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June 03, 2011

Random Thoughts is all I got

I have been a bad blogger.  I have had no time to blog or read blogs.  It’s truly a bummer. I hope to catch up on your blogs this weekend.  I’m throwing out a quick one with some random stuff that I have thought about writing blogs about.  Instead you get bullets!

·   I have my first “real” (non-virtual) 10K tomorrow.  It will be HOT, HUMID, and HILLY, not exactly the best combination.  But it will be fun. 
·   I swam 2100 Meters last night!!  My longest swim EVER!!
·   If you read Jim’s blog yesterday you learned that I apparently love Country music….hmmmm…..well this is simply not true, sorry if I offend any of you Country music fans out there, but I seriously can’t stand it (well I do love the Dixie Chicks, but they don’t count).  Most of the time it literally makes me angry if it’s on. 
·   But something that is very true about Jim is that he is a HUGE Boy Band Fan.  He seriously just can’t get enough of Back Street Boys, N Sync, etc.  As a matter of fact, for a very short period of time he was actually a member of the Back Street Boys.

So Jim's photo shopping skills are clearly better than mine.

·   I saw a coyote on my run last Saturday.  That got my heart rate going.  He was probably less than 50 feet from me.

He looked just like this

Somehow I think if he had decided to chase me it wouldn't have ended up like this.....
·   I seriously, seriously, want to run the Divas Half Marathon in Vail, CO in August.  But I have no friends who are into this kind of thing and can go.  I love women’s races and would love to take a racecation.  They have a tiara and feather boa station on the race course, champagne, and a great medal and t-shirt.  Hmmmm……anyone out there doing this race?

Hope everyone has a fabulous WEEKEND!!


  1. I don't think I can do a half in Aug w/ my marathon coming up in Sept, but if you want to do a girl-weekend half in Colorado, consider the ZOOMA half on July 17. I'm an "ambassador" (code for "I can get you a bit of a discount"; link is front and center on my blog for more info). I know that's sooner than Aug, but think on it! :^) And bring your girlfriends!

  2. You and your husband crack me up! So much fun to catch up with :)

  3. That race sounds awesome, but I don't think I would be ready for a half by then. I hope you can find someone to do it with you. Otherwise, your husband may just have to cross dress.

  4. I would LOVE to do this...if only I didn't live in upstate NY.... :(

  5. You come to Colorado and I'm totally in! Have you thought of elevation issues? I'm thinking could even be an issue for me going up there but it sounds soooooo funn!!!! Not sure what kind of shape I'll be in after the HIM but hey I could walk it if I have to. :)

  6. bhahaha I Love reading both of your blogs, you guys crack me up. Always. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!

  7. Good luck tomorrow! I am sure you will cruise past my time of 1:08!

    Also, I agree with you...I dislike country as much as I dislike boy bands. (sorry, dude!)

  8. Too funny! What a fun way to poke fun at each other. I just started following his blog and that was the first post I saw. Totally fell for it. HA! I need a racecation too. Sigh!

  9. You can just drag Jim along on the Diva racecation. I mean if he likes the boy bands that much, he'll follow you to a Diva race. haha! By the way, it funny you mention Back street boys because I just got offered suite tickets to this concert at my work.....I'll pass.

  10. Hmmmmh, no rebuttal from Bad Boy, no I mean Boy Band Boy Jim.

    I'm with you, I am no country fan. I hate it.

    That Coyote looks cute.

    You've done your 10k by now. I hope it went well. I'm sure the conditions were brutal so don't worry about it.

    Sorry, tough call, but I chose not to do the Divas Half Marathon.

  11. I am still laughing at the picture of Jim in the Back Street Boys!!! I hope your race went well, can't wait to hear all about it! And awesome job on your super long swim!

  12. I have seen coyotes on my runs before, I live in the country after all.

    I'm not a country music fan in general, although the wife loves it. Garth Brooks is good, and a few other songs here and there.

  13. I wondered about the whole country music thing!? Leave it to Jim to try and being a clown! :)

    How is it that a person could really turn up the heat around mile 6 while listening to Alan Jackson!??

  14. Hope your race went great!
    There are lots of bloggy peeps in CO! I bet you'll have a ton of company if you go.

  15. The diva half marathon sound very interesting. Hope you get to go. Also loved the country blog from Jim.

  16. there was once a bobcat wandering the neighborhoods i run in one summer... i was always afraid to go for a run because i didn't want to get eaten! luckily they eventually caught it.

    you and your hubs must be enjoying the spoils of the BSB success ;)