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June 24, 2011

Never Play Leap Frog with a Unicorn

It’s been another crazy week.  I’ve had something after work 5 out of 5 nights this week.  I can’t find time to sleep, much less blog.  Here’s what’s going on with me:

·    Tomorrow is my first bike “tour” – Tour De Lakes.  The ride is 32 miles, but I’ll be adding an additional 8 miles at the end because I have to do a 40 mile ride for my Tri 102 class.  This will be my longest bike to date.  I’m a little nervous about riding in a group setting, especially considering I’m still adjusting to the clipless pedals.  I really hope I don’t fall tomorrow, but I can totally see it happening.  One part of the route I am very familiar with, and it is very hilly.  I don’t know the rest of the route or what to expect.  I think it will be a more laid back and relaxed environment from a race, so I really hope I just go out and have fun and enjoy.  I’ll be doing it with at least 1 girlfriend, and maybe a few others.

·    I really wanted to see X-Men and the Green Lantern and haven’t had time to see either.  I’m bummed.  I totally love these kinds of movies.  I did see Super 8.  It’s was pretty good, but not great.  I can’t wait to see Transformers next weekend.  It’s the movie I’ve been looking forward to all Summer!! 
·    My hamstring is definitely better but still not 100%.  I’m ok when I’m running at a pretty slow pace, but as soon as I start to increase my pace I can feel it.  I tried to do some strides after my run the other day and immediately felt it.  Hills on the bike make it flare up a bit too.  So far I’ve been able to work through it, and I just kind of “know it’s there” vs. it actually causing an issue like it did when I first hurt it.
·    I finally got a new pair of tennis shoes this week.  I’ve needed a new pair for at least 2 months.  I really, really want these tri shoes.  I'm trying to hold out though, I'm joining a local mutlisport club and with my membership I get 50% off of Zoot.  I need to wait for the discount.

·    I have determined I need a sponsor.  I love racing, and have about a dozen or more races (tris and road races) on my radar for this summer.  It’s expensive to do so many races.
·    I’m thinking about doing a triathlon in St Louis in a few weeks if I can talk my girlfriend Michelle into it. If I do it, it would be my first “traveling” triathlon.  It’s a great practice distance for my Olympic in Sept - .62 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 4 mile run.
·    I really want to start my own line of women’s triathlon clothing.  Seriously, tri clothes are terrible.  The leg grippers on the tri shorts make even thin women have a nice fat bulge on their leg.  And tri tops ride up like crazy.  I’m always pulling mine down trying to keep myself covered.  Maybe someday!
·    I hope to read many of your blogs this weekend!  I’ve missed them!


  1. I completely agree on those darn leg grippers! Every pair I try seems to leave a ring around my legs for hours after I take my shorts off. I'd shop your clothing line! :)

  2. You'll enjoy the tour, just stay alert at the beginning. Crowds of cyclists of varying abilities can make for some unpredictable riding!

    As for the movies, my boys will have to wait for Cars 2 because the wife and I are going to X-Men tomorrow night before it disappears.

  3. You can do it! The longest I have ever rode was 14 miles. The idea of riding WITH those clips scares me! I LOVE the title of your post today. Hilarious!

  4. have fun this weekend! yes, i need a (real) sponsor too!!! its so darn expensive to race!

  5. Go for it. Make some tri clothes and sell them to all of us. Why do I need tri clothes though? That is for another year.
    Jealous of your ride.. It sounds fun. I had a good ride on Wed. with friends. I want to work up to a longer distance. It was 20. I did 30 last week but TOTALLY flat so doesn't count.

  6. Enjoy the tour! I know all about being busy and not having time for the blog this week.

  7. Sounds like a busy summer with lots of exciting races for you! You should definitely design some tri clothing! Those leg trippers are the pits.

  8. Enjoy the bike tour!

    My advice would be to skip Green Lantern, I saw it yesterday and thought it was terrible. Bad acting, bad storyline, and the story wasn't that good. Save it for the DVD, haha

    I saw Thor too, and wasn't a huge fan of that movie either. I liked it better than Green Lantern, but not by very much.

    I haven't seen XMen yet, I need to see that. I heard great reviews from my friends about Super 8, they said it was kind of like Goonies or something.

    Good luck with that hamstring, definitely take it easy!

  9. Christie LampertJune 24, 2011 at 8:24 PM

    I'm so behind, just now getting to read your blog. Love it. I've been lazy past month and done nothing in the form of exersize. Where do you get your tri clothes from? Have you tried athelta? One more ? for ya. What type running shoe do you like best. I've been having the worst time finding good ones and now they are wearing out and I need new ones.

  10. Good luck with the Tour! I would totally shop your gear...girl shorts either ride up or threaten to give you a blood clot! I'm 1 week to my summer Tri....I'm don't think I'm ready, but I'm going to finish it anyway....but I'm not going anywhere near those clip less pedals! I spend enough time in a hospital! Lol!

  11. If you design a pair of tri shorts that don't make my legs bulge I'll pay big money! :) I need a new pair and every one I've tried on I just can't spend the money on.

    You will have a blast on the bike tour!

  12. i didn't realize Tour de Lakes was tomorrow! i'd love to come see you ride!! you're a super stud with all your racing events. hope your hammy is feeling good tomorrow!

  13. I hope your tour is going well!

  14. I'm getting caught up on blogs, and I know you just posted about the bike ride so I'll hold off commenting there.

    I saw X-Men with my daughter last weekend (Father's Day) and it was great. One of the best. I think you know it's a prequel and answers some questions about Charles Xavier and Magneto. If you see the Green Lantern let me know.

    I have been thinking about you post how you wanted to get faster. Do you do speedwork? I think you need to run fast, to get fast. I'm sure Jim can show you some track intervals, or tempo runs, or mile repeats. Sorry if you already do "speed work", but I do recommend it. It's made me alot faster.

  15. Xmen is good, more ok then good, but worth seeing, Green Latern was horrible