It's a very slow process - two steps forward, one step back - but I'm inching in the right direction. - Rob Reiner

March 25, 2013

Melt It Off Monday - The Introductory Version

Thanks for all the comments on my last post.  I know that many people share the same struggles as me.

I truly want to be someone who eats healthy all the time.  I know the effects of processed foods and sugar go far beyond just wanting to look better.  I have been through many periods in my life where I have cut out processed foods, but I seem to be in a bad period right now.  At least I do eat healthy too.  That goes a long way, but I've got to cut out the junk and lose some weight.

Sure, I know I will never be some miraculous weight loss story. I don't have 100 or even 50 pounds to lose.  But, I know that right now I'm not happy with where I am.  I also know that I often complain about being slow and weight plays a role in that.  I could gain some "free" speed just by dropping a few pounds.

So I'm laying it out here again.  I'm ready to do this thing.  I need the accountability.  I know a couple of you mentioned Diet Bet.  I have actually tried that - twice - and even though I lost weight during it, neither time did I meet the goal (which is not very loft 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks).  For me the accountability still wasn't there.  I was doing it with a bunch of random strangers who didn't know me.  They could care less if I lost the weight, and as a matter of fact might prefer that I didn't so they could win some money.  I might consider it again if I created a closed game where I could open it up to only those I knew so I had the accountability.  That might work.

But here it is.  I have decided not to share my weight.  I'm just not comfortable going there.  If  when I am successful, maybe I'll consider sharing my ending weight.  But for now, I will tell you how much weight I want to lose, and I will post about it weekly.  I will ask for your support and to help keep me accountable.  So welcome to my new weekly blog post:  Melt It Off Mondays.

1.  How Many Pounds Would I Like to Lose?:  20-25
2.  How Many Weeks Would I Like to Lose the Weight in?  10 weeks.  Goal Date :June 3

So there it is.  On paper, official. 

Would you like to join me?  Just leave me a comment and let me know you want to go on this journey with me.  I would love to share how many pounds we are losing together on my blog (if you wanted me to).

Or would anyone be interested in a DietBet game?  If so leave me a comment.  If we had enough people interested I would look into getting a closed group started.  I think you can do a game for as little as a $10 bet.  It would be a great way to keep each other motivated.  If you aren't familiar with DietBet you just pay a small fee to join a game.  You have to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks.  Everyone who does that splits the pot.  If everyone loses the weight, then everyone gets their money back.  You just have to have a digital scale and a way to take a picture of yourself on the scale with your current weight.  Your weight is anonymous unless you choose to share it.

Thanks again for the support!  The blogging community can truly be wonderful!  And just as an FYI, after my post on Friday I really focused over the weekend and have already lost a couple of pounds!  So there's a start. 


  1. Yes.

    8 lbs

    by May 15

    so there it is


  2. Yay! This is going to be a great series! I need to lose some weight, but I tend to avoid sharing #s and looking at pounds lost on other people's blog because it makes me compare. So if I don't always comment when you are shredding the weight, know that my support IS there :)

    I never thought about DietBet not working because people want you to fail! LOL! I did try it this summer, but had no motivation to lose weight... was just doing it more as a favor. I bet you could get a good blogger group together!

  3. I'll do a no sweets day with you! I need to get off the candy and chocolate! :)

  4. I'm in. 10 pounds by May 20. I would be in on the DietBet thing too if you decide to do it.

  5. Man, I feel exactly the same as you!!
    I want -10 before my marathon on April 28.
    And then another 15 by 1st Day of Summer.
    I'll pass on the dietbet thing though.

  6. I didn't do very well with the "run a 5k for 4 weeks" maybe I'll do better with the DietBet

    5 Pounds by May 4th

    That is the date of my next 5k - trying to set a PR - it might be more possible if I'm not carrying a 5lb bag of sugar with me.

    Another incentive - I leave for a cruise on Saturday - so, if I know that I have this bet going - I might be more likely to stay away from the buffet.

  7. I'm in. 8 pounds by June 5. I've been trying for awhile and it's not happening.

  8. Of course I think you're beautiful just the way you are ... but I know you can do anything you set your mind to!

  9. I'll do a Diet Bet with you. It would be fun to have a group of athletically-minded women on board. Right now, I'm training for a half-marathon, and generally I put on weight when my miles go up. It's a challenge to balance fueling to body correctly and losing weight.

    As of this morning, I weigh 150 (down from 163 a year ago). My goal is 135. I'm aiming for a modest 1.5 pound loss a week.

  10. I'm in. I have 20 lbs to lose to get to where I've felt the best.