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January 13, 2014

Finally Tri-ing Again! & 2014 Race Schedule

Wow, it has been months, literally since I resembled anything close to a triathlete.  After breaking my wrist last May I was forced to “only” run since I wasn’t able/allowed to bike or swim.  Once I was finally released in late July I did swim and bike a bit, but never really got back into a routine.  And when I really started ramping up my running for my marathon, I pretty much just focused on running.  This past week I finally got my butt in gear and started moving toward the realm of triathlete again.

I was in DC for work 3 days last week, so it was difficult to get in all the workouts I would have liked, but honestly it was a great start and I’m happy with it.  I could beat myself up over missing a few planned workouts, or I could celebrate the fact that it is the first time since LABOR DAY that I’ve swam, biked and ran in a single week…..I choose to celebrate.

Workouts for last week:
Mon – Core Work (about 15 minutes)
Tues – Bike (Trainer Ride – Intervals - 50 minutes)
Wed – Run (3.6 Mile “Hill” workout on the treadmill)
Thurs – Off
Friday – Run (3 Miles on the treadmill)
Saturday – Bike (Trainer Ride/Spin Class – 1:30)
Sunday – Run (8 Miles – OUTSIDE-YEAH!!) & 700 Yard Swim

I have to tell you it is hard getting back into a routine, but swimming was the hardest!  My last swim was on Labor Day, and boy did it show.  Within the first 75 yards my arms were burning.  By the time I had finished my arms were on fire, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to lift my arms today.  Never, ever again will I take that kind of time off of swimming…ugh…seriously bad idea.

This week I will hit the pool at least twice and slowly work my way back to three times a week.  I’d like to be doing 1000 yard workouts at least, but I think I’m going to have to settle for 500 to 750 for a week or two until my arms get used to it again. 
On another note, the weight loss is still totally stalled out.  I am so frustrated with myself, and just things that seem to get in the way.  Traveling is hard, but I felt like I did “ok” while I was gone…even opting for a pretty gross salad in DC while EVERYONE else was enjoying fried chicken and doughnuts, but then I come home and weekend plans just meant eating out more than I would like…and so now I sit here, 13 days into the New Year at the same weight L  Oh well, it’s time to focus again on the week ahead!

Here is my  “Tentative” 2014 Race Schedule
  • March 2 – Little Rock Half Marathon (Little Rock, AR)
  • April 6 – Brew 2 Brew Relay (Kansas City, MO)
  • April 12 – Rock the Parkway Half Marathon (Kansas City, MO)
  • April 26 – Garmin Half Marathon (Olathe, KS – PR attempt)
  • May 10 – Running with the Cows Half Marathon (Bucyrus, KS)
  • May 18 – Kansas City Triathlon – Sprint (Kansas City, MO)
  • June 15 – Boulder 70.3 (Boulder, CO)
  • Oct 11 – Harford Half Marathon (Harford, CT)
  • Oct 12 – United Healthcare Newport Half Marathon (Newport, RI)
  • Nov 1 – Indianapolis Marathon (Indianapolis, IN)
The summer is pretty blank right now, so I know we’ll be adding on J

I’m super excited about visiting New England this year!  What fun races do you have on the calendar in 2014?



  1. I can't believe how many races you have in the books! I need to get on that!

  2. What is that picture - like a hundred years old?

  3. This looks like a fantastic schedule :) And I'm sure the weight loss will pick up. Just give it time!

  4. It's so demoralising to lose all that hard won fitness after a break. I know you'll get it back quickly but in the meanwhile I hope you don't have to paint ceilings or wash walls or do anything that requires you to lift your arms above your head.

  5. Two halves in NE! I wish one was in Vermont. Those both look like good ones though.

  6. See you at Rock the Parkway. (I'll be the guy at the back.)

  7. I have the Newport 1/2 on my schedule too. It is a nice race and a beautiful course!

  8. I really really really want to do the Rhode Island one!! But my first marathon is the next weekend. SO, maybe in 2015

  9. Way to go! Glad you're back into it! Looks like a fun race schedule.

  10. Wow! Looks like a busy schedule! And Boulder 70.3....I've heard that is a TOUGH one! I know you'll get back to where you want to be. Sometimes life overwhelms and derails, but that's ok...that's LIFE! I know you'll have some amazing experiences in 2014 & get your Tri mojo back! Brick it up!

  11. I keep finding out about more people I'll be cheering on in that 70.3 in Boulder....:^) Looks like a great year!

  12. Nice schedule! I will also be running the Newport half. It will be my second year. It is a beautiful course and great place to visit.

  13. YaY! For getting back at it. I need to start planning my calendar out more instead of "ohhhh shiny!"