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May 20, 2013

The RAVE Run Kansas City - In Pictures!

I did the Rave Run in Kansas City on Friday night.  I could write a detailed post, but this is one best shared with pictures.  If you follow me, then you know I live for this stuff :)

My outfit...Of course I HAD to go all out!!

My friends aren't nearly as in to this as me...clearly lol

These ladies were in the spirit

Turn off the lights and I (my nails) glow!

Raving Lunatic??? Maybe....


  1. Check you out!!!! Love the ripped tights.

  2. Oh my gosh. LOVE your outfit! Please tell me there was a costume contest?!

  3. Love the outfit. I too love to dress up for race like that.

  4. Love the wig! Maybe I should go pink sometime :)

  5. Hysterical! Glad you found a race to suit you so well.

  6. I am speechless, which isnt an easy thing, your outfit is awesome

  7. Love it! You look great. What a fun outfit and fun event.