It's a very slow process - two steps forward, one step back - but I'm inching in the right direction. - Rob Reiner

March 27, 2012


Well, I had been doing really well in the weight loss arena until about a month ago.  In late Feb, I was at my lowest weight since October of 2008.  I was super happy.  Gee, if I would only lose 5 more pounds I would be where I really wanted to be.  Then, I went on travel for work….and so began an eating frenzy.  All I know is that in just under a month I managed to gain 10 pounds!!  Ridiculous really.  I mean seriously, I am working out 9 to 10 hours a week – swimming, biking, running, core training, weights??  I didn’t feel like I was eating “that” bad, but apparently I was.

On Friday night last week I finally decided the jig was up!  If I want to do this Half Ironman I need to be at a more appropriate racing weight – plus on top of that I have a wedding and a 20 year high school reunion to attend this year.  All reasons to be lean and mean.  And 2012 was supposed to be my year for change – better, faster, stronger!

Knowing that my husband is super ultra competitive I called him and said “hey, you want to lose some weight right”?  Jim is a string bean.  He doesn’t need to lose an ounce, but he has a certain weight he likes to maintain for his race weight as well.  So I offered up a little competition.  We would weigh in once a week for a month, and at the end of the month we would see who lost the most weight – based on percentage of weight loss.  Whoever won would be awarded a prize at the end.  I think Jim wants a leaf blower (exciting), I’m still not sure what I want, but I’m sure it will involve shopping – hopefully for some new clothes from all this weight loss.

Please ignore my shirtlessness. Vulgar I know :)

I don’t tell my husband my weight…..that’s for me to know…..but for this I had to.  Step 1 is admission right?  So on Sunday we both weighed in and recorded our starting weight.  Each week we will weigh in on Sunday and see what our % of weight loss is for the week and our overall % of weight loss.  I’ll post a blog on Monday to keep you updated on who’s winning – which will be me.

This morning Jim said to me “I’m not sure I have enough % of weight to lose, it may not end up being fair”.  Well dear, I guess you should have figured that one out before.  Insert diabolical laugh here…………



  1. Nice pecs Michael!

    Good luck on the weight loss. Its a good strategy to get the hubs in on it for some motivation. Kick his booty!

  2. My vote is for you. I think you have more willpower than he does. A leaf blower?!?!

  3. Good luck! My husband is a string bean too--but lately he's been saying it's strange not to be at his college weight. This is one kind contest where I'm pretty sure I'd beat him.

  4. Love a good ploy! Good luck to you--hope you score a knockout (ok, had to do it w/ that pic!)

  5. this will be fun....
    I entered a contest like that with my husband....and well...I lost 70 some lbs and he lost....well maybe 5...I am being nice! Ice cream and hot wings...that does it...I should have asked for a prize!! crap! Good luck !

  6. Good luck to both of you with dropping some pounds. I got the residual benefit of low-points meals while my wife has been on weight watchers recently and managed to drop some weight to get closer to where I like to train/race. My legs/knees thank me for it daily.

  7. Looks like you have him on the ropes already... Haha!

    We are rooting for you.

  8. Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!

    Sucks to be Jim. Make him some brownies tomorrow just in case.

  9. A leaf blower?!! Boy, does Jim know how to live. The new clothes I understand but a leaf blower...

  10. Go Michael!!!!

    ....really??? A leafblower? sigh.

  11. Trust me, gaining 10pds in a month is totally possible. I did it in 2 weeks during the holidays and they're still hanging around. Ugh!

    You should keep us posted on what you do, I know I could use some help.

  12. bahaha. love your last response ;) good luck!!!!

  13. Crush the competition!

    Good for you. :)

  14. so funny how mechanical toys make all men so happy...

    I have a feeling you are going to blow this one out of the water...fingers crossed for you ;)