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April 17, 2011

Jack Dog’s Guest Blog - The Boston Edition

Hello Bloggers, my name is Jackson B. (Brown) Weatherly, but I’m better known as just “Jack”.  I’m a super chocolatey and incredibly handsome 5 year old Chocolate Lab.  My Mom is super busy in Boston right now, so when she asked me if I could do a guest blog to help her out – well how could I say no.  Then she told me I had to write about fitness and training and stuff……hmmm……I will do my best.

If you follow my Mom’s blog you know she posts a lot of pictures of me being pretty lazy. 

I have to admit, I do like to nap, but on occasion I do like to get my exercise in.  Like my Mom, I consider myself a multi-sport athlete.  I enjoy long walks, occasional jogging, playing Frisbee and my favorite activity – swimming!  My Mom does not share my love of swimming.  Of course if I had to put on those silly goggles and swim cap – I wouldn’t enjoy swimming either.  Swimming just comes natural to us Labs.  Mom should stop trying so hard to work on her freestyle stroke and just focus on the doggy paddle.  It’s much easier.

Great form

Swimming with my Buddy Kai

Just chillin' by the pool

I haven't taken up cycling yet, but I'm thinking about it someday.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I just think it would be really hard.  I mean I am a dog afterall.  What do you think - do you think I could cycle?

Trying out his look in a helmet

Well, I've got lots of more interesting stuff to do.  So I better go guys.

Good Luck to my Dad on Monday!  Did you know he's running the Boston Marathon.  He's a pretty good runner, he's no Jack Weatherly, but he's not so bad.  Oh yeah, and Good Luck to everyone else running Boston too.  You guys are awesome!  Ruff!!


  1. hahah awww sooo cute. Jack is adorable :)

  2. Jack and my bad dog Bogie would have a great time playing!

  3. Go Jack Go. You rule. Great job filling in for Mom.

  4. So glad to hear bicycle chasing isn't among Jack's favorite fitness activities.

  5. I don't think my dog would know what to do with a pool. Thanks for the update, Jack.

  6. Michael, this freaking rocks! I love the idea of bogging through Jack and yes, Jack, you are VERY handsome!

    Might have to copy you with credit and have Coopy do one!

  7. HAHAHA I love this!!! Though turn your helmet around, dont want to be made fun of on the course in a backwards helmet.

  8. Too cute. Hope you can work on these swim tips and good luck to jack's upcoming cycling career.