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December 31, 2013

2013 - I got a lot of Fs.......

Well, it's the last day of the year.  2013 was good overall.  I got a lot of "Fs" for finishes, but a lot of "Fs" too for unfinished goals.

But as the year winds down, I wanted to evaluate 2013 goals and set new ones.  Breaking my wrist in May really took a toll on my goals this year.  I decided instead of doing an Achieved/Did Not Achieve so it was all or nothing, I would grade myself on how close I came to my goal.....well that didn't help too much....I still failed....A LOT..

My 2013 Goals were:

1. Log 1000 running miles.  - GRADE "A" - 93%.  I ended up running 925 miles.  I had just over 900 miles on December 1st.  I could have met this goal, but I was fighting an injury right after Thanksgiving.  I decided the time off to heal was more important than just meeting a goal. I'm happy I took the time off and think it was a wise decision.  I also ran 81 more miles than in 2012, which is my highest mileage year ever.  So I consider this one a success overall.

2. Complete 2nd marathon and set a 15 minute PR. - GRADE "B" - 87%.  I did complete my 2nd marathon, and my third (100% for that).  I ended up with an 11 minute PR, but was just shy of my 15 minute goal (73% for that).

3. Run a 5K with a pace in the 9s. - GRADE "A" - Barely got here with a new 5K PR of 9:53, but I did it!  My new goal will be under 30 minute 5K - as this one was 30:43.

4. Shave 3 minutes of my half marathon PR (2:20) - GRADE "F" - Man I didn't even get close.  I didn't shave any time off my PR and in fact, my fastest half of 2013 was 2:26.  This one is disappointing.  Really disappointing because my main focus was running since I did little biking or swimming due to my wrist. I have alot of work to do in 2014.

5. Get to my goal weight by April and stay there through year-end. - GRADE "F".  Didn't reach either part of this goal.  I never got to my goal weight and I certainly didn't stay there.  I did lose some weight, but it's back and I'm starting 2014 at about the same weight.  Blah.

6. Swim 52 miles - GRADE "F" - I swam a total of 15 miles (28% of my goal).  I can blame much of this on my wrist....but even after it was healed I didn't swim much, and honestly haven't been in a pool since again a lot of work for 2014.

7. Bike 1900 miles - GRADE "F" -  I biked a total of 846 miles (42% of my goal).  Again, I can blame much on my wrist...but geez....not all of it. 

So, if I was in school I think I would have a like a 1.6 not such a great 2013.  But I did accomplish things.  So I thought I would reflect on some of the good.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • Set a new 5K PR
  • Set a new Marathon PR twice
  • Completed 2 marathons within 3 weeks of each other
  • Set a new Sprint Distance Triathlon PR
  • Completed my first trail half marathon race (actually 13.6 miles) and had my highest ever finish.
  • Set a new 10K PR twice.
  • Set a new 4 mile PR
  • Completed my first ever 20 mile race (and therefore PR)
  • Completed 23 Races:  Marathons (2), 20 Miler (1), Half Marathons (10), 10Ks (1), 5Ks (5), 4 Miler (1), 3 Hour Trail Race (1), Double Race (10K followed by 5K) (1), Triathlon (1).
  • Completed a 5K in the evening after a Triathlon 
So, I feel like I accomplished a lot.  I may not have accomplished all the goals I set out, but that's why they are goals right?  They aren't easy for us and they take work.  My wrist definitely impacted my ability to achieve many of them, but that's ok.

So, I think I am going to set very similar goals for 2014.  Here they are......

2014 Goals
1. Log 1100 running miles.
2. Run a 5K under 30 minutes.
3. Shave 3 minutes of my half marathon PR (2:20)
4. Get to my goal weight by 40th Birthday April 13 and stay there through year-end.
5. Swim 52 miles
6. Bike 1900 miles
7.  Shave at least 15 minutes of my 70.3 time
8.  Make a 40th Birthday Plan......Do something big??

Were your 2013 goals a success?  Do you have anything BIG or new planned in 2014?  Any ideas of what big thing I could do for my 40th - remember it's less than 4 months away?

Honestly, 2013 has been pretty terrific and I can't complain much at all.  I hope you all had a great 2013 and have an even better 2014!!!!!


  1. 23 races is impressive! How about skydiving for your birthday?

  2. I think you can count 2013 as a success. That marathon alone was huge! I hope 2014 is equally as great for you.

  3. You might not have met all of your goals, but PRing twice in the marathon and also PRing in the 10k twice is a huge accomplishment! The 5k is looking pretty good too!
    Turning 40 is a big deal. I will be in November, and I have no idea what to do to celebrate. I doubt I will run 40 miles though!
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Blessings to you!

  4. Happy 2014! TWO marathons? Geez, I only PRed in a marathon once! :)

    I'd say 2013 was definitely a success for you. I realised this year that one can only focus on so much; it sounds like some serious 70.3 training is in store for your 2014?

  5. I wanted to keep on running, and I did! So I got an A.

  6. You had a great year! Look at all those PRs! I hope your 2014 is as awesome :) Happy New Year!

  7. You did well on so many things. Ignore those Fs.
    If you do another one of those diet bet things I want in. I am starting something tomorrow for sure!!!

  8. Id call 2013 a success!! Lots of PRs!!! Thats amazing!!!

  9. My only goal last year was to run 1,000 miles, which I managed to accomplish at mile 11 of the KC Half Marathon. My goals for 2014 are to run 1,000 miles again and run/complete my first full marathon (Portland in October). Oh, also. Recover from my December surgery. Yeah, that too.

  10. Great post! I love new years goals, but I think you rocked them! I like the 2014 ones too. One of my goals is to start blogging again. :)

  11. This is so impressive! You are much more specific with your goal planning and actual execution of goals! I probably should take a page our of your book.

  12. You did a lot of great things in 2013! You should be proud. Good luck with your 2014 goals!

  13. I think there should always be a few goals we fail on :) I know I always have a handful myself! lol. 2013 was another solid year for you. Had to laugh at hte weight goal - I make that goal every year myself... and every year I'll lose some weight but end up starting over in January back at square 1 (or worse...) Let's keep all those bones together in 2014!