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April 24, 2011

Doin' the Jelly Bean....a long run.....and WORKING

First, Happy Easter everyone!

Unfortunately, today I spent a good portion of my day at work.  Not fun.  Here is how I looked at work (my best super annoyed poses).  I am VERY Busy at work right now, and having 4 days off to go to Boston didn't exactly help things.  We had way too much going on Saturday, so I headed in to work this afternoon.  As you can imagine, it was super quiet, so I got alot done (including taking pics of myself).

I look gooooood in these pics huh?  Nice hair and make-up or lack thereof.

My "In" box.......UGH!
Saturday was my last long run before the Oklahoma City half marathon next Sunday.  I got up bright and early (5am) and headed out for an 11 miler.  Jim joined me for my first 7 miles.  It was nice to have someone to run with.  He humors me on occasion and runs with me, even though I know it's like moving in slow motion for him.  I felt really strong for the first 7 miles, miles 7-9 were still pretty good, and by miles 9-11 I was really getting tired.  I know I can complete 13.1 next weekend, but I think there will definitely be some walking those last few miles.  I really wish I was going into this race feeling a little more prepared, but with an injury early in the training schedule and only 7 weeks of training this is the best I can do.  I'm still hoping to finish around 2 hours and 45 minutes, which would shave 5 minutes of my PR, but I'm not sure if it's possible or not.  We shall see.  YES, I know that is a really SLOW time - have you noticed my blog title....I'm SLOW!!

As part of my long run, I also incorporated the Jelly Bean 10K hosted by Jess at Run with Jess.  I completed my 6.2 miles in 1:18:18.  Jack and I snapped a couple of race photos.  Jack really gets into blogging with me.  Thanks to Jess for hosting such a fun race!!  I just loved the Jelly Bean theme.  To get in the spirit, and to aid in recovery I purchased some Sport Beans.  That's me holding some sport beans in my hand in the first photo (below).

Tip of the Day:  Do not put Sport Beans in the little pouch on the back of your running pants!!  I went to take them out at about mile 7 and they were melted.....from my sweat......that's right....I had a handful of Sport Beans full of BUTT SWEAT......YUM!!  Wow, I just used the term butt sweat on my blog :)  Who wants some sweaty jelly butt beans?

Pre-race with Sport Beans still intact...Jack - "Mom I'll take some of those"

Seriously Mom.....a Bunny Mask......Seriously

Is he sticking his tongue out at me?

Ok Mom, one good one for all my fans!


  1. You have a very agreeable dog.

  2. Did u eat the butt sweat beans??????

  3. LOL!!!!Sweaty sport beans!!! I love the non sweaty ones. :) You did better then me..I just ate real jelly beans of course I only did the 10k not 11 miles.

    Love the photos of Jack and can't wait for the race report next week! I'm betting you get a PR!

  4. Great job getting in your last long run before the 1/2! My husband, Chris, humored me with a run tonight as well. (he's way faster than me) But I told him, he needs to keep running with me at least 1x every 2 weeks. A family that runs together, stays together ;)

  5. Ha ha..I have totally done that before with my sport beans...lesson learned! :)

    You are going to do great in your half! Coming off of an injury is tough, and you have been doing great with your training! Whatever comes of your race, just remember that you are of a small percentage of people that can actually run a 1/2 marathon and that is awesome!!

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  7. Great job on the run! Face pace or slow pace... You're getting it done.. Butt sweat and all! Love the pooch pics! You're both too cute!

  8. sweaty jelly butt beans...there's a term i won't be able to get out of my head for a while. ha! ( :

    i know you'll do awesome on your half next week!!

  9. OMG, how cute is that pic of you and Jack in the bunny masks?!? Love it!
    Good luck next weekend!

  10. Great job on the Jelly Bean 10k! haha I put Clif Shot blocks through the wash once! Oops! Probably similar to the jelly butt beans!

  11. That is too funny about the sport beans. Thanks for telling me though because I probably would do that!

    Hey you should email me so we can meet up in OKC!

  12. I've done that with the beans too. Even worse, I've put cherry beans in a pocket of a tri top -- a white pocket -- and then had to eat salty beans from a permanently stained shirt! I told everyone I was bleeding so at least I would look tough and cool.

  13. Love the bunny glasses.

    And thanks for the tip on sweat bum sports beans. I haven't done that, but it's exactly the kind of thing I would do!

  14. LOL!!! Butt Sweat Jelly Beans, now I have read it all on the blogshpere

    Nice run

    And I had a nice giggle at the doggy pictures

  15. Don't worry over your time! The main thing is that you're doing it. I've had many walking miles myself! I probably will have one this weekend too! :)

    I think the Easter masks are awesome!

    I was laughing so hard when you put the sports beans in your pants! I once put some Tylenol in my runners pouch with a friends Blackberry and you dont even wanna know how that turned out! The look on her face was priceless!

  16. Good luck at your OKC half!! woo-hoo!

    Okay, you know I love the pics of you and Jack!! What a good sport!

    Maybe the sportbeans turned into a GU?? :) ha!!

  17. love
    the photos!!!!!!

  18. you are doing your half same day as me!
    here's to a good May 1st! bringing us speedy legs!!! This will be my 2nd and I am hoping to get a better time but also to have a better race, last time I hit the wall at mile 11 and it was hard.
    So taper this week right?
    I dont like taper week

  19. Hmmm... perhaps a new flavor for Jelly Belly.

    Butt Sweat.

    Uh, maybe not.

    Well done on the run, though. You'll do well on Sunday, no doubt.

  20. That's quite the inbox you have. Best wishes to you on catching up.

    Instead of bemoaning the melted Sport Beans, turn lemons into lemonade... Now you have a sport drink with sodium. Or maybe it's more like Gu.

  21. Loved all the bean butt sweat talk. um..yum? I probably would have still eaten them.

    I'm doing my very first official half marathon next Sunday, too! Hooray for all us halfers next weekend!!

  22. OK, Jack and Bailey (Mandy's dog) might have to have a 'really, this is how you want me to look' photo contest now.

    BUTT SWEAT Jelly Beans....YUM!!!! or YUCK!!!! Depends on how far you have run that day.