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January 16, 2014

I Just Need 1 More and It's DRIVING me crazy!

OK, this is kind of pathetic, but I'm going to put it out there anyway and ask you, beg you to help me.  If you scroll down a bit, you'll see "Join this Site" and I have 199 Members.  199!!!  It's been stuck at 199 forever and it's driving me nuts...that odd number, that you are almost at 200 number but not quite.  I know "members" don't matter and people follow me through a million different ways but seriously...I just want that number to change.  I can't stand it.  So do me a favor, and if you haven't hit the "Join this site" button, just do it :)

I'm begging for members....oh man that's getting pretty low. But, hey while I'm at it, don't forget to join my FB page too.  I'm at 88 members there, so I'll just be begging for that one soon too.

In real blogging news it's been a great workout week so far! I'm sore all over, so I know I'm doing something right.  It's not been quite as hard to get back into a routine as I thought, though the workouts are kind of exhausting!  Work has been CRAZY busy, but working out is such a great stress outlet.  It's hard to fit it all in, but I'm getting it done....woot!

Hope your week is going great!  Get out there and get in some miles :)


  1. I'm one of the 199 so can't help. :( Things like that drive me crazy as well. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. LOL, I am so releifed to know I am not the only blogger that notices that cause I am at 99 and have been for months!!! Wish I could go all Democrat on ya and register twice to get you there! (Ohhhh, did I just go there????) LOL

  3. Its me! I did it! Even though I've been following your blog, apparently I never clicked to follow through google. Yahoo! Now if only I could get my numbers up as well.

    1. YEAH!! Thanks so much! It's the little things in life!

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  5. Oh I hear you...though my blog follower # is lower than that. I still check it every day, just in case it went up. :)

  6. yay you got over the 199 hump, I am already a follower so I would be no help, but I will check with the Facebook thing :)