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September 30, 2013

UMKC Regalia Run 5K - Go Roos!

This weekend was my 5th consecutive weekend of racing.  It really wasn't intentional, but sometimes it just works out that way I guess.  I will have one weekend "off" and then the Chicago Marathon!  A 5K doesn't really fit well into a marathon training plan, especially during taper, but I couldn't resist this one.
Me doing a very bad baby kangaroo impression

The University of Missouri Kansas City (better known as UMKC) is where I completed my graduate degree (MBA).  And while I guess I couldn't technically call it my Alma Mater, (which is Morehead State), it is my graduate school Alma Mater, so it still holds a special place.  When I saw that the UMKC Alumni Association was putting on an inaugural UMKC Regalia Run 5K as part of Founders Week, well I felt compelled to do it to support my school.  Plus, I thought it would be really cool to have a running shirt from my school. 

Shirt and finisher's tassel

The UMKC Mascot is the Kangaroo (Go Roos!), which is a rather unusual school mascot.  Only one other school has a Kangaroo mascot.  The original image of Kasey the Kangaroo was actually penned by the very famous Kansas City native Walt Disney, which is super cool!

My marathon  training plan called for 12 miles this weekend, which just seemed like too few.  So, I had decided I would run 14 on Saturday and then the 5K Sunday.  Mother Nature had other plans for me on Saturday however.  We were expecting rain and storms late Saturday morning, so I got up early and started my run at 6am.  I thought I would beat the storms (as they weren't supposed to start until about 11 am), but right at mile 12 as I was heading toward my house the skies opened up and the storms started.  I ran about the last .25 mile of my run in light rain, but I knew much worse was coming.  So I decided to call it a day.  12 miles was the original plan anyway.  I guess someone decided I needed to stick with that plan.  My 12 miler was great though! 

I guess you could call this the "during race" dance
On Sunday morning, the storms had moved through and brought with them much cooler temperatures.  It was right about 50 degrees, sunny and no wind.  Pretty perfect day for a 5K!  Since I have a major race in two weeks, I didn't want to do anything stupid on Sunday.  I had decided I would try to run a strong race - I didn't want to run/walk the 5K or anything, but that I wouldn't try to kill myself and set a PR or anything.

There would have been no chance of a PR on this course anyway.  This is probably the hilliest 5K I've ever done.  I knew it would be because it was around the campus, and I knew how hilly campus was.  I thought I would be happy with about an 11-11:30 minute pace effort. 

The race starts on a nice little downhill....problem's an out and back course, so you know that means you will be finishing on a nice little uphill.  The first 3/4 of a mile is downhill, with just one small uphill.  It was easy to run this fairly fast, but I tried to pace myself.  My first mile was a 10:09 pace.  I was happy with that, it wasn't nearly as fast as my PR and it was downhill, which meant I wasn't killing it.  The pace felt relatively easy.  But then comes the climb.  For pretty much the entire next mile you are climbing uphill.  It does flatten out for a bit, but it's tough.  You then get a little nice downhill break, only to finish on that 3/4 mile climb to the finish.  Miles 2 and 3 were 10:45 and 10:52.  I crossed the finish line in 31:58, which was a 10:17 pace, but honestly the race was just a little short of a 5K.  My Garmin said 3.02 miles, so my Garmin pace was a 10:35 which was a little more accurate.

Elevation Chart - very hilly 5K
The race was handing out tassels at the finish line. I have to say this was my first race tassel.  I was a little disappointed that it didn't have the race logo or anything.  I honestly think they were just some left over graduation tassels.  Oh well.
Me with my finisher tassel

I ended up being 6th in my age group out of 16 - which is a really high placement for me.  I was also 98 out of 199 overall, which is just about average....which is really all I ever want to be :)  The race is small with just around 200 runners.  This race was great though and actually let me know how far I've come as a runner.  This time last year, that time would have been pretty close to my PR.  Don't get me wrong, I was pushing myself, but it was certainly not a PR effort, and on a hilly course like this, and having ran 12 miles the day before.  It felt great to have a time like!  Even a year ago, I know I would have had to stop and walk up those hills.  Yes, my pace slowed considerably on the hills, but it never even crossed my mind to stop and walk.  OK, that's a lie, it crossed my mind - it would have been magical to stop, but there was just no need.

Jim had come with me to the race to get in a few recovery miles.  He ran beside me for a little while and took some pictures which was nice.  It was really just another great weekend of running.

I'm officially in taper mode now and Chicago is just a mere 13 days away!  I'm seriously getting excited!!


  1. Have fun at Chicago and enjoy your non racing weekend. I thought I was busy this month but I only had 3 races. Love the skeleton pic you shared on FB.

  2. So close now. Isn't it great that you've done all the hard miles and get to just cruise on in to race day? I certainly have been relieved to drop back the mileage. My body's ready to have a bit of a rest.

    Congratulations on the 5k. It's so great to see how far you've come and how much improvement you've made. It shows what dedication and consistency can do.

  3. Well done on the 5K! Almost there up and trust all the hard work you've put in. And most importantly -- enjoy yourself at Chicago!

  4. Don't you just love it when the weather cooperates for our races? Now, if we can just get it to do so for Chicago, you are going to be set!!

    A 5k two weeks out from a marathon is actually good - keeps the faster leg turnover fresh and doesn't fry them for the big enchilada. Great job on the race - always so much fun to do "well" (and turn-out doesn't matter one iota :)).

  5. Woot Woot!! I love all the happy faces as you are running.. That's a very cute long sleeve shirt too.

    We could be total running buddies. Our paces are so similar.

  6. Nice race, well done! I would have supported my school as well if it was me. Jill is also right, good to do a 5km now. Rest and taper well!

  7. A tassel huh? That new. Great job on those hills. Always good when you realize you did better than what you would have done in the past.

    Can't wait to hear(read) about your Chicago marathon. I'm exited for you guys!!

  8. Oh wow Chicago is so close! Funny how these things seem so far away when you register and all of a sudden it is race day. LOVE your race tassel - LOL. Hilarious and strange all rolled into one.

  9. Cool shirt! Great job on the race! I love any time my AG placement is in the single digits...rare thing for me!

    Good luck in Chicago! Sounds like you're ready!

  10. Congrats! Love the finishers tassel.

    YaY! for tapering!

  11. It's time for the Regalia Run 2014. I'm running it again. The course is different this year, going around the Nelson, but they still managed to squeeze some campus hills into it.