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July 03, 2012

A Short Story About a Girl Name Coy

I would like to introduce you to my friend Coy of First in Philly.  Many of you may already “know” her as she is a world famous blogger.  I have been fortunate enough to get to know her really well over the past year and I couldn’t be happier or more privileged to call her my friend.

Anyway, more about Coy.  Her name is Julie Coy, but she just goes by Coy.  She was named after a race horse.  Now some people might think it’s crazy to name a child after an animal, but I have a feeling her parents knew what kind of girl she was going to be, so the name is more than fitting.  A race horse is strong, athletic, smart, graceful, determined and beautiful……just like Coy.  She truly has the spirit of the race horse and embodies all of these sentiments!  She’s also the funniest person I know.  Now, I don’t think horses are particularly funny, but then again there is Mr. Ed.

Coy ran her first half marathon in Philadelphia, hence the name of her blog and she’s been a woman on a mission ever since.  It didn’t take much for her to develop the racing bug.  She has logged countless half marathons, marathons, trail races, relay races and triathlons and she loves every second of it.  She is always looking for the next challenge….the next race…always.  She is completely crazy.  She actually finished her first marathon without any training.  She and her friends were signed up for the half and just decided the night before to do the full.  But this is Coy, always ready for a challenge.

This girl Loves Life!

I have been lucky enough to get to run 2 half marathons with her.  She’s always so positive and upbeat throughout.  Nothing seems to faze her.  And when Jim and I asked her to join our pre-race dance party – well you didn’t have to ask her twice.  She was in!!

Several months ago she and I set off on a new “journey”.  The journey to Half Ironman!  It would be our first!  We had both hoped to race together, but unfortunately our paths took different routes.  So while we won’t be racing together, our races are only 1 week apart and I know we’ll be there for each other in spirit!!

While Coy had done several tris, she hadn’t done one with an open water swim until a few months ago.  We each had an Olympic distance triathlon (our first as well). And suddenly, I saw the very composed Coy lose her composure.  She went out for a swim the day before the race and panicked a bit.  She was ready to quit….but she’s not a quitter.  I knew she would be JUST fine and I told her so over the phone.  The next day of course, she went out and rocked the course!!

I know that as she inches closer and closer to her race she’s starting to get nervous again.  But I KNOW she is going to do AMAZING!  She is someone who always goes out there and gives it her best.  She puts 110% of her heart into racing. 

I would wish her luck, but she doesn’t need luck for this race because she’s worked hard, and she’s trained, and she is ready!  She has given up countless hours of her time to swim, and bike and run and now she’s ready to put it all to the test.

So, on Saturday, my friend Coy WILL become a Half Ironmanwoman. 

So COY, go out there and kick that Muncie 70.3 in the teeth!!!!  You are going to ROCK it!!!!!


  1. You know this is the second time in two days you've made me cry now. :) I'm smiling because it's a good cry. I was telling someone today that for some strange reason, I'm not scared anymore and I've slowly shed the chicken costume. I'm pretty sure I have you to thank for that :) I'm ready to spread my wings and go fly. Just a few more days friend.

  2. this is the sweetest post ever! i adore Coy and am cheering her and you on so much as you reach for new amazing goals!

  3. Aww, what a great post for your dear friend. She's going to kick some butt; the work's in the bag and she's ready!! So cool your tris are a week apart...close enough in my book. Go get 'em, girls!!

  4. She is so ready! Good luck to you both!

  5. Well, I am wishing Coy a fun and wonderful 70.3!

  6. Very nice! Will check out her blog now. I'm sure she'll rock that tri!

  7. good Luck Coy!!! "Tri" to have fun with it too ;)

  8. I love Coy and her blog and this was such a nice tribute to her :) GOOD LUCK COY!!!!

  9. It's awesome to have great supportive friends. Good luck to Coy this weekend and you next weekend!

  10. What a great friend you are! How can she not rock it after a post like that? :^)