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September 20, 2011

Here We Go Again!!!

Well if you have been following my husband Jim’s blog for awhile then you know that periodically he likes to embellish or totally make up stories about conversations we have around the house, and then I of course have to respond and set the record straight.  So here we go again…..The Story of the MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon……the CORRECT and actual ACCURATE version of the story.  Even his dates are wrong….come on now honey!!

Me & Jim
If you would like to read Jim’s “version” of the story….you can read it here.

Last Friday, I happen to come across the most awesome half marathon of all time.  The MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon in St. Charles, MO (near St Louis).  I mean the medal is a cowbell and they are trying to set a record for the most cowbells, and then of course there is the SNL skit that goes along with the race theme.  Brilliant!!  Maybe you already ready my last post about it.   Anyway, here’s the story.

So, again, last Friday, I happen to find this race and I sent Jim the following e-mail……to which he did not respond all day.

On Friday night, we have the following conversation:

Me:  Hey did you get that e-mail I sent you?

Jim:  Oh probably, but I never pay any attention whatsoever to anything you ever send me or say to me.  Why what was it?

Me:  Oh, just quite possibly the most AWESOME Half Marathon of all time – the MO’ Cowbell HM.  They have an awesome logo so I bet the t-shirt is pretty cool and it just looks like so much fun, and it’s only 4 hours away.  It’s in 3 weeks, what do you think?

Jim:  Michael, I’m not sure what you don’t understand about my Back to Back marathons.  That would be my last weekend to get in two long runs….and a half marathon just won’t cut it.  I mean, you know I am the most amazing athlete of all time right?  Have I mentioned to you that I’m running back to back marathons???  Do you know how many people have done that in the history of mankind….two – me and Dean Karnazes.  We’ll have to do your silly half marathon some other time.  My training schedule is way too important to be interrupted with some trifle half marathon.

Me:  Oh, ok sweetie.  I understand you need to train.  Maybe next year.  Maybe I could just sit and stare at some rocks or something that weekend.

Flash forward to Sunday.  I post my blog about how I’d love to do the race, and how Jim “crushed” my dreams….yes it’s there on Sunday….that he said NOOOOOO!!!  I have written internet proof that his interpretation of this is entirely false.

Sunday afternoon, Coy Martinez of First in Philly leaves me a comment about how it sounds like fun, and maybe she would do it with me next year.  (If you don’t read Coy’s blog you seriously should.  She has the funniest blog on the web…I promise. It’s a daily dose of humor.)  Anyway, I just responded back with a well if you wanted to do it this year, I would totally be in.  I won’t bother you with the barrage  of details from all the  back and forth e-mails, but at the end of the day she decides to do it.  Wahooo!!  I get to do my half marathon, meet Coy and have a girls weekend!!  Perfect ending!

Flash forward again to Sunday night.

Me:  Hey honey, guess what??!!  Coy is going to do the MO Cowbell Half Marathon with me!  Isn’t that cool?

Jim:  Yeah, it will be fun to meet her. 

Me:  Huh??  You said you didn’t want to do it. 

Jim:  Um well, that’s before I saw your blog post about it and found out Coy was going to be there.  After all there is only one other person in the blog world who can rival my humor….so I have to meet her, so I’m thinking about doing it.

Me:  Hmmm……..


Me:  Hey, I just got an e-mail from Coy – she’s registered for the race.  I can’t wait to go run it and meet her.

Jim: Yes, I think I will go too.

Me:  Wouldn’t you rather stay home and run?  I mean I don’t want you not to get in those long runs and crash and burn during those back to backs…….Dean K. would be so disappointed in you.

Jim:  But I want to go.

Me:  Too late!  You missed your chance.  You already said no.  Now it’s a girls weekend and that’s all there is to it!  Sorry man.

Jim:   OK sweetie, you girls go and have fun!

The morale of this story.  MICHAEL is always right.  If she says something is going to be AWESOME than it is.  Jump on the bandwagon early, or the bandwagon leaves you....sitting in the dust...crying...wishing you could have MO' Cowbell PLEASE!

One other thing to note, I DO NOT commonly use the word casual conversation.  Come on now honey, at least try to make it realistic.


  1. when will he ever learn? OF COURSE you are always going to know which races are the coolest... sigh... :)

  2. hahah sucks for Jim! He shouldn't have left you in the dust! have a great time with Coy!

  3. Great post :) I'm "new" to your blog, and look forward to more.. Too funny!

  4. Can you and Jim just start recording conversations and posting them? They seem to sound quite priceless! haha

    I'm so glad you get to run the race and it's a huge bonus to get a girls weekend and blogger meet up out of it as well. ...not to mention proving to the hubs that you really are right. =P

    Enjoy the race!!

  5. I got sucked in by Jims story again!!!

    So if I wear a skort, can I run with the girls?

  6. LOL! Men...they just never learn ;)

    Have a great time!

  7. ha ha love it! That half sounds awesome and I am so glad you are doing it without him! Have so much fun. :)

  8. HA! you guys are quite the comedy act.

    I wish I could say that the word penis is not an oft used word in my family, but's an everyday kind of word around these parts. Nuts.

  9. I love these conversations. Tell Jim he is way too much like Mr. Zippy in the "listening" department!

    Girls weekends rock!

  10. Ha two totally crack me up!

  11. Tell Jim we'll bring him back something awesome, like a picture of our medal that only we'll have!! Mooohahahahaha!!!

  12. Ha haha hahaha! I read Jim;s version before and just couldn't leave a comment. I'm too ladylike to write stuff like - What a crock of sh#@! Your version, on the other hand, is much more believable.

  13. I can't imagine how incredibly dangerous it could be to have a spouse who blogs also. I would have to be much more careful about what I said. I gotta have more cowbell!

  14. You two make me DIE. Can you have like a weekly post featuring a funny conversation? They are really becoming essential for my entertainment!

  15. Ha! I saw his post yesterday, it does sound like a fun race! : )

  16. I love the posts. It is the old "Men are from Mars" issue - 2 people have the exact same experience/conversation and remember things completely differently.

    I will have to start following Coy if she is funnier than you are.I can't imagine another blog funnier than the last few that you have written.

    Sure wish that I could join the girls weekend - but just can't this year. Think you might do a repeat next year?

  17. there's the truth...

    you guys need a sitcom..
    a blogcom?? something like that...

    Jim and Bill my husband suffer from the same illness...sadly I was told that there is no cure for it yet...

  18. I LOVE reading these stories from your and Jim's points of view. Hilarious! It reminds me of me and my hubby :)

    Sounds like a very fun race! I wish they had something like that out here.

  19. Loved this post! So cute. Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog. You'll do great at Racine 70.3.

  20. Hey there, found you through my friend Meaghan @ Miles, Miles, and more Miles....

    OMG, you had me at the Pinoccho picture!

  21. Rose from Eat Drink and be Meiri told me about your blog--I'm running the MO' Cowbell too!! I am not quite as ready as I hoped so it'll be more of a run/walk, but when I heard COWBELL I couldn't resist. Maybe I'll see you there!

  22. You guys seriously crack me up!! I would totally have done the More Cowbell race with you - maybe next year?