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July 10, 2012

MLB All Star 5K - Pictorial Review

Jim and I ran the MLB All Star 5K together on Sunday.  It was awesome, but we ran it his post and mine would be pretty much the same thing.  So instead of reinventing the wheel, please go read his post here.  I'll leave you with a pictorial review instead.

Swing Batter, Batter!!

It's a Home Run!

Apparently Jim thinks I'm #1

Sliding into home!  Jack says "She's Safe!"

Jim:  "Seriously honey, you're an idiot"

Jack just likes to be part of the action.


Me & my friend Christa

Jim & George Brett....Royals All Star!!
Me & Alison Sweeney from the Biggest Loser and Days of our Lives!!!!!!

Me & a Horse, of course.


  1. Lots of fun and that's all that matters! Well done!

  2. Hilarious pictures! Hopefully you and Jim were at the home run derby last night, pretty entertaining to watch!

  3. These pictures had me cracking up! That one of you sliding and him with the glove makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!!

    Tell Allison Sweeny that you want a free Biggest Loser cook book and that you have a friend that wants to know what Dolvette looks like with a medal around his.....

  4. Those skirts are all L.L. Bean and the reason I like them is they are longer. PLus they have a great zip pocket. Plus a little less expensive than some.

  5. As your recaps!!! the pics just make me smile ;)

    so cool you met so many celebrities!!

  6. I don't think that either of you could ever suffer with pre-race nerves. You're just too busy having fun!

  7. Looks like a great time! Love the pre-race pics.

  8. Just popping in to wish you GOOD LUCK this weekend!!! Kick some tri butt!!!!!!!!!

  9. hahaha. the pre-race photos are, as always, awesome. the captions are hilarious too. the sliding one, perfection!