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January 26, 2012

Spreading Like Wildfire!

Sometimes there are things that go around the blog world like a virus.  Not that they are bad, it’s just amazing to me how fast they spread.  I was tagged by not one, but three great bloggers in the blog world’s latest and greatest “11 Things”.  Thanks to Lindsay @ Chasing the Kenyans, Amber @ Gym Class Dropout and Julie @ You Just Have to Tri, for nominating me for this great honor.

I think you guys already know the drill, but in case you don’t here are the “rules”.  Provide 11 random things about yourself and then answer 11 question provided by the blogger who tagged you.  So, since Lindsay tagged me first I will be responding to her 11 questions.  Sorry if you other ladies were just dying for me to answer yours J

So here goes, I’ve probably provided some of these before, but I’ll try not to duplicate.

11 Random Things You May Not Know About Me
  • My favorite (non-dog) animal is the hippopotamus.
  • I once sneezed a piece of hamburger meat out my nose.  Gross I know, but true.
  • I have recently switched to a gluten-free diet.
  • I have a not so secret crush on Adam Levine.
    Hello Hotness!
  • I was once addicted to video games and spent an entire summer until I beat Super Mario 2 or 3 (now I can’t remember which one).
  • I love stinky cheese (well really all cheese).  But I love feta, blue cheese, goat cheese, etc.
  • I do not love stinky feet.
  • I have my MBA.
  • My hair is naturally crazy curly.
  • I am part Cherokee Indian
  • I went to see Lady Gaga in concert.

Lindsay’s Questions
You have the skills to go pro in any sport (except running/triathlons). What sport would you choose?
I’m going to go with tennis.  I played in high school and a year in college and frankly was never really that good at it.  I loved the sport though – so to be good at it would be awesome.

What is your favorite vegetable?
Red peppers; I love them hot or cold and on just about anything.

They're making a movie about your life. What actor/actress would play you?
Although she doesn’t look anything like me it would be cool if it was Reese Witherspoon.  She just seems like a really sweet fun girl – just like me – ha!
See - doesn't she just look fun :)
Last book you read?
The Hunger Games

Last text message you sent?
To my husband “I love you Sweetie.  Have a safe trip”.

What is your favorite meal/recipe to cook?
I love lasagna.  I love making it and putting all the delicious layers together.  Not so great now that I'm gluten free :(

Do you prefer dusting or vacuuming? (and when are you coming to do my house?)
I’m going to go with neither.  I loathe housekeeping.  LOATHE it!

If you could go on vacation to anywhere in the us or canada, where would you go?
I’ve been before – but I would definitely go to Maui again.  The most beautiful and wonderful place on earth.  As far as somewhere I haven’t been before I really want to go to NYC and see the sites – although I’ve heard Toronto is awesome too….I have difficulty making decisions – can you tell?

What's something you love about where you live?
It has a small town feel, but with big city amenities. 

Something you don't love about where you live?
The WEATHER.  It’s insanely hot and humid and miserable in the summer, and insanely cold and (usually) snow in the winter.  We really only have about 3 or 4 months of the year when the weather is really nice.

What do you do when you have trouble falling asleep?
I use a relaxation technique I learned in theatre in college.  I just try to relax every part of my body starting with my head all the way down to my toes – but I usually don’t make it to the toes before I fall asleep.

OK, here's the part where I'm supposed to nominate some more wonderful bloggers to carry this on, but I'm going to bet by now this thing has made it's rounds. If you haven't done it and want to feel freel to say I tagged you and GO FOR IT!


  1. LOVE Adam too - fight you for him! I also have a girl crush on Reese. She's so adorable! All very interesting stuff - thanks for sharing!

  2. Very fun to learn more about you! I want to learn more about your gluten diet.....I think you'll have to do an entire post on it now. he he :)

  3. Fun facts about you! I'm currently going through another video game phase because I have a lot more alone time with my hubs being gone.. It takes me a long time to make it through one level of Donkey Kong though :-)

  4. Maui! Lets go marathon there!!! My mom goes to Kona all the time and loves it. I only wanna go to Kona for one reason :)

  5. Just enjoy getting to know these random things it matters little if you answer my questions. :) I'm amazed about how many of your answer would match mine though! And I have to tell you just this weekend I made lasagna for my parents, my mom has celiac and I used a gluten free noodle, brown rice I think, I don't remember the name but it was the best of any of the gluten free pastas I have made. You could NOT tell the difference! And it was soooo good!

  6. I got tagged too! Fun way to learn things about folks.

  7. Hunger Games was such a great book! Lost a little sleep getting that read.

  8. yay for Maui! We went there for our honeymoon and have been dying to go back ever since!

    Lasagna is also one of my favorite meals to make. I'm sure you can figure out a gluten free version. I have even heard of making it out of zuchinni (as the noodles)

  9. I got tagged for this twice today. It's seriously the herpes of the blog world. Oh well, at least it's an interesting survey. It's fun to see what 11 things people will pick about themselves. For the record, your list of awesome stinky cheese made me drool a little. I love cheese, especially of the stank variety.

  10. Have you seen Maroon Five in concert? I did and Adam sang all the songs right to me. So you might as well give up now.

    I've been tagged several times for this. Guess I need to do it. I may do some questions from each.

  11. I learned that getting tagged takes a lot or work, however, it is a great way to get to know a little more about each other.

  12. yay thanks for playing :)

    here's a recipe for GF lasagna -- made with zucchini and squash!

  13. These are so fun to read!

    I love stinky cheese, but not stinky feet also:)

  14. red peppers = all time fave! my hair is crazy/curly as well :)

  15. I'm with you on the cleaning...I HATE it!