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September 18, 2011

I Love Gimmicky Races

I love a race that has a gimmick.  Halloween races where you get to wear costumes, the Diva Races that have cupcakes and tiaras, etc.  Call me silly, I can't help myself.  So when I came across the MO' Cowbell Half Marathon in St. Louis I was immediately interested.......just because it has cowbell in the name and I love the SNL cowbell skit and I love to hear a cowbell at a race.  What a fun race idea.  Check out the medal and logo.

This is an inaugural race and looks like it only has a about 1000 runners, but they are going to try to set a record for the most cowbells.  I just love it.  It is about 4 hours from our house, so I immediately sent the link to Jim to say let's do this race.  He crushed my dreams by telling me a half marathon just wouldn't cut it for the training he needs right now :(   I'm bummed.  I want to do this race.  It's in 2 weeks, and I wouldn't be quite ready for it yet.....but I would be close enough.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Sounds like fun though huh?

In other news, I completed my first 10 mile run in a very long time.  It went GREAT.  I averaged exactly a 12 minute mile which was 10 seconds per mile faster than my 8 miler last week.  It was a cool fall day in the mid 50s.  It also rained about the last 3 miles, which made those last few miles pretty darn cold.  

Jim and I are doing our first 15K race next weekend.  It should be fun.  We finish in the new Live Strong soccer stadium.  I guess the stadium finishes are the new "it" thing in racing.....yet another gimmick!  Love it!

Off to see the KC Royals today in their last Sunday home game of the season.  We are taking our grandson Ryder to see his first baseball game.  He is so really he could care less.  I guess it's the adults that are more excited.  

Hope everyone has had a terrific weekend!

Do you guys like gimmicky races?  If so what's been your favorite and why?


  1. I'll meet you for Mo' Cowbell next year!! That sounds awesome! I'm into those kinda races too! Beats the heck out of a vanilla / white paint kinda start that means nothing. My dream race that I missed last year was the Abraham Lincoln Half where your medal is a penny. Darn it! Maybe this coming April!

  2. I love the Mo' Cowbell idea for a race! You have to do it next year.

    Great job on increasing your pace that much for your ten miler - that's awesome!

  3. That's hilarious!! I haven't seen any gimmicky races around my area, but I would totally be a sucker for them!

  4. I totally love gimmicky races. That looks awesome!

    There's a race in...colorado I think? Where you get a gorilla suit for signing up, and are encouraged to wear it.

  5. I like races that have good swag and a fun theme... :)

    Rose is right we do have a race here that involves gorilla costumes...I can not imagine running in one!

  6. Great 10 mile run. It's so good that you can continue to train despite the shoulder injury.

  7. great that you can still run even with are you coming to run the Hollywood half with me? come on....! I called Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds and they are in!!! :)

  8. I do like gimmicky races. There is going to be a Santa Clause one here in December and I can't wait. Even my son got excited when he saw it.

  9. My latest gimmicky races are mud runs, like Warrior Dash or Hell Run, something that I do not take seriously and just go and do for the fun of it. They are a blast, I highly recommend the family do one together

  10. That sounds like a very fun race! And yes I like gimicky races!

    Great job on your run!

  11. The SNL cowbell skit is the best EVER! :) Wish I could run that race.

    Awesome job on the run!

  12. It would be pushing it for me to run it in 2 weeks. I just ran a half 2 weeks ago and am trying to PR at the Jazz in New Orleans in 6 weeks.

    But - I would love to run with you next year. I love the Gimmicky races - especially good looking medals.

    Maybe you could put together a whole group of Blog followers.

  13. Hey, I found your blog through Coy. I too am running the MO Cowbell on Sunday. I only live 30 min. away in IL though. I am excited about getting a cowbell and the medal looks awesome. I cannot wait. Good Luck!