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July 09, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Man it’s been FOREVER since I wrote a blog post.  So here are the top 3 “athletic” things I’ve done since my last post.

1.       Striker Life 10K – This was actually supposed to be the half marathon, but after 4 half marathons in 5 weeks I was just done.  I was actually dreading running that half and decided the night before to switch. I was never so happy to “downgrade”.  I ended up having a great race and actually set a new 10K PR by a few seconds.  I was really surprised because I didn’t feel like I was trained for that race at all…but my 10K PR is pretty slow even for me.  I haven’t done very many of them.  The race took place at the Whiteman Air Force Base – home of the Stealth bomber which was really cool. They even had a Stealth out on the runway where you ran part of the race.  Overall it was a good time and the medal was pretty epic!

2.       21 Day Fix – This is a BeachBody DVD series that is 7 different workouts for 21 days.  Of course you are supposed to basically lose like 50 pounds in 3 weeks lol.  But I did really enjoy the workouts and it was nice to do something different from swim, bike, run.  As many of you know last year was just an ultra-stressful year for me because I lost both of my parents and I developed some really bad eating habits to help deal with stress and grief. Those bad eating habits followed me in to 2015 and before I knew it I had gained 20 pounds.  I did the 21 Day Fix, mainly because I knew I could stay focused for 3 weeks and if I did I would hopefully break some habits. It worked out perfectly and has catapulted me back into eating much cleaner and finally losing some weight.  I’ve been back to a cleaner diet and incorporating new workouts into my routine.  I’m down 10 pounds!! And I haven’t had a soda or a Starbucks in a month!  I’m still trying to do different workouts 3-4 days a week on top of my tri training.  I’m only planning a couple of sprint tris this summer so it’s not too difficult to do.  I still have a long way to go, but I’m staying focused. Jim and I head to Hawaii in just a couple of months and I want to be looking and feeling great!

3.       Stars and Stripes 5K – Jim and I have done this local 5K since it started 4 years ago.  It is a great little race and is always held on July 4th.  I am definitely not in “fast” running shape right now, but I did ok.  One of my friends joined us this year and her son also ran the “Little Firecracker” run.  Everyone seemed to have a blast.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to be better about updating, but my work schedule has just been crazy lately.  I also post on Instagram almost daily! So if you miss me stop by and follow me @slowtrigirl.