooo proud of you. I know next year will be great for you too.

    P.S. Please take the mask off of my dog.

  2. That look like a gret year! Here's to a fantastic and injury free 2012!!!

  3. Oh holy moly. That's a ton of good moments. Isn't it crazy to see all those times pile up!!? All those races?! You did really well, if you can put PR in front of anything during the year you're doing pretty fine! I can't wait to see you again so we can run the PIG!

  4. Wow--really it would have been easier to list the races you didn't do last year! ; )

    Congrats on finishing out in fine fashion. I'm sure you laid a foundation for a fabulous 2012!

  5. You have had a great year! I've enjoyed watching you improve so much and hope that 2012 is a little more injury free for you. Who knows what amazing feets will come your way if you stay healthy!

  6. I didn't count, but you raced a LOT! NIce work, Michael. What a great year for you. I love the 15k finish shot :)

  7. What a great year! I truly love following your blog and tracking your progress. As another runner who thinks 10:14 is "fast", you are a motivation to me.

  8. Loved the recap you truly had an amazing year. So awesome that you participate and train for events besides running. That takes so much dedication and I am incredibly inspired by your will power!

    Cheers to 2012!!

  9. What a fantastic year! Congrats on so many accomplishments. I'm glad you blog, too, it's been fun following you and your races and training and all the fun.

    Happy 2012!!

  10. Wow! What an INcredible year! I can't wait to see next year.

  11. WHAT a great year, Michael! I'm jealous :)

  12. You must be so happy & proud to recap such a great year! Sending good vibes to you on January 8th! Disney was my first marathon :)

  13. You had a great year Micheal! And you will start 2012 with a marathon!! ahhh!!!!!
    Cheers to you!
    Merry Christmas

  14. You have had a good and busy year.
    I am going to follow in your footsteps next year and learn to use clipless pedals too.

  15. You've had a huge year. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and Jim.

  16. You had an awesome year!! Can't wait to hear all about your first marathon next month!

  17. WOW! That's quite a year! Way to go, Michael, I'm so impressed! And just think, next year your list will include your first marathon!

  18. Merry Christmas and to a great 2011 and a better 2012

  19. Wow! I LOVE this post. What a great year-end review. Like looking at your own personal yearbook. What a lot of accomplishments. Great pics. Looks like a very happy year.

  20. What an awesome year! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!!!

  21. That 15K finish photo is amazing! And what a year! With so many good moments hopefully those injuries will fade away from your mind just like they will fade away from your body. Here's to another great year for you in 2012!

  22. You had a great year indeed! So many races, and 8 PRs is insane! I love that pic at the end of all of you!

    I appreciate the comment you left to me, my hope is that in addition to encouraging other bloggers that I get to run some races too in 2012.